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April 2019 Newsletter 

Spirit-Led Leadership Training
Myanmar Baptist Convention (MBC) Ministers
Phase 2 Begins!

"This is the very first time experiencing this kind of workshop, I feel wonderful and thank God for this." 
"No rmally, I am bored in most workshops. But this time, I felt so much joy when I carefully concentrated on the lecturer." 
"I know more about how I can have an intimate relationship with God and walk through the leadership of Holy Spirit."
(Ministers attending SLL Workshop in Yangon)

The political and social news from Myanmar is grim. The regions the US State department warns me against visiting keeps growing. Yet, at the same time, by the grace of God, our ministry is thriving and growing more than ever.
In collaboration with FHL Global, the Rev. Dr. Eh Thaw, MBC Director of Ministers Department, has mapped out a multi-year, multi-phase training program for Baptist pastors throughout the country. Our plan is to bring the Spirit-led Leader (SLL) message to as many pastors and ministers as possible in the largest Christian denomination in Myanmar (1.5 million members and regular attenders). O ur prayer is that God will keep using this teaching, training, and curriculum to revitalize many pastors and leaders throughout Myanmar and to help Burmese Baptists gain a better understanding of the important role of the Holy Spirit in their relationship with God, in their churches and for spreading the Gospel.
Participants took the teaching very seriously

In Phase 1, we trained Regional Ministry Directors from most of the 18 MBC regions. Now, in Phase 2, we are offering SLL workshops to multiple leaders from various clusters of regions--four to six regions at a time. In March, 30-40 representatives from Segaw Karen, Po Karen, Asho Chin, Myanmar Baptist Union (Burmese speaking congregations), Mon, and Lisu gathered at MBC headquarters in Yangon for a four-day extensive workshop. This coming October, we will conduct another SLL workshop in Lashio, Shan State (eastern Myanmar). We are anticipating 100 ministers from another cluster of regions.
To get a feeling of how the workshops are touching the pastors, here are some more quotes from the pastors and ministers who attended:
"With the help of Holy Spirit, I need to take courage and serve more for God's ministry."
"My leadership role needs to be more sacrificial and be humble."

"Every Christian minister needs to be a Spirit-led leader."
"I will try to love those who hurt me, I will humble myself as Spirit-led minister."
"I am very eager to share these lecture notes in my church."

Tim with Rev. Dr. Eh Thaw, MBC Director of Ministers' Department

Thank you for your prayers and continued support for our Christian leadership development work in Myanmar and elsewhere globally. God is using our ministries in many ways--the SLL workshops are just one of several major initiatives. God is also changing lives through our teaching in the seminary and our ministries on MIT campus. More of my books are being translated into Burmese, Chin, and soon Karen and Urdu (the latter for distribution in Pakistan). We have just hired an outstanding new staff member, Saw Newton (see below). So many good things are happening. We're humbled, excited, and highly motivated to keep the ministry going and growing in the flow of the Spirit. I can hardly wait to see what God is going to do next!
In Christ's service,

Rev. Timothy C. Geoffrion, Ph.D., D.D.
President and Teaching Minister
Welcome to our newest Staff, Saw Newton! 

I am thrilled to introduce Saw Newton as the newest member of our Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries staff. Newton recently graduated from Myanmar Institute of Theology (M.Div., 2019) and was an exceptional student of mine. He will serve full time as my administrative and program assistant in the Yangon office. He will also do extensive translation work, translating my books and workshop guides into Burmese and Karen. At graduation in March, he was honored with the prestigious Judson award, presented by Myanmar Baptist Churches Director of Ministers' Department, the Rev. Dr. Eh Thaw. The Judson award goes to the student who made an outstanding contribution to the MIT student body during his three years on campus and shows great promise as a future Christian minister. Our team in Myanmar keeps getting stronger and stronger. I'm excited for what God is going to do through us in the months ahead! Welcome to Faith, Hope, and Love Global Ministries, Newton! 
Learn what the Pastors are Learning!
4 Day Spirit-led Leader Workshop 
New Testament Theology Class
This past semester, I again had the privilege of teaching 92 students at Myanmar Institute of Theology. This year, I taught New Testament Theology (NTT) and co-taught Homiletics. Over and over again, I sensed the Holy Spirit guiding my teaching and working through the question and answer sessions in very meaningful ways. This year, we even digitally recorded many of the NTT lectures. But more about that and how you can listen in for yourself in May's E-newsletter! 

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