Spirit-empowered Disciples
Flourishing in All of Life
A Spirit-empowered faith (SEF) expresses itself in Great Commission living empowered by Great Commandment love. A Spirit-empowered faith is relational and impossible to realize apart from a special work of the Spirit. For example, the SEF outcome of "listening to and hearing God" implies a relationship. It is relational in focus and requires the Holy Spirit's power to be exemplified in our lives.
Dr. David Ferguson, Co-Chair of PCCNA Discipleship Commission, shares how Spirit-empowered disciples make disciples, who make disciples for Christ.
Whole-life Discipleship:
Imparting a Spirit-Empowered Faith to Next Generations
“The thief comes only to steal and kill and destroy; I came so that they would have life, and have it abundantly” (John 10:10, NASB).
In "whole-life" discipleship, the focus of John 10:10 broadens from only focusing on faith to including other dimensions of "abundant life" or flourishing in the areas of faith, relationships, wellness, vocation, and finance.
Learn more about missional churches engaging their members and reaching seekers through community-facing, ”side-door” ministry offerings!
History of a Thriving Movement
Canadian Assemblies of God
The first Canadian Italians were baptized in the Spirit in 1912, and in 1918, the Toronto church began. Their first general conference (council) took place in 1944, and the churches were organized under the name The Italian Pentecostal Church of Canada. The Italian churches multiplied in Toronto, Montreal, and Vancouver. Today, known as The Canadian Assemblies of God, their fellowship consists of churches from several nationalities including French, Haitian, Hispanics, Sri Lankan, Chinese, Portuguese, Burundi, and Messianic believer churches.
Prayer at the Heart of America
Shares Powerful Testimonies
The six-hour, nationally televised, solemn assembly was led by P. Douglas Small, President of Project Pray. Major support, including logistical support and the organization of nine prayer routes, was orchestrated by Bishop Garry Bryant, Evangelism USA executive with the IPHC. Never in the history of the nation has such an aggressive prayer effort taken place with simultaneous prayer treks covering almost 25,000 miles with miracles, healing, and salvation experiences occurring along the way!

The meeting was not an ordinary prayer meeting—it was a solemn assembly. And that, by its nature, is a representative meeting of God’s people before His throne for grievances God has against them. For more photos and a full report, click on the link below.
Urgent Prayer for Afghanistan
The Acts One:Eight Project
Your prayers matter to Christians in Afghanistan!

These are critical times for the nation of Afghanistan, which needs earnest prayer as requested by various ministry groups who have served there, establishing ministry and house churches. No single church building exists in Afghanistan, but during the presence of international forces in the past 20 years, many ministries have developed disciples and an underground house church movement.

Now, the Taliban has started killing house church pastors, and believers are in danger as any believers in Christ will normally suffer the death penalty under the Taliban’s harsh form of Islam.
Only the heavenly, angelic forces can help to continue and sustain the churchthat has names and facesin Afghanistan.
Assemblies of God Elections
Overwhelmingly Support Clay
Voting delegates to the 2021 General Council overwhelmingly reelected Douglas E. Clay to a second, four-year term on August 5 in Orlando. Clay won his first four-year term in 2017 after George O. Wood resigned following a decade in the top post. Despite the challenges of COVID-19 hampering the normal functioning of church gatherings and ministry programs around the nation, Clay has demonstrated visionary and steady leadership.
Five Keys to Prophetic Integrity
by Sarah Williams
If you have given your life to Jesus, you have an amazing privilege to be able to hear His voice and walk in a relationship with His Spirit. It was God’s delight to provide you with this dynamic gift combination so that you would always have everything you need in your life on earth. Maybe you have begun to unwrap this gift and to discover the priceless treasure that you have permission to access . . . In order to walk this out and do it well, I propose to you five vital goals
Sarah Williams and her husband, George, have been in ministry together for more than 15 years. They began as urban missionaries, which led to planting and co-pastoring CityLight Church. Sarah’s passion is to see people saved, healed, and delivered. She highly values her ministry to her family and to the Lord.
Pastor Sammy Rodriguez
Releases New Book
Many people are weary and exhausted right now. Pastor Samuel Rodriguez’s new book, Persevere with Power, will fill you with new strength to push the plow of your everyday calling and inspire new dreams for the mantle of promotion God has for you. Elisha was pushing the plow when Elijah placed his mantle on him. 
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