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Not too much to say this month. Summer seems to be zooming by. I got inspired and began writing another article for Dell Horoscope magazine which will probably come out in the winter or even spring of 2018. It will tackle the huge changes that will appear as an outer planet, Uranus, enters a new sign, Taurus, next May. I'm told the last article I wrote for that periodical, called "Neptune & America's Identity Crisis" should be on newsstands in late September for the October 2017 issue. That article covered the amazing phenomenon of fake news that our nation has never before really seen to this degree, attempting to make sense of the patterns that have brought it about.
On the home front, a dear friend and neighbor is recovering nicely from her battle with serious illness, for which I'm deeply grateful, as I was asked to help spiritually when she was in danger and in the ICU. That effort seems to have borne fruit, and now we'll see what else can be utilized when group mind puts its efforts together to promote healing of people or the planet.
Relationships can be a source of joy and strengthening. They also, of course, can be a source of aggravation. We all deal with relationships. It is possibly the most important experience to have while on Planet Earth, and how we handle relationships is very key to our present and future karma.
More on this at another time.

Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 
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NEW ARTICLE IN DELL HOROSCOPE MAGAZINE in October : "Neptune and America's Identity Crisis" The astrology behind our confusing era of "fake news", boundary issues, and general political muddle, concluding with some upbeat remarks about an encouraging change in the upcoming energy patterns.

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"Practical Keys To A Life Of Joy"
Judi Thomases has four decades of experience as an astrologer, helping clients navigate their energy patterns to make good choices. Judi is author of
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Practical Keys To A Life Of Joy
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  • What is the Surge?
  • What does "piercing the veil" mean?

(broadcast on June 11th 2015 on Rockland World Radio).
Archive of "New Perspectives" Radio Show with Judi Thomases and host Paul Lamb. 

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"THE VIEW AHEAD - DELL HOROSCOPE YEARBOOK 2017"What does the New Year hold?  What energy patterns are shown in the Inauguration Chart, and in the nation's progressed horoscope? 


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TRUMP SLAMS PARTY IN BRUTAL FASHION, DROPS REAL REASON HEALTH CARE BILL LOST - JULY 19, 2017, (Prediction: "From the 10th-11th, and again on the 24th, he is quite aggravated.") - "Spirit's Words", June 2017
"SINCE THE ELECTION THE DOW HAS SET A NEW ALL TIME CLOSING HIGH ONE OUT OF EVERY FOUR DAYS THE MARKET IS OPEN!" - INTERNET, 7/23/17 - "Happily, the United States' progressed Saturn in the financial sign of Scorpio continues in a long stable trine to the nation's Venus, always an economic safety net." - "The View Ahead" - Dell Horoscope magazine, Jan. 2017
FROM THE RIGHT: US HEADED FOR DIVORCE, NOT CIVIL WAR - NY Post, 6/9/17 ( Prediction: "Perhaps the deep divide worsens in our nation, and the polarization of the population that we've been seeing steadily splits us into something like a mid-section versus two coasts - almost like a Civil War but without weapons." - Karmic Waves: The Destiny of the United States... and You!, Dell Horoscope Magazine, May 2006 

CLINTON STILL ABOVE THE LAW - OBAMA JUDGE WON'T ALLOW BENGHAZI LAWSUIT TRIAL -, 5/27/17 - ( Prediction: "She has some kind of protection all year but feels stuck and sad" - Spirit's Words, June 2017 

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During Week 1, pressure on banks is seen in the world chart, ( Pluto square Jupiter ), yet August 3rd continues the terrific current era for innovations and humanitarianism ( Uranus station retrograde in a grand trine to the Moon and Node ), with possibly a key scientific discovery on the 7th ( Lunar Eclipse in Aquarius trine Jupiter ). Mid-month offers brilliant options ( Sun in grand fire trine to Mars/Node, Saturn, and Uranus ). However, confusion and gullibility prevail on the 13th ( Mercury station retrograde opposite Neptune ). Financial matters show excess on the 17th ( Venus opposite Pluto, square Jupiter ). The 20th-21st is lively and can help the entertainment industries ( Mars sextile Jupiter; Solar Eclipse in Leo trine Uranus exact ). The 23rd-25th is helpful for long-term planning and the avoidance of rash actions ( Mars trine Saturn; Saturn station direct trine Mars, sextile Jupiter ).
  Our nation is in a prosperity cycle this year ( many progressed sextiles and trines ), even while undergoing a bewildering transformation of its laws and ideals ( Solar Arc Pluto conjunct U.S. progressed Neptune in H9 ), experiencing luck with allies and thus beneficial deals ( Solar Arc Jupiter conjunct U.S. progressed Descendant ), and idealistically approaching matters such as tax and healthcare reform ( Neptune trine U.S. Sun )... all despite its continuous media wars ( Solar Arc Mars conjunct U.S. progressed Mercury in H3 ). There is turbulence yet windfalls as new efforts are tackled, especially on August 3rd ( Uranus station retrograde conjunct U.S. progressed Venus, square Pluto ), and there is positive assistance from military partners ( Solar Arc Mars trine U.S. Mars in H7 ). Despite ongoing explosive anger, since June there has been deep and positive emotional change in the population ( Pluto square U.S. progressed Mars in H10, semi-sextile U.S. progressed Moon ). The second half of August indicates bold and assertive actions ( progressed U.S. Moon sextile U.S. progressed Mars ). Several dates stand out for military gains, strong actions, confidence, energy and increase of information: August 9th-14th, August 21st-26th, and August 27th-31st ( Jupiter conjunct U.S. progressed Mars, trine U.S. progressed Mercury/Solar Arc Mars, and trine U.S. Mars ). However, from the 25th-31st, there is much frustration as legislation is blocked or stalled ( Saturn station direct t-square Mars exact in H7 and Neptune in H9 ), and the nation remains confused about religion, values and ideals - a drama that is played out in the courts, Congress, and the media ( Neptune from U.S. H9 conjunct U.S. progressed Sun in H3 ).
President Donald J. Trump is in for a big month! He has passed a low point ( his progressed Moon past conjunction to Saturn ), is dealing with control issues and financial manipulations ( Pluto square his Jupiter ), and finds Week 1 exciting and fortunate ( Jupiter conjunct his Jupiter/progressed Venus, trine his Uranus ). On the 3rd, he feels liberated and able to act inventively regarding legal matters ( Uranus station retrograde trine his Ascendant/Mars, near the conjunction to his progressed Descendant ). His chance to act falls between the 4th-5th ( Mars sextile his progressed Mars ) but he will be quite angry around the 6th-7th ( Mars conjunct his Pluto ). He can tweet a lot on the 9th ( Mars conjunct his progressed Mercury ). He gains much support during Weeks 2 and 3 ( Jupiter trine his Node ), and is bold and impatient on the 16th-17th ( Mars sextile his Jupiter, sextile his Uranus ). The 21st indicates a major start which could be behind-the-scenes ( Solar Eclipse conjunct his Ascendant/Mars in H12 ). Week 4 looks happy ( Jupiter sextile his Moon ), but there is still blockage and frustration from the 25th lasting until October 12th ( Saturn station direct conjunct his Moon exact/South Node, opposite his progressed Uranus exact/Sun ).
Elizabeth Warren ( 6/27/49, Oklahoma City, OK ) has been in a fantasy since June ( Jupiter conjunct her Neptune ). She encounters financial obstacles through January 2018 ( Pluto opposite her Venus ), and will find herself severely restricted in late December 2017 ( Saturn opposite her Sun/Uranus ).
Obamacare undergoes revision especially in late September through early October ( Pluto sextile its progressed Jupiter, conjunct its Node, and sextile its progressed Midheaven ), with funding allocated in early August ( Uranus station retrograde conjunct its progressed Venus, sextile its Neptune ), and budgeting applied in late August ( Saturn station direct trine its Venus ). But its future remains uncertain through January 2018 ( Neptune conjunct its Midheaven ), and is seen as a worse disaster by February ( Saturn triggering its Grand Cardinal Cross, conjunct its Pluto, opposite its Moon, square its Sun, and square its Saturn ).
 Debbie Wasserman-Schultz (9/27/66, time unknown, Forest Hills, NY) finds herself blocked, unliked, and held to account through early November (Saturn t-square her Venus, Chiron/Saturn). She may well be "thrown under a bus" by former colleagues (her Moon in Pisces; her Neptune conjunct South Node in Scorpio).
(c) 2017 by Judi Thomases




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Did you know that you can try to conceive at a propitious time that potentially will bring a child into your life who will most likely be compatible with you and your partner's sign? Did you know that you can in this way, God willing, design the relationships of your closest ties rather than allowing everything to be random and rather accidental?
There are cultures (I know of some Asian ones) that prefer not to have a child in certain years but to aim for other years where a prosperous fate for that individual is more likely to be the outcome... or, at least, that is what the belief system is.
For us in Western society, using the system of astrology known as Western Astrology, if made aware and given the assistance, the parents can determine a good month, i.e., zodiac sign, that would be more compatible with themselves rather than inherently incompatible. Some of the common markers would be as follows:
Earth signs play with water signs, making mud. Water signs and air signs effervesce. Earth signs put a damper on fire signs' energy.  Fire signs and air signs kindle. Air signs sweep earth signs off balance. Water signs put out the enthusiasm of fire signs.
The mystery of astrology means that the milestones ahead in an infant's life can be determined once the exact date and time of birth have been revealed.  These are written in broad strokes; free will is operative but certain karmic hurdles must be encountered and can be seen in the birth horoscope.
As with everything else regarding astrology's mystery, this means being able to tell if a relationship at work or at home will be supportive or distancing. Astrology also gives the knowledge of how to react to people's behavior - in other words, how to make right choices in certain situations, and thus gain mastery within yourself over situations that can be aggravating, challenging, and perhaps even peculiar.  Knowing a person's sign, how they are likely to react, whether your viewpoint is similar or quite opposed by the nature of the zodiac symbols, means that you can learn patience, have insight, stoke the flames or calm the waters. Your reactions can be aided by knowledge of their patterns, and thus you can transcend the immediate drama and elevate yourself to a better place by recognizing and doing some mental work that filters down into emotional reaction.
Astrology is a map. It tells of weaknesses and frustrations, gifts and talents as well as necessary suffering as the consequences of past life behaviors; it shows where potential is, and then it maps the best avenue to follow when at a crossroads. The crossroads involve choice. There is nothing better than astrology to determine the nature of the choice and often the wisest direction.
So, yes, you can design your family using astrology, but you can also handle your family and other relationships better by learning and utilizing astrology.

For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2017 by Judi Thomases

MOVIE REVIEW: " Wonder Woman " - by DC Studios

DC Comics has produced a superhero fantasy-science fiction film that is getting pretty good reviews for its genre and holding its own with good staying power in the box office better than its previous offerings.
From a metaphysical point of view, I found myself responding to the larger, more hidden theme of the powerful female - i.e., the demigoddess Diana, Princess of the Amazons, trained as a warrior from childhood - being the last effort by Zeus to create a nemesis for Ares, the God of War. Diana, therefore, before she becomes Wonder Woman, is the dying god's gift to his creation of a superheroine who can ultimately defeat that which perpetuates hatred and war.
The movie's tone maintains a somewhat campy flavor as befits a comic book superhero. With her forehead tiara, weaponized bangle bracelets, deadly whip, shield, and of course her perfected martial training, Wonder Woman finds herself thrust into the First World War and its battlefield horrors and civilian casualties. Israeli model, soldier, and actress Gal Gadot does a great job of embodying this role as she plays off Chris Pine in his role of American spy par excellence. Together, with a good supporting cast of sidekicks and villains, Wonder Woman reveals her powers and saves the day by defeating two Nazi bad guys - an evil general and a malevolent female scientist - as well as the false politician (who is really Ares).
I'm quite bored with movies about Nazis. However, this was the era in which Wonder Woman arose. Because of the needs of global distribution of movies, her costume has been toned down from patriotic Americanism to a rather less red-white-and-blue-stars-and-stripes look but there is still enough maintained to stay true to her origins.
Interestingly, while the movie was entertaining and satisfying, what I took from it was inspiration to utilize the goddess concept within a group of women in order to feel and not just think about the embodiment of the Divine Feminine. In an effort that was both mystical yet fun, we garbed ourselves with scarves, forehead jewelry and bangles, and took turns in front of a full-length mirror sequentially to see ourselves as the variety of expression of the Divine Feminine, to bless or heal ourselves and others, and finally to feel a taste of our own deep inherent power, the power all woman embody, and the power of Yin that is rising now in the world.
It's fitting that a movie about a noble, beautiful, and very empowered goddess - an Amazon! - who destroys Ares, the god of war, should play in movie theaters on the world stage in this turbulent era. For this reason, the movie (which I'd otherwise rate as 3-star) is hereby given 5 stars IMHO for its timeliness and metaphysical message.
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cvr design
Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - August '17

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases    
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages 
We are the ones who will save the world. We are the ones because we are co-creators. Every incident, every battlefield, every invention, every new piece of knowledge occurs via the mind of an individual which can then be spread to a group of individuals as it comes into being. This is always true for there is no other avenue that creation can plod forth along than the mind of a human.
Nature can evolve and experiment, so to speak, with a variety of lifeforms, some of which don't last, and others of which are quite successful. But nature's process of evolution, while spectacular and, we can say, miraculous, is not the same as the creations of a human mind.
The human mind plucks ideas from here and there, combines them with both material, i.e., tangible, substances, and also with theoretical or imaginative constructs, and comes up with something new in the universe time and again. The mind, then, is an apparatus or an engine designed to bring forth everything that is new, untried, or revisited, and thus human evolution as well as its creative by-products are different from natural evolution.
Stop a moment to think about a different planet than Earth. This planet may or may not be in Earth's solar system, may or may not be hospitable to life, however small or large, but is distinctive by virtue of having no sentient lifeforms as yet. And now think about its process of evolving. This would be pure nature. Gasses would form rocks; rocks would crumble or accrete to form sand or continents; some form of atmosphere might be present depending upon gaseous extrusions and the degree of gravity. But over millennia, all that would occur would be the processes of nature, which is not co-creation.
Now, introduce on that foreign orb lifeforms that gradually become sentient. Tool-making at first, and ultimately advanced physics and mathematics ensue, and in between, the rocks, sand and earth are utilized by this race and re-envisioned, reworked, and become reborn as concepts, arts, sciences, and myriad other co-creations.
Thus, we are the co-creators of our current reality. When we realize this, and learn how better to master the procedure, the world itself will begin the long process of improvement and heavenly results.

© 2017 by Judi Thomases

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