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Lately I've been feeling frustrated. The frustrations have concerned some relationship issues, and some creative efforts that haven't found their right market. The frustration is shown clearly by an aspect in my horoscope (Saturn square my Neptune). It's not as though all things have slowed to a halt, because there's plenty of activity, including social events, sessions with clients, the Meta Meet group, and plenty of happy lunches with friends. It may be just some generalized sense that there are setbacks, obstacles or slowdowns placed in my way that are at the basis of a sense of being thwarted, challenged, and limited. I tend to be the kind of person who likes to be active... but with a specific type of action in mind, and not just busy-work.

It could even be the weather which seems colder, wetter, and less sunny than usual. It could be the general state of affairs in the world where people's ideals are blocked, and where we can't seem to reach unity.

It occurred to me that there are whole groups of people born at certain times who might feel frustrated now as well. For instance, people born from 1937 to 1943, or 1980 to 1983, might be sharing this sense of blockage. And if this is a kind of generational thing, soon enough people born between 1944 to 1945 and 1984 to 1986 will feel something similar as well, starting at the end of this year (same aspect).
(By the way, I take astrological aspects pretty seriously. Some last for a year or more, some are just quick and by the day. I told my hairdresser that I try to get new hairdos done when I have good Venus aspects [which is also helpful for having a good day's shopping spree], or that I attempt to schedule every speaking engagement of importance under positive Mercury aspects. This is Astrology 101! I always share this type of analysis with my clients whenever they seek info on good times for their love-life, their business, their medical procedures, and so forth.)

As I record this, I'm looking at my cherry tree. It's a symbol this year of frustration itself, for the buds came out too early under warm weather and were "nipped in the bud" by a freeze. The tree is struggling to bloom, but will all those brown things on its limbs actually pop open into beautiful white flowers? So, maybe even Nature is frustrated! Recently, I put out some birdseed in a hanging feeder, and today some cute little birds showed up and pecked away, including a pair, one of which (most likely the male) had quite a bit of red on its back feathers. I see a symbol in this too: deep in the heart of frustration is life, color, and vitality. So, this is what we need to focus upon and stoke these small fires in order to warm and illuminate any preponderance of gray.

Signing off until next time.

Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 
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Mind, Body and Spirit Festival continues to draw crowds
By Brianna Shea     Jan 22, 2017

~ Mind, Body & Spirit Festival ~

Judi Thomases, with Wisdom Path, read tarot cards and astro dice at the Mind, Body and Spirit Festival on Saturday. 
ELKTON - The two-day event, which was held at Cecil College's Elkton Station campus on Friday and Saturday, is billed as a time of renewal that aims to bring together people from all over the county and region to hear from local health vendors and learn about holistic methods for healing and relaxation.
The event, which is in its seventh year, has seen an increase in attendance every year. More than 400 people came out on Saturday while another 178 people came to the preview on Friday night, said Shawn Markey, director of the college's Lifelong Learning program. He said the event had a little under 340 participants last year.
Tammy Rapposelli, the college's Lifelong Learning and event coordinator, said over 50 vendors purchased 80 tables for the festival. Organizers had to set up two more rooms than last year to accommodate all the tables, she added.
While there were new vendors this year, many of the vendors from previous years continue to come back again and again.
"It's almost like a family reunion," Rapposelli said.
Psychic and intuitive Judi Thomases, with Wisdom Path, is one of those returning vendors, having come every year since the event started.
Thomases reads both tarot cards and astro dice.
"So people have a dilemma, they're not sure how to make a decision, they don't have insight into how it would play out and the tools that I use help people by showing the best way to navigate their dilemma," she explained.
Thomases learned she had a gift for reading cards and dice during the mid-70s. After seeing someone give a reading at a party, she purchased a deck of tarot cards and studied them. She said she also studied astrology.
"When I started using both of them, I felt like they were familiar to me and I found I had talent with both of them," Thomases said.
She noted that she enjoys helping people with her gifts.
"The festival is wonderful, people who have come are usually searching and I like to help people, give them guidance," Thomases said. "I enjoy it when we go into some deep issues and they find insight and they feel empowered and a way to make good choices."

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AMERICANS BUY EXISTING HOMES AT FAST PACE - USA Today, 2/23/17....  HOUSING STARTS POST SOLID GAIN IN FEBRUARY - USA Today, 3/17/17 ( Prediction:  "Despite much domestic friction, real estate could get a boost this month , with home prices climbing." - Spirit's Words, Feb. '17)
WHITE HOUSE URGES MEDIA TO BACK OFF ITS 'NEGATIVE NARRATIVE'. First press briefing suggests new protocol. - USA Today, 1/24/17 (Prediction : "There is a shift regarding communications and the media." - Spirit's Words, Jan. 2017)

ELECTION GIVES RISE TO TWO AMERICAS - USA TODAY, 1/23/17 (Prediction: " a civil war without weapons." - Karmic Waves, The Destiny Of The United States...And You!, Dell Horoscope magazine, May 2006)

Prediction: "Obamacare has one of the worst horoscopes imaginable!  ...In its current form, it can't be funded or sustained, and would lack resources." - Spirit's Words, May 2012

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In the world chart, economic pressures continue, especially on the 20th ( Pluto in Capricorn stations retrograde square Jupiter ). Week 1 indicates effective shows of strength and good communications ( Mars trine Pluto; Mercury stations retrograde trine Node ). Social activity suffers during Week 2 ( Saturn stations retrograde square Venus retrograde; Venus stations retrograde square Saturn ). Stock markets are buffeted on the 11th ( Full Moon conjunct Jupiter, opposite Uranus, square Pluto ), and turmoil via innovation distracts on the 14th ( Uranus conjunct Sun ). From the 24th-25th, opportunity for sensible revision prevails ( Mercury retrograde trine Saturn ), but from the 28th-29th, the news is quite upsetting ( Mercury retrograde conjunct Uranus ).
For our nation, we are exiting a disharmonious period of high emotionality ( U.S. progressed Moon conjunct U.S. Ascendant, t-square U.S. progressed Sun ), and able to find patience and some maturity, especially on the 6th ( Saturn sextile U.S. Moon ), along with inspiration and subtle change all month (although we remain quite confused ( Neptune trine U.S. Sun, square U.S. progressed Moon ). Week 1 sees us taking a bold, confident stance militarily ( Jupiter conjunct U.S. progressed Mars ), culminating in a strong action on the 11th ( Full Moon in H10 trine U.S. Mars exact ) despite the exhausting dilemma of misplaced hopes ( Neptune conjunct U.S. progressed Sun, t-square U.S. Ascendant ). Mid-month indicates a tug-of-war between idealism ( Mars trine U.S. Neptune; Venus stations direct opposite U.S. progressed Neptune, trine U.S. Fortuna ) and disturbance, especially via the media ( Uranus square U.S. Mercury/progressed Node ). The 18th - 20th shows a mixed bag of violence and rage ( Pluto station retrograde square U.S. progressed Mars in H10 ) versus the will and means to suppress it ( Mars trine U.S. Pluto, conjunct U.S. progressed Midheaven ).
President Donald J. Trump is settling down and making smart plans all month, especially in regards to the courts and education ( Saturn stations retrograde trine his Mars; Mars in his H9 ). During Week 1, there is tension as he tries to break free of a deadlock ( Uranus square his Saturn ), but he finds the right helpers ( Jupiter trine his progressed Node ). On the 11th, he can reach success in a deal ( Full Moon in H2 conjunct his progressed Jupiter ). The 13th is a very active day ( Mars conjunct his Midheaven ) and his energy level remains high for the rest of the month ( Mars in his 10th ). Mid-month is highly enjoyable with cause to celebrate ( Venus station direct trine his Venus; Jupiter retrograde conjunct his Jupiter/progressed Venus, trine his Uranus ). Some turbulence is seen during Week 4 ( Uranus square his Venus ).
          Obamacare may limp along for now but will struggle greatly this summer (Saturn square its Uranus; Pluto retrograde on its Node), but it will be kaput by next winter (Saturn conjunct its Pluto, t-square its Sun, Saturn)!
George Soros' horoscope is under sudden and heavy pressure that may result in legal charges or a health scare ( Uranus conjunct his Node; Pluto station retrograde opposite his Pluto exact, quinqunx his Sun, quinqunx his Mars ). He may lie or evade, even suffer acute confusion ( Neptune opposite his Mercury
) but it is unlikely that he will escape his history unscathed.
Hillary Clinton remains under a great delusion through 2017 ( her progressed Sun/progressed Mercury square her progressed Neptune ).
(c) 2017 by Judi Thomases




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Everyone can use a simple method for going within, getting in touch with your deepest self, and finding a bit of serenity when life gets too intense or seems crazy. One of the best methods I've found is a simple breathing technique that provides an instant way to meditate, and can be done almost anywhere at any time with the exception of critical functions such as driving or operating machinery.
The technique, which I call the Breathing Box, is so natural it can be used at the office, or when children are pesky, or even for a momentary break during an angry confrontation. Let me explain how it's done. The only effort required will be inhalation, exhalation, and suspension of breathing as well as visualization.
Picture a box. A square. All of its sides are equal no matter how big or small. Picture the left wall of the square as inhalation, the top of the square as holding your breath in, the right wall as exhalation, and the bottom of the square as holding your breath out. The duration of this meditation technique depends completely upon your choice, but the sides of the square are measured in beats. So, you would begin by inhaling to a specific number of beats that you choose - for example, four. And you would INHALE one... two... three... four. Now you are at the top of the square, and you just hold your breath for the same number of beats, not shorter or longer. HOLD... two... three... four. You are ready to exhale. Moving down the right side of the box, EXHALE... two... three... four. And now you are on the bottom of the box. This might be the one part of the process that's a little unusual, and which you may find uncomfortable at first. It merely requires you to hold your breath out for the same beat. And so, it is HOLD OUT... two... three... four. That returns you to the left wall at which point the entire box may be repeated for as long as you choose.
This is as simple as meditation gets. It has the benefit of concentrating your restless thoughts into the focused set of steps. Meditation's goal is always to stop the eternal production of thoughts in order to find the gap between any two of them. I'll tell you why in a moment. The second benefit is in slowing and regulating the breathing, for this also works upon the heart-rate and tends to ground or steady you. It's especially useful if one is in a state of high emotionality, for it calms. It is also useful if one feels confused or distracted, for it centers.
These great benefits of meditation can't be extolled enough. Almost any mental process can be benefitted by shifting into a short period of the Breathing Box. If you have more time available, you can prolong this procedure by seeing how many beats feel comfortable during the suspension state (also known as the breathless state). And you can also do the exercise for more minutes when that is allowable. But even a few seconds will serve to shift your mentality, help your physical experience, gentle your vibratory state, and (if you are extremely lucky) allow you to connect with your own personal divine experience, i.e., the feeling that you have been touched by a higher presence, or that wisdom is being made available to you from a deeper source.
"In the gap between thoughts, non-conceptual wisdom shines continuously." - Milarepa
The Breathing Box is an invaluable tool. It is one of the techniques to perform the Quantum Shift, as I describe in my book, The Wisdom Keys, available on Amazon. Practice it when you can. Use it when you are able. It will make a big difference.

For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2017 by Judi Thomases

BOOK REVIEW: "Michael's People", by Chelsea Quinn Yarbro (Berkley Books, 1988)
This book is the third in a series of books communicating messages from the entity known as Michael. The previous two books are Messages from Michael, and More Messages from Michael. I have read all three.
The material comes through in the process known as channeling, and it's my impression that it originally began with people playing with the Ouija Board and seems to have continued with a changing group of members, one of whom eventually was found to be mediumistic.
I find all the Michael material to be very insightful, educational, and spiritually wise. In this publishing niche are a variety of entities, for example, Seth channeled by Jane Roberts, Abraham channeled by Esther Hicks, Emanuel channeled by Pat Rodegast, and Agartha channeled by Meredith L. Young-Sowers. Of course, my own guides - The Brotherhood of Lightworkers - also fall into this category.
The Michael material gives us a special glimpse into soul ages and attributes, and puts into context what is learned during the soul's journeys through successive reincarnated lifetimes. I resonate particularly well with one of their messages - that they are a "reunited teaching entity", which has always felt very much like my guides, especially as I have understood them to be multiple consciousnesses speaking to me as one. And certainly, in a professorial way.
This third book focuses on The Hazards of The Physical Plane; Lessons and Lifetimes; On Time and What It Is For; Intimacy and Evolution; The Realities of Incarnation; Choosing to Learn and Learning to Choose; Links, Bonds and Ties; On Integrating Perceptions; Past Experiences and Present Lives; and even about channeling itself. There is an awful lot of wisdom to be gained through these messages. For example, "The physical plane is the only plane where accidents can and do happen." "Only when the planet has evolved to late-mature and old-soul levels, will [tragedies of dreadful karmic disasters] tend to decrease." "This is a young soul world, and the United States of America is a young soul country." "Each plane of existence - physical, astral, causal, akashic, and buddhic - has its own parameters of experiential perception." "There are only two forces in the universe - love and fear. Love is infinitely stronger but fear is infinitely more seductive." "Love is the source of truth." "If there is a 'purpose' to life, it is choice. All of life is a series of choices. Where life choice is denied, there is karma." "All mature and old souls have opportunities for astral contacts, should they choose to avail themselves of such." "Only the role in Essence and the position in casting remain from life to life."
To understand Michael's language takes a certain amount of effort. Michael explains that there are seven types of souls, seven ages of souls, and then overleaves (layers) upon which the personality is built, but that these layers are not the same as the true essence. So, in deciphering the messages, one needs to take in account the constant references to young, mature, old, etc. as descriptions of the number of times the soul has reincarnated and had a life, and also references to chief features and overleaves in which one displays and is subject to aspects of the soul while incarnated on the physical plane.
These books present much understanding that is not easily found elsewhere. For example, Michael goes into detail about the purpose of True Rest, True Play, True Study, and True Work. He explains that the purpose of true rest is to restore the fragment's energy; the purpose of true play is to "ground" the fragment so as not to scatter energy; the purpose of true study is to provide focus for the fragment; and the function of true work is related to the action layer. Michael refers to people as fragments because he presents a worldview of reunited clusters of souls on a higher plane that extrude pieces of their group-self in order to become a person having an experience of life. The term "fragment" in its constant usage drives home the message that we are not isolated, separated, individual beings but always a piece of a larger form/entity/cluster/reunited self.
In order to present these books in an approachable and even chatty format in between the deep concepts that are being conveyed, the author intersperses descriptions of the people in the group, their conversations and activity before and after their various meetings that are undertaken in order to bring forth these messages, and perhaps so that we get to know the individuals as regular people who are living normal lives. I find, however, that I skip through those parts, enjoying only Michael's messages. Since these messages are always distinguished by the use of small caps, it's pretty easy to jump forward if you choose to.
            This last book is subtitled, "Continuing the Michael Teachings". I would suggest that, in order to feel more comfortable with Michael's specific language, one should begin with the first book, Messages from Michael. It's almost as though one would need the ABCs. But if one encounters the book at this third transmission, it's still readable, insightful, and profound. On a personal level, having encountered the Michael material early on in my own spiritual journey, even before my own channeled guides came through, I found all three books extremely beneficial to fathoming the many people that one encounters in life, personally, socially and professionally. I also found this material very helpful in awakening realizations regarding consciousness and soul evolution that might not have been as clear and simplified as herein, or might have taken many more years to collect and regard.
Other than some difficulty grasping such esoteric concepts as overleaves, I would highly recommend reading any or all of the Michael material.

Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - April '17

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases    
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages 

In the light of revelation or awareness, one sees a benign universe and all things trending towards this goal. It is only in the darkness of fear, or ignorance, or lack of awareness that one would see doom instead, as though the entire dance of life and the universe which supports it is trending towards evil, or annihilation. What, then, would be the point of such type of journey? To find the means to offer creation and life to a dead or flat universe and its worlds - a long and laborious effort! - only to push it towards its opposite, that of lack of insight and destruction?
We say that that would be a futile and wrong-minded task. Life demands its playground. Life requires linear time and a great amount of it in order to be able to realize its own journey. Life needs its worlds and its souls to make that Great Work appropriate and useful.
In the meantime, for many whose minds cannot see this entire panoply of effort and creation, it sometimes looks like the end, the worst, the hopeless, the catastrophe. And we say to such minds: switch gears; find an aperture that opens your understanding to a brighter vision. Come out of the dark. See that which is illuminated, and from that take heart and find hope.
To brighten the mind by trusting in a great plan for life and creation is to instantly feel better and see quite a different goal. Cheer up and put aside fear. Fear is what wraps you in darkness, while hope and understand is what showers you in light.
There is no dark and hopeless future, as you may envision. In fact, there is great light "ahead." It is the awakening of each individual soul as it joins in a higher purpose for the group, for the world, and for the beneficial plan of the ages. This alignment is key. Envision a hopeful future, and you will participate in creating it.

© 2017 by Judi Thomases

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