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Office Hours are Tuesday & Thursday 9:00 to 1:00 pm
Tonight is the last night of VBS
June 29

5:00 pm – 7:00 pm

Bring First Aid items
Registration at the door  
Administrative Job Description
Spirit of Joy Lutheran Church

Breakfast with your Friends
Join us for breakfast on Wednesday mornings at 9 am at the IHOP Restaurant at (Southern and Signal Butte Rd)
See you there!!!

Ladies Bible Study

Ladies Bible Study on Thursday at 1:00 p.m. will be taking a short summer break.
Classes will resume July 7th. In the interim Thursdays there will be a short study led by Peg Goetz for those who would like to continue through the summer.
Pastor Tony and Carol have covid and we ask for prayers for them and all who have Covid at this time. We are announcing this for all who were at services this past weekend as you were potentially exposed. Here are the CDC guidelines for covid.:
Given what we currently know about COVID-19 and the Omicron variant, CDC is shortening the recommended time for isolation for the public. People with COVID-19 should isolate for 5 days and if they are asymptomatic or their symptoms are resolving (without fever for 24 hours), follow that by 5 days of wearing a mask when around others to minimize the risk of infecting people they encounter. The change is motivated by science demonstrating that the majority of SARS-CoV-2 transmission occurs early in the course of illness, generally in the 1-2 days prior to onset of symptoms and the 2-3 days after.
Additionally, CDC is updating the recommended quarantine period for anyone in the general public who is exposed to COVID-19. For people who are unvaccinated or are more than six months out from their second mRNA dose (or more than 2 months after the J&J vaccine) and not yet boosted, CDC now recommends quarantine for 5 days followed by strict mask use for an additional 5 days. Alternatively, if a 5-day quarantine is not feasible, it is imperative that an exposed person wear a well-fitting mask at all times when around others for 10 days after exposure. Individuals who have received their booster shot do not need to quarantine following an exposure, but should wear a mask for 10 days after the exposure. For all those exposed, best practice would also include a test for SARS-CoV-2 at day 5 after exposure. If symptoms occur, individuals should immediately quarantine until a negative test confirms symptoms are not attributable to COVID-19.

Volunteers Needed to help prepare pancake breakfasts for the Homeless

If you would like to help, meet at Spirit of Hope on Sunday, July 31 at 5:45 am if you would like to carpool. Or meet us at Grace Lutheran Church in downtown Phoenix at 7:00 am. If you have any questions, call Tine at 414-517-6505. There is a sign up sheet on the counter in the Narthex.


To provide a donation for Ukraine online, go to:

All funds collected in the HUNGER JAR are designated for the Ukraine refugee program through the ELCA .  

Prayers –

We pray for those church members who are struggling with many health issues this week and especially with all Covid, colds and flu cases.
We pray for the health of: LaVonne Anderson, Tom Snodgrass, Eleanora Crise-Tomes, Ethel Robbins, Frieda Pyles, Stephanie Skansi, Linda, Jay & Chad Miner

Darlene and Darren Holzipel, Moine Gates, Don and Cleo Hansen, Naomi Hensen, Mike Tucker, Diane Reinhardt, Janice Giorsetti, Diane Thompson, and Ruthie Piasecki

Chris Tjon and James Tjon, Curtis Peterson, Matthew Stackoiwak, Lois Lorts and Jenna Marley and Donna Miller

May the God of good health and happiness restore all who are struggling this week with the many situations people in our lives are struggling. Thank you for your presence and give us the joys of everyday life!  


Beer and Theology is the third Tuesday of the month at 6:30 p.m. This month it will be on July 19th.

      Worship Volunteers
Saturday 5:00 PM
Date     Reader                     Greeters                        
7-2    Rosemary Brant      Darrell/Linda Wilton
7-9    Cal Schell         
7-16  Rosemary Brant
7-23  Melody Oliver         Wendy Sontag
 7-30 Melody Oliver
* * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * * *
Sunday 9:30 AM
7-3    Mike Stark            Layla Haddad
7-10  Karen Gowan      Erik/Jackie Shelbourrn
7-17  Margaret Anderson  Brian/MaryBeth Bracken
7-24  Terry Williams       Art & Crystal Zander
7-31  John Rung             Mike & Debbie Snyder
Greeters: Please be at church by 4:40 pm on Saturday and 9:10 am on Sunday.

June Birthdays

Carol Scheer June 9
Jerry Hansen June 9
David Kretz June 10
Bryce Palmer June 12
Savannah Palmer June 12
Lynel Schleicher June 19
Gale Deitz June 20
Brian Bracken June 21
Dee McCoy June 21
Laura Kretz June 21
Donna Miller June 23
Irene Jeter June 26
Darlene Holzapfel June 26
Bob Eisele June 27
Ray Hofer June 27
Gene Eggen June 28
Susan Fuschetto June 28
Crystal Zander June 30

Second and Fourth TUESDAY of the month
(July 12th & 26th)

Church Narthex from 1:00pm -3:00pm
Please contact Diane Thompson at
480-354-7897 to register!  Or just show up. We would love to have you.

The Action Program for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce & other Losses
Grief Recovery Method® Informational Presentation
Thursday, August 4, 2022 from 6 - 7 pm
The Summit at Sunland Springs Assisted Living & Memory Care 2415 S. Signal Butte Rd. Mesa, AZ 85209
The action-oriented Grief Recovery Method® is different than therapy and helps individuals move beyond the over 40 losses that can affect your life. Learn how to complete “unfinished business” and return to a full state of “aliveness”.
  • Whether your grief or loss is from:

  • Death
  • Loss of a career
  • Divorce
  • Loss of trust
  • Loss of health
  • Empty Nester
The goal of The Grief Recovery Method® is to help you complete your relationship to the pain, isolation, and loneliness caused by significant emotional loss. While death and divorce may seem to be the most obvious losses, our groups are not limited to those losses. There are more than 40 life events that can produce feelings of grief.
The Grief Recovery Method® helps grievers deal with those things they wish might have been different or better. It gives them the chance to address their dreams and hopes for the future, which is not the future they had planned. It helps them address the words left unspoken. It helps them with the lost relationship that they thought would cause them pain for the rest of their lives. All these things may sound too good to be true, but this research shows that this dream of a better tomorrow is very possible, thanks to the Grief Recovery Action Plan!
Attend the presentation to learn more about the upcoming 8 week workshop that starts Thursday, August 18, 2022 at The Summit at Sunland Springs!
“Grief is about a broken heart, not a broken brain. All efforts to heal the heart with the head fail because the head is the wrong tool for the job. It’s like trying to paint with a hammer—it only makes a mess.”
― John W. James, The Grief Recovery Handbook: The Action Program for Moving Beyond Death, Divorce, and Other Losses
Presented by:
Advanced Grief Recovery Method Specialist
Shirley Lafferty, Certified Grief Recovery Method Specialist
Erika Russell-Cline
Please RSVP to
(480) 660-3124