Here are the latest opportunities to strengthen your faith and connect with the community.
June 9th
Pentecost Sunday

Bible Talk
9:00 am in the Old Manse

Worship 10:00 am
"The U.S. Congregational
Vitality Survey "

Today Saturday June 8th
10:00 am to 2:00 pm

In the church parking lot.
Bring your car and yourself out
for a treat and support
the youth group!
Join in the fun with the
youth and wash a car or 2!
All vehicles are welcome.
Confirmation 2019/2020
The Church will be offering Confirmation differently this year. Both youth and adults can benefit from learning more about the journey of faith. With that in mind, we will have Confirmands from high school to those beyond high school! Classes will start in June and Confirmation will occur in December or in the New Year. 

Come to the information/orientation after worship
This Sunday, June 9.
Unable to make the gathering after worship reach out to
Reverend Kelley or Mike Mraz.
Thursday, June 13th
6:00 PM
"Past, Present and
Future Dinner"
 We will delve into our rich history, and together imagine where God is calling us in the future. Led by Rev. Kelley and the Vision Review Team.
RSVP is needed so we can plan appropriately.
(631.765.2597; sign up sheet in the Lobby of the CE Wing) 

Interested in participating in the
Adult Midnight Run,
or have you already signed up?
Please attend our planning meeting
after worship Sunday June 16th. There are plenty of opportunities to participate. Run Scheduled for Friday June 28th.

Tara Campbell 06/09, Stacey Cole 06/09,
Lois Ross 06/09, Robin Klotz 06/10,
Jackson Mannino 06/10, John Fred Martin 06/10 Kristen Rehm 06/10, Bryce Keels 06/12,
Sondra Russell 06/12 Arline Smith 06/12,
Keaton Cole 06/13, Lauren Enos 06/14.

I want the whole Christ for my Saviour, the whole Bible for my book, the whole Church for my fellowship, and the whole world for my mission field.”  ~ John Wesley