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Holy Spirit Parish Weekly Newsletter

Some places slow down during the summer. 

The Church missed the memo this week.

Bishops, martyrs for religious freedom, the cousin of Jesus and the Sacred and Immaculate Heart are all on the calendar.

Also - Vacation Bible School Registration is Open! (See below)

Here is your weekly update for what's going on in the parish. 

2022 Vacation Bible School (VBS)

"Summer with the Sacred Heart" July 18,19, & 20 9 AM - 12 PM For Ages 4 - Grade 3 Registration June 13 - July 5 Want to register your kids? Contact Chris Hoag: 440.933.3777 x 203 ...

Register or Get More Info Here

Tuesday, May June 21st

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga

Saint Aloysius Gonzaga was a precocious child who had a spiritual awakening at the age of 7. As a young adult, and after a prolonged battle with his father, he entered the Jesuits where he had to learn to live and maneuver within community, and give up some of his independent ways of doing things.

Read More On This Patron of Teenagers

Wednesday, June 22nd

St. Paulinus of Nola

On June 22, the Catholic Church remembers Saint Paulinus of Nola, who gave up his life in politics to become a monk, a bishop, and a revered Christian poet of the 5th century. In a December ...

Ups and Downs with St. Paulinus

St. John Fisher, Cardinal-Martyr of England

John Cardinal Fisher, the former Bishop of Rochester - Henry VIII had stripped him of that title - was sentenced to death on June 17, 1535. The sentence pronounced against him brought a flush of color to his sunken cheeks, eyewitnesses remarked.

Story of the Lone, Faithful English Bishop

Yes, More and Fisher Were Real Martyrs

The memorial of Sts. John Fisher and Thomas More has been celebrated in the US in special way since the first Fortnight for [Religious] Freedom in 2012. (This year, today's feast leads into next week's Religious Freedom Week -a time of prayer, reflection, and action on religious freedom issues.)

Martyrs for our Times - Even 500 Years Later

Thursday, June 23rd

The Greatest Man Born of Woman

Who is the saint most venerated in our religion? Well, of course we would say it is the Blessed Mother, and then ...

Story of the man whom Jesus said was the "greatest"
New Adoration Ad.jpg

Eucharistic Adoration

Every Thursday

6 PM - 8 PM

Holy Family Chapel

Friday, June 24th

Litany of the Sacred Heart of Jesus

Take five minutes to pray this litany and connect with Our Lord' personal and intimate love for YOU as an individual person. 

Pray the Litany Here (5 Minutes)
Couples Connect SM Sq.jpg

Holy Spirit Parish's new marriage ministry Couples Connect is having its kickoff Meet & Greet Social. All married couples of all ages are invited!

Join us for a night of food, drinks, free babysitting and to get to know other couples in the parish and provide input on what you would like to see in our Marriage Ministry.

Couples Connect Kickoff Meet & Greet Social

Friday, June 24th

7:00 PM (Fr. Mosovsky Hall)

Think You Can Come? RSVP Here!

Saturday, June 25th

Why is Mary's Heart Immaculate and Jesus' Heart Sacred?
Why "Immaculate" instead of "Sacred Heart" for Mary?

Saturday, June 26th

Measure Up KoC March 25 _ 26.jpg

The Knights of Columbus are at it again!

Every year they run the "Measure Up" Drive to raise funds to assist those with developmental disabilities and those who care for them.

The Knights will be at Holy Spirit after the masses on June 25th/June 26th.

Please support this campaign and thank them for their Christ-like service to the Church and to those in need. 

Peter's Pence

The Peter's Pence collection is a gesture of solidarity through which every member of the faithful can participate in the activity of the Pope as Pastor of the universal Church...

Read More
Trent Horn Liturgy - Updated.jpg

Jesus loves you.

Read the Mass Readings!

Thirteenth Sunday in Ordinary Time

Some Thoughts for Reflection

God Wants You to Confess Your Sins to a Priest

But when these critics are asked to provide biblical evidence for the claim that we should confess our sins only in private prayer to God, they often come up empty-handed save for one verse...

Why is Confession Important?

Why Marry in a Church

Where in Scripture does it say that we must marry in a church? Scripture does not say that we must marry in a church. This is a matter of canon law, not divine law. The reason the Church asks Catholics to marry in a church is to remind us that marriage is a sacrament.

What's behind this rule?

The True Roots of Mass Violence

Editor's note: This article from Catholic Answers' president originally ran on the feast of the Assumption in 2019. In the wake of Tuesday's shooting at a Texas elementary school, and the shooting in New York before that, we find that his sentiments are just as relevant today and worth republishing.

Read More

Can Someone be "Born Gay?" With Fr. Mike Schmitz

Fr. Mike explains why it's a bad idea to attribute homosexual behavior to being "born that way." We discuss how identity politics damages public discourse an...

God's Love, Original Sin, and Hope

Upcoming Events

Picnic Comitee Ad.jpg

Holy Spirit Parish Picnic

Saturday, July 30th

6:00 PM (Fr. Mosovsky Hall)


If you are able to assist, please email Mike Schmiesing, Pastoral Assistant:

Email Mike if you can help plan the picnic
The Fest.JPG
More Info On The Fest Here

The Church never approaches groups, the Church only approaches individuals."

Rev. Mike Schmitz