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Holy Spirit Parish Weekly Newsletter

John the Baptist, out of love for the Truth, for the Jewish People, and for the King, publicly corrected the King for his public sexual misbehavior. He paid the ultimate price, and mirrored Jesus's Passion and death. May we all have his courage in our lesser trials!

Bishop Robert Barron, who just similarly called out one of our leaders on a matter of public scandal, will probably not receive the death penalty for his courage, but will probably get other backlash. (See below) Pray for our bishops and priests as they courageously lead the Church!

We also celebrate one of the Greats, Pope Gregory to be specific. 

Reminder that the PSR Registration deadline is September 1st. Any registrations after that date will incur a late fee. See link below. 

Also, two meal opportunities on Friday, one with Father Koopman, see below. 

Finally - Next week, Monday September 5th is Labor Day. Mass will be at St. Joseph Parish, see below. 

Here is your weekly update for what's going on in the parish. 

Monday, August 29th

Beheading of John the Baptist

Martyrdom of Saint John the Baptist

The drunken oath of a king with a shallow sense of honor, a seductive dance and the hateful heart of a queen combined to bring about the martyrdom of John the Baptist.

He Lost His Head for the Truth

Thursday, September 1st

Eucharistic Adoration

Every Thursday

6 PM - 8 PM

Holy Family Chapel

Want to become a regularly scheduled adorer? Email Mike Here

PSR registration deadline, September 1st!

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Tired & hungry at the end of the week?

Enjoy a hearty and delicious Fantastic Friday Dinner-To-Go from the Knights of Columbus this Friday September 2nd.

Call or email them now to place your order and let them know when you're coming to get your hot and tasty meal.

These Massive Take-Out Meals are only $19 and include:

1/2 LB Rib Slab

Baked Potato

Corn on the Cob

Tasty Desserts!

Call or email and let the Knights know how many meals you are ordering and when you will be picking them up between 2 PM - 6 PM on Friday, September 2nd at Father Ragan Hall . (1783 Moore Rd. , Avon OH)

Call to Pre-Order Your Rib Dinner
Email to Pre-Order Your Rib Dinner

also on Friday....

Don't miss a chance for a great lunch and to hear a reflection from our very own Father Koopman at the First Friday Forum of Lorain County! RSVP now and secure your spot!

First Friday Forum of Lorain County

Friday, September 2

Luncheon Buffet: 11:30 AM

Speaker: 12:00 PM - 1:00 PM

RSVP Deadline: Monday 8/29/2022


Call to RSVP
Email to RSVP

Saturday, September 3rd

St. Gregory the Great

Saint Gregory the Great

Gregory, called "the Great," became pope at the age of 50. In his new role, he had much to do both within and outside the Church. Known for his reform of the liturgy, he is credited as the author of the Gregorian chant used for centuries in the Latin church.

He didn't want to be Pope... But that was too bad. 

Monday, September 5th

Labor Day

Happy Labor Day!

Make time today to reflect on the dignity and gift of work. (Great article on this below.)

PLEASE NOTE - There is NO Mass at Holy Spirit on Labor Day, Monday September 5th.

Morning Mass will be at St. Joseph Parish (Avon Lake) at 8:00 AM.

Mother Mary wants you to know and understand Jesus's love and care for you. 

Read the Mass Readings!

Twenty Third Sunday in Ordinary Time

Some Thoughts for Reflection

Our Catholic President and the Most Pressing Moral Issue of Our Time

Charitable. Concise. Compelling (6 Minutes)

What's So Extreme About the Rosary

The opening of the Hail Mary is drawn from the words the angel Gabriel (and later her relative Elizabeth) used to greet the mother of the Messiah.

"Decades" of Misunderstanding

A Matthew 25 Catholic Can't Be Pro-Choice

In one sense, every one of us should be a Matthew 25 Catholic, because it's in the twenty-fifth chapter of Matthew that Christ foretells how he will come again in glory to judge "all the nations, and he will separate them one from another as a shepherd separates the sheep from the goats, and he will place the sheep at his right hand, but the goats at the left" (Matt.

False Dicotomy

Upcoming Events

PSR 2022-2023 Registration

We are excited to be offering our PSR program In person this year Parent Led Online option for Grades 1-8!

This Registration Process is facilitated by our Parish Realm Software. Please Read Instructions

PLEASE NOTE - Any Registrations after September 1st will incur a $20 Late Fee per student registered. 

Click Here to Begin PSR Registration

Parents of children anticipating reception of First Communion in May 2023 should attend this meeting!


Meeting will last about 30 minutes

Program Registration Forms will be distributed at the meeting.


Please Note:


Children planning to receive First Communion need to be enrolled in the Preparation Program in addition to PSR or a Catholic elementary school.


Admission to the Preparation Program requires at least one year of formal faith formation prior to the current year (generally understood to be Grade 1 PSR or Catholic school). A child lacking this prior faith formation may be delayed in receiving First Communion until adequate preliminary preparation has been completed.


Contact Chris Hoag, PCL

Click to Call Chris
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Adult Faith Formation

Check out the Adult Faith Formation Page on our website for resources and events to help you deepen your understanding of Church teaching and your relationship with Jesus.  

See Our Resources

All Ladies! (Single or Otherwise)

Want to be part of a dynamic organization focused on serving the needs of the parish and walking with one another in faith?

Membership for the Ladies Guild is now open. Grab a green envelope in the Narthex after mass to sign up!

This seminar will focus on the movement we know as the Catholic Charismatic Renewal.

If you desire more for your life, this seminar can be the beginning of a ‘renewal’ of the gifts of the Holy Spirit. The seminar presentations for the eight weeks will prepare participants for the prayer of the Baptism in the Holy Spirit. 


Our Lady of Angels School, Primary building (behind Linus Hall) - Handicapped accessible 3644 Rocky River Dr., Cleveland, OH 44111 - there will be signs!



Eight consecutive Tuesdays, beginning September 6th through October 25th, 2022.



7:30 – 9:00pm (Refreshments will follow)


For more information and to register please phone -

Verna at 216-251-3560 or Tom at 216-252-5724. 


 EVENT IS FREE - There is NO charge for this seminar

All of our recent bulletins are available on our website! If you need a copy or know someone who does, head over to

"God is within all things but not included;

outside all things but not excluded.

God is above all things, but not beyond their reach.

Pope St. Gregory the Great