March 2023

Our Mission

Spinal Network's mission is to promote community integration, participation, and independence for individuals with spinal cord injuries/disease by providing the tools and community support to be successful in their work and personal lives. Our goal is to maximize quality of life, raise self-esteem and improve physical and mental health.

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Your Input is Important to Us

Our 2023 goals include additional programs, resources, and making sure we do them right. We want you to feel good about being a Spinal Network member, and we need to know that you are happy with the job we are doing.

That being said, shoot us an email and tell us what programs and resources you would like to see added in 2023.


Rick Hayden

Executive Director

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Mark Your Calendar

  • 1st & 3rd Monday of every month we host a Monday Hang Out on zoom. This is a great way to meet people, hang out, ask questions and just chill. It runs from 4:30 - 5:30. This is open to everyone.
  • 2nd Monday of every month we host a Family Caregiver support group with Richard Green, LCSW facilitating the group. It runs from 4:00 - 5:15. This group is for family members who are also the caregiver. This is a great place to ask questions and network with other family caregivers.
  • Mark your calendars for June 3rd because we will be co-hosting an Adaptive Sports, Recreation, and Resource Fair along with the MCAP group (see who MCAP is further down in this newsletter). This event is free for wheelchair users, their families and rehab professionals.
  • Spinal Network's 30-Day Challenge (September)
  • A Mystery Event (October/November)
  • Hikes, barbeques, pot lucks, bowling, possibly indoor skydiving.

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Spinal Network now offers a Family Caregiver Support Group with Richard Green, LCSW. This group is for family members who are also the caregiver. Family members, often times, are left out as they grapple with what they need to do to adequately prepare the home, deal with the unexpected while managing the complex emotional stress in supporting their newly injured love one. Well, if this is you or you know of someone who would benefit, join Richard on the 2nd Monday of every month at 4pm. If you have any questions, please email Rick at

Join Neuralink's Patient Registry

Neuralink, a neurotechnology company founded in 2016, aims to develop the world's highest bandwidth general purpose brain-computer interface. Neuralink believes in creating and refining their products in collaboration with their intended end-users. Over the last few years, they have worked with a consumer advisory board consisting of individuals with spinal cord injury and their caregivers to guide product development and community engagement.

As an expansion of these efforts, Neuralink is launching a Patient Registry to learn more about individuals who want to contribute to this initiative and who may be interested in enrolling in future Neuralink clinical trials, when they become available.

Through the Patient Registry, Neuralink expects to increase its understanding of the medical and assistive technology needs of individuals at a larger scale in order to thoughtfully design future clinical trials and neurotechnology devices that meet these individuals’ needs. 

To apply and participate in the Patient Registry you must be at least 18 years old, meet the age of majority in your state, and be a U.S. citizen or permanent resident with any of the following:

(1) Quadriplegia (paralysis or severe weakness in all four limbs)

(2) Paraplegia (paralysis in at least two limbs)

(3) Vision loss

(4) Deafness

(5) Aphasia (inability to speak)

The online application to participate in the Patient Registry takes approximately 45 to 60 minutes to complete. Participation in the Patient Registry is voluntary. You have the right to withdraw your consent at any time. To participate, you’ll have to complete the Patient Registry informed consent form, authorize Neuralink to access your medical records, and complete a questionnaire. There is no compensation nor anticipated benefit for participating in the Patient Registry; however, if you meet preliminary eligibility for a future Neuralink clinical trial you may be contacted with more information once it is available for enrollment. Your participation in the Patient Registry will not enroll you or guarantee enrollment in any future Neuralink clinical trial. Moreover, you don’t need to participate in the Patient Registry in order to participate in future Neuralink clinical trials. Currently, Neuralink does not have any clinical trials available.

Neuralink aims to build the future of brain-computer interfaces, and they would like your help to build that future. With the right team, the potential applications for this technology are limitless!

Want to learn more about Neuralink? Click here. Interested in applying to the Patient Registry or learning more? Click here.

United Spinals New LGTBQIA+ Discussion Group

Join us for Rolling with #Pride to meet other #wheelchair users in the LGBTQ+ community! Tuesday, June 7th @ 1:00 pm ET. Register:

A fun podcast 3-4 times per month

We have a number of interesting and fun podcast in our library. Click on the button to go to our Podcast page where you can find the link to all of our podcasts on all available platforms.

We will post on social media when a new podcast is available.
Podcast Link

On our latest podcast, we discussed Mental Health

with Lindsey Elliott and Michaela Devins

"It's OK to Not Be OK"

We are looking for a Chapter Advocacy Representative

Here is what it entails, you will interface with the United Spinal Association advocacy team. You will have an opportunity to network with other chapter advocacy reps across the country, you will provide information regarding important policy to our local representatives. The time commitment is minimal and all or most of it being done right from your home.

Being an advocate is an important step to ensuring that you and those

around you have equal access and opportunity.

On the third Tuesday of every month with alternating times at 1:00 and 5:00PM ET, is our virtual Advocacy LIVE event. This is a great opportunity to connect with other United Spinal advocates to discuss advocacy efforts across the country, ask questions, share ideas and resources, and voice concerns and important issues regarding the SCI/D and wheelchair user community.

If you are interested or wish to know more, shoot me an email by clicking on the button below.

Email Rick

Looking for Employment with a Solid Company?

Click the link to see current job openings with ConvaTec

MCAP's Mission Statement

Build a world where inclusion is the norm, where education leads to employment, and where quality of life is elevated.

MCAP will be a consistent and reliable resource and pillar of advocacy in the community.

Who is MCAP.....take a look.

  • Access Trax
  • Spinal Network
  • SDSU Adapted Athletics
  • Dept. of Rehabilitation
  • Roll to Success
  • SoCal Adaptive Sports
  • Old Mission Beach Athletic Club
  • Sharp Rehab Therapeutic Recreation
  • Challenged Sailors San Diego
  • Mobility Solutions
  • Amanda's Adaptive Martial Arts
  • Adaptive Freedom Foundation
  • GoldenBoy Mobility
  • Rehabilitation Care Coordination
  • Social Security Administration
  • Rally 4 Reilly and Friends
  • Workability III
  • City of San Diego, Therapeutic Recreation
  • University of St. Augustine for Health Sciences
  • Disability Rights California
  • Paralyzed Veterans of America, Cal-Diego Chapter
  • NeuroLab 360
  • Adaptive Sports and Recreation Association

ConvaTec/Cure Medical Support Medical Research

me+™ from ConvaTec Continence Care is a support program designed to help you navigate life using intermittent catheters. As a member of me+™, you have full access to several benefits:
• A team of WOC nurses and product specialists available by phone or email to answer questions and offer advice.
• Personalized product sampling helping to ensure you are using the best product for you and your cathing needs.
• The GentleCath™ Video Trainer, create your own personalized video guide with tips and advice tailored to your approach to cathing.
• me+ answers, an in-depth online resource for all your cathing questions.
• me+ community, highlighting real stories and experiences from intermittent catheter users.

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