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For quite a long time, the new and increasing change in the planetary energy has been enhancing the power of the Feminine. This cosmic trend is called Yin Rising (as opposed to Yang, the male energy, which is, in the New Age, the Age of Aquarius, diminishing). Among several obvious manifestations of this cosmic shift, we see that the career woman has stepped into a major role in developed countries, the movie heroine is no longer the "damsel in distress" but often a superhero (or at least a tough chick who kicks butt), and in patriarchal countries, such as in the Mideast, there is some inkling of this shift seen in which a sub-group of women are even being allowed to drive. Wow!
Here in our country, we're seeing the manifestation of Yin Rising in the form of accusations against sexual predators and their fall from power into disgrace. (It remains to be seen if they will face legal punishment, but at least their despicable covert behavior is being trumpeted.) The outing of abusive male power is a function of the New Age, a period lasting 2100 years during which, in true Aquarian meaning, neither sex will control or dominate the other but will harken to a time when men and women share power, refuse to take a subordinate role, and pave the way for true brotherhood. The trend is also, as we know, tarnishing males who abuse children or youngsters of both sexes who might be the victims of homosexuals. The point is for society no longer to support any abuse of power, primarily, it seems, by males who abuse weaker people.
I had a personal run-in recently with, of all things, feminists, over this new value system. Why? Because I challenged some of them on a Facebook page who wanted only to smear Trump while shielding predators such as Harvey Weinstein, Bill Clinton, and Al Franken. The rationale seemed to be that, for spiritual women, only a certain political group were fair game for their outrage while those who shared their cherished ideology should be protected. This is egregious hypocrisy! It is also a strange mindset that I have encountered before, that seems to believe that a conservative female cannot also be spiritual. I was actually invited to leave their page and neither contribute nor presumably even to linger there!
Ladies (and gents), when you seek to change society's values by speaking up for morality, you are standing for a principle, and should be respected for your passion and not told, as I was, to "go play with my own friends".
I will not stop championing what is morally right, nor blasting what is sleazy. I have a strong moral compass, and I will choose to be a feminist warrior in that direction. And guess what, my liberal lady friends? I can do that yet still be a spiritual human being!
That's my rant for the month. Thank you.
Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 
P.S. Check out my latest article, "Neptune & America's Identity Crisis" in the October issue of Dell Horoscope magazine, on newsstands now.

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RECENT ARTICLE IN DELL HOROSCOPE - October 2017 : "Neptune and America's Identity Crisis" The astrology behind our confusing era of "fake news", boundary issues, and general political muddle, concluding with some upbeat remarks about an encouraging change in the upcoming energy patterns.

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FEDERAL COURT SIDES WITH TRUMP ADMINISTRATION -, 11/29/17 (Prediction: "The 29th gives [Trump] victory." - Spirit's Words, Nov. 29 2017)

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   Week 1 in the World horoscope is replete with compassion and inspiration ( Neptune trine Jupiter ) but can also be foolhardy or gullible ( Full Moon square Neptune, quinqunx Jupiter ). The 2nd-3rd indicates strain and the chance of accidents or violence ( Uranus opposite Mars ) along with serious discussions and planning ( Mercury station retrograde conjunct Saturn ). Difficult obstacles are presented from the 18th ( New Moon conjunct Saturn ). The 21st (Winter Solstice) emphasizes karma ( Saturn enters Capricorn ) but can also be lively ( Venus trine Uranus ). The 23rd-26th brings a sober holiday season ( Venus conjunct Saturn ). The 27th-28th favors meditation and healing efforts ( Mars trine Neptune ).
All month, the U.S. is under upsetting news and/or impetuous decisions ( Uranus square its Mercury/progressed Node ). Week 1 indicates talks but not actions regarding allies or healthcare and employment issues ( Full Moon conjunct its Descendant from H6, square its progressed Sun ). The energy is tense and explosive ( Pluto square its progressed Mars ) and we are assertive ( Mars trine its Moon ) but patient ( Saturn sextile its Moon ). Weeks 2 and 3, despite hinderance ( Mars conjunct its progressed Saturn ), bring a high degree of success ( Jupiter trine its progressed Sun, trine its Sun ). The 18th-21st indicate a continuing identity crisis ( U.S. progressed Moon square its Neptune; New Moon square its progressed Neptune ), yet positive beginnings regarding women ( ... sextile its Moon ). Month's end is triumphant ( Mars trine its progressed Sun, trine its Sun )!
President Trump tries to figure out how to shift matters this month ( Neptune quinqunx his progressed Pluto ) and uses an unorthodox approach ( Uranus opposite his progressed Jupiter ). Week 1 brings abrupt changes and financial maneuvering ( Pluto quinqunx his Uranus, square his Jupiter ). He is pushy and bold ( Mars square his Venus, sextile his Mars ), communicates effectively, and reviews his plans ( Mercury station retrograde trine his Ascendant exact/progressed Sun ). By Week 2, forcefulness pays off ( Mars sextile his Ascendant/progressed Sun ), with mid-month bringing constructive results ( Saturn trine his Ascendant ), and allowing him to turn on the charm ( Venus conjunct his Moon; Mercury retrograde sextile his Jupiter/progressed Venus ). Yet, surprises still lurk ( ...Mercury opposite his Uranus ). Week 4 is positive for talks and decisions ( Mars trine his Mercury ), but he can also be quite angry ( Mars square his Pluto ).
Film star Kevin Spacey ( his name seemingly an astrological pun... Moon afflicted in a Grand Fixed Cross to Neptune, Sun, and Ascendant ) encounters blockages and intense pressure or mental strain by mid-month ( Saturn square his progressed Sun; Pluto quinqunx his Mercury ). By the end of the month, he must reevaluate his path because of many doors now closed ( Saturn return square his Node but trine his Pluto ).
(c) 2017 by Judi Thomases




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You may have come across admonitions lately to have "no ego", to be unattached and Zen, and to reach happiness by letting go of attachments, thereby reaching a state of pure or undistracted consciousness.
What is this desirable state of No Ego all about?
I was recently asked: "What is ego anyhow?" There is a modern use of this word to indicate someone who is full of themselves, boastful, or narcissistic. A big ego. That is a current use of that word. But its real meaning has less to do with self-puffery than with the simple definition of the personality, the identity of oneself, as opposed to what can be called the soul.
Ego is who we know ourselves as, and is derived from the Latin, meaning I or me.
Everyone has ego to begin with. As we grow up, we are taught what is mine and what is yours, or who I am vis-à-vis who you are. This is the basic meaning of Ego. But why would one get rid of the essential self and its identity... and why would that be desirable?
There is a Buddhist tale going around on Facebook in which a disciple asks the Master, "I want happiness. How do I achieve it?" And the Master says, "First, eliminate 'I', for that is the Self. Then, eliminate 'want', for that is desire. And what you are left with is 'happiness'." This parable explains Buddhist philosophy (which is not necessary to learn in order to not have Ego, but is merely useful in this context).
The "I" can present many problems. Most sentences begin with "I". "I am this or that." "I want this or that." "I am doing this or that." The person who is saying it can have a puffed-up sense of self, or a very diminished and insecure sense of self. And yet the Self is present in these sentence structures. It is possible to get yourself out of your own way by deliberately constructing your sentences to take the object of which you are speaking, and make that the subject of the sentence. Instead of "I want happiness", one can say "Happiness is desirable" or "Happiness is available." That is one way to get the Self out of the equation, to get "you" removed (temporarily) from the thought-construct. In practice one can also attempt to lessen the self's importance and thus walk through life with less need, less want, even with less effort and certainly less suffering when life is seen as flowing and not necessarily controlled by the Self nor having to serve the Self.
When the small identity is lessened and life is allowed to flow without the snag of continuously intersecting with the Self's needs, wants, fears and expectations, another aspect of the Self comes forward. It is the higher voice, the more conscious and aware perspective that can see the game your little Self is playing, and can see how entangled you often get, how sabotaging your needs and wants sometimes are, and in general how confused and lacking guidance you might be.
When the Higher Self comes through, this is not the same as you or me in daily life, with our given names. This is a more detached or removed and definitely wiser aspect of the Self, wishing to guide, help, support and ease your suffering. Therefore, it is greatly to be desired to get your small Self out of the way, put it gently aside, do not beat yourself up but simply switch gears, prioritize a less self-aggrandizing behavior pattern, and learn to develop the lovelier and more helpful consciousness that already exists in you.
This, then, is the benefit of having No Ego.

For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2017 by Judi Thomases

BOOK REVIEW: "The Secret Teachers of the Western World" - by Gary Lachman (Tarcher/Penguin, 2015)
An ambitious project, the author covers the entire spread of mystery teachings from ancient times - ancient Greece, ancient Egypt, up to contemporary teachers and institutions such as Aleister Crowley, Esalen, Theosophy, Jung, and even newer endeavors and teachers, to describe the whole panoply of philosophy, beliefs, evolutionary progress, and key individuals along that path. This array is restricted primarily to what we understand as Western Civilization as opposed to the separate but equally important path of teachers, concepts, and development that we call Eastern Philosophy.
Referencing certain progressive thinkers with unique approaches as further steps along particular paths gives the reader a sense of the inherent connectedness and progress that the human race is undergoing from its historical beginnings. Mentioning just about every name - some very familiar, some hidden and esoteric - gives one the sense that things unfold in a hidden order.  
Lachman introduces his book with the chapter title "Rejected Knowledge", making a strong point about the earlier acceptance of the right-brain intuitive and imaginal realities with their insights and messages that, along the way, were rejected in favor of the left brain's mechanistic and analytical views of reality and truth. Reference is frequently made to ancient wisdom, also called The Perennial Philosophy, and often referred to as mysticism.
Touching upon Western religions, secret societies, historical periods where there was a rebirth or new blossoming of interest in this secret or hidden viewpoint of life, its teachers and teachings, he brings us up to the present in which he makes some connections to modern technology and the development of a new notion of reality.
Especially helpful is the timeline that presents well-known names in this field regarding who were the precursors, the disciples, or the branching thoughts, and who taught or influenced whom along the way. For example, I never knew that Ouspensky was the disciple of Gurdjieff. I also never heard about a key moment in philosophical development when one intrepid soul, the poet Petrarch, thought to climb a mountain and begin to see the vastness of potential, both physical and spiritual, that could henceforth be accessed. Sometimes the role of teacher of secrets was played by artists. Dante is mentioned, as is Dostoyevsky. The entire history of Theosophy from Blavatsky to Bailey, is made clear in terms of origin, continuation and branching.
I was disappointed that very little mention was made of Dion Fortune whom I thought was an important figure - teacher and practitioner - of esoteric wisdom. But many others were also given mere mention in a book that covers this large span, using 464 pages to do so, with an additional 22 pages of footnotes, also full of interesting tidbits.
I came away from this work impressed by the author's wide and well-read research, as well as his ability to organize the progression in terms that made much sense. Chapters include "The Secret Gnosis", "An Esoteric Renaissance", "The Esoteric Underworld", and insights into both Paganism and The New Age. Plato's concept of archetypes is present throughout the whole, returning again and again with different approaches. Judaism and Christianity are put into perspective along with mentions of Sufiism, alchemy, psychic societies, Freemasonry, the human potential movement, and more.
This is an important and well-written book for anyone who is interested in the broad outline of the evolution of Western spiritual consciousness and the primacy of intuition. Highly recommended.
Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - December '17

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases    
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages 
      As to the Season of Joy, there are some who would doubt or contradict this designation. The season nowadays often brings more stress than joy, more loneliness than camaraderie, and more sense of lack than appreciation for abundance and prosperity. And so, we have a situation where we have designed a holy-day, a ritual event, what was once a sacrament, and have changed it into the opposite of what we wish it to represent.
     In fact, this change can still be altered in order to return to its original meaning, but must be done consciously. The materialism of which it now consists can and perhaps should be diminished so that gift-giving is not an obligation nor must it be costly. The obligatory gifts can be reduced to tokens, or perhaps even foodstuffs or handmade items representing love and caring rather than objects. This shift would negatively impact the economy, and stores and other entities that rely upon the holiday boost would suffer and therefore object to this change of heart. But the populace would feel happier, less pressured, more at peace, and begin to remember the genuine purpose of the holy day. Perhaps this changeover can be gradual rather than abrupt so that the economy can adapt.
     Conscious giving and receiving comes from and goes to the heart. It is a form of love and an action of gratitude. Once such a shift takes place, the heart and the soul can come back to the forefront rather than that which now dominates - the reason and the wallet. We are all and always in favor of such a shift.
     This message, then, represents our gift to all for the holiday season. A kind of remembrance of the genuine and actual purpose that is contained in these sacred days.
     Be well, be loving, be generous of the heart, and by all means, enjoy these special days.
© 2017 by Judi Thomases

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