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There's no doubt about it that the month we just lived through was very intense! Certainly, there was a lot of fallout regarding the presidential election and inauguration - which, by the way, I had predicted correctly (to many people's surprise). I saw Trump's win from way back, and all the hoopla surrounding and following it. So, does this mean that all is destined?? The issue of fate versus free-will always surrounds such a forecast.
Then we had a Women's March following the Inauguration, also foreseen, as Trump's Mars is opposite the nation's Moon. He would certainly be a flashpoint for anger in certain disgruntled women. I have a young friend in her Twenties who wrestled with the idea of going to the Women's March. Her own intuition was telling her not to because it might have been dangerous, but the lure of the historic nature of it and the vastness of its scope were too much, and she overcame her intuitive resistance, and eventually went. Hopefully, she had an inspiring experience from it, but she may also live to question it down the road in retrospect, as we often do once greater age and wisdom kick in, and we review our choices.
Speaking of choices, last month also offered me the chance to work at the Mind Body Spirit Festival at Cecil College in Elkton, Maryland - the seventh year I have offered my services there. While at my table, I was interviewed for the Cecil Whig newspaper. It was a good event, and I'm always happy to connect with those whom I'm able to really help. Plus, I got a kick out of finding out that some attendees were already subscribers to this newsletter and came up and asked me how I was doing after my hip surgery (since they knew my personal history from these emails that you're reading now).
Lastly, I held another Meta Meet gathering, the eighth one, attended by a rotating group of 12 (mostly women) which seems to be expanding in number...a good sign. We're working from my book, The Wisdom Keys, and learning to evolve through ideas, discussions, and experiential work, such as attempting astral projection or meaningful guided meditations. The main point is that we need to create direct personal experience of the spiritual realm - what some might call the Divine - in our lives on a regular basis to lift ourselves from the dense low frequencies of our material world (as witness the passionate emotions and even toxic behaviors we have been plunged into), and rediscover an ability to meet the Divine on our terms and in ways that we can be taught, and share and learn how to do.
Altogether, January was quite a powerful month, and I'm looking forward to the shift that February is promising.
Signing off until next time .
Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 
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"THE VIEW AHEAD - DELL HOROSCOPE YEARBOOK 2017"What does the New Year hold?  What energy patterns are shown in the Inauguration Chart, and in the nation's progressed horoscope? 


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"Humans would never have been able to become freely creative, brave or loving if they had not been able to make mistakes, to see things as other than they are, and to believe things to be other than they are."

- Mark Booth, The Secret History of the World

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WHITE HOUSE URGES MEDIA TO BACK OFF ITS 'NEGATIVE NARRATIVE'. First press briefing suggests new protocol. - USA Today, 1/24/17
(Prediction : "There is a shift regarding communications and the media." - Spirit's Words, Jan. 2017)

ELECTION GIVES RISE TO TWO AMERICAS - USA TODAY, 1/23/17 (Prediction: " a civil war without weapons." - Karmic Waves, The Destiny Of The United States...And You!, Dell Horoscope magazine, May 2006)

The Clinton Foundation Shuts Down Clinton Global Initiative - The Observer, 1/15/17 ( Prediction: "Hillary   maneuvers her financial deals all month , perhaps involving the Clinton Foundation ." - Spirit's Words, Dec 2016 )

Prediction: "Obamacare has one of the worst horoscopes imaginable!  ...In its current form, it can't be funded or sustained, and would lack resources." - Spirit's Words, May 2012

Prediction: "President Donald J. Trump must make many adjustments all month. Obstacles are encountered during Week 2." - Spirit's Words, Jan. '17)

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In the world chart, February opens with tension and upsetting news ( Mercury square Uranus ), then segues to much talking and discussing between the 3rd - 6th ( Mercury square Jupiter ), ending on the 6th on a good note for economic matters ( Jupiter station retrograde sextile Saturn ). Week Two indicates excellent opportunities for inventions ( Sun sextile Uranus ), a turn for the better ( Lunar Eclipse in a grand fire trine to Uranus and Saturn, and sextile Jupiter ), and successful results ( Sun trine Jupiter ), wrapping up with patience and maturity ( Sun sextile Saturn ). Week 3 offers exciting news, helpful plans, and sensible decisions ( Mercury sextile Uranus, trine Jupiter, sextile Saturn ), but Week 4 is fraught with rage and possible explosives or accidents ( Mars square Pluto, conjunct Uranus ). The last days of the month indicate unorthodox actions ( Jupiter opposite Uranus ).
For our nation, February brings innovation regarding partnerships and alliances, and benefit to the job market and tech fields ( Uranus sextile U.S. Mars in H7 ), but there is also tension, explosive anger, and the possibility of violence afoot ( Pluto square U.S. progressed Mars ). The whole month is filled with unrealistic hopes ( Jupiter quinqunx U.S. Neptune ), and peaking on the 21st a psychological struggle that brings much learning ( U.S. progressed Sun square U.S. Ascendant ). Despite much domestic friction, real estate could get a boost this month ( Mars in U.S. H4 ), with home prices climbing ( Venus in U.S. H4 ). On the 11th, a matter involving the courts - perhaps a Supreme Court nominee - could be concluded ( Lunar Eclipse in U.S. H9 ). The 26th begins a new approach to the media and/or the automotive industry ( Solar Eclipse in H3 ).
President Donald J. Trump experiences unpopularity and enmity which is tough on his family this month ( his progressed Moon square his progressed Ascendant ), finds it difficult to express his feelings ( Neptune quinqunx his Pluto ), and seeks greater freedom ( Uranus trine his Moon ), but encounters a wonderful chance regarding financial matters and females, especially around the 5th ( Jupiter station retrograde conjunct his progressed Jupiter exact in Libra ). He puts much effort into the economy, especially as regards insurance, e.g., transforming healthcare ( Mars in his H8 ). By mid-month, there is a cooling down ( Saturn quinqunx his Venus ). The last half of the month indicates reduced impulsiveness with cautious long-term plans ( Saturn trine his Mars ). The month ends with big and exciting changes ( Uranus trine his Sun ).
Since January and continuing through early February, Obamacare (The Affordable Care Act), is undergoing a powerful transformation ( Pluto conjunct its Node ). The whole month brings many plans, much discussion ( Jupiter station retrograde opposite its progressed Mercury ), but also uncertainty and lack of clarity ( Neptune conjunct its Midheaven ). Efforts, arguments, and some solutions are shown ( Mars conjunct its Sun, Mercury, progressed Sun, and Venus in H10 ).

(c) 2017 by Judi Thomases




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Recently, I watched an HBO tribute documentary on the lives of Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds, called "Bright Lights", published on January 3rd. Carrie Fisher died on December 27th, Debbie Reynolds passed a day later, on December 28th.
Carrie Fisher and her mother Debbie Reynolds had a challenging and sometimes difficult relationship during the years that Debbie's first husband, Eddie Fisher, abandoned her for Elizabeth Taylor when Carrie and her brother were young, with the difficulties continuing during Carrie's admitted drug use, bi-polar disease, tumultuous relationships, and failed marriages but towards the end the two women lived in a "compound" with houses next to each other, were in each other's lives daily, and Debbie Reynolds - who continued to perform into her old age - relied completely on her daughter whose show business career, although not as stellar as her mother's, also continued through the completion of filming of her role in the new Star Wars episodes.
The nature of a karmic tie is when two souls, fully entangled with each other over lifetimes of connection through blood or marriage, must incarnate together once more to play out their problems, differences, even enmity in order to reach the resolution of true love and deep heart connection. The feature of a karmic tie is that, once chosen and in the incarnation, the tie cannot really be severed even if there is physical separation, and if it is not resolved in this lifetime it leaves threads that must be resolved in the next... or the next after that. Karmic ties can even exist between enemies (think of Walter White and Jesse Pinkman in the hit show "Breaking Bad").
There are other types of ties between souls. The soul tie occurs when two souls from the same soul group ("cluster") incarnate and meet up with one another. The outstanding feature with this type of tie is the sense of familiarity and close bond. These individuals help each other, bring friendship, assist each other during difficult times, and usually feel instantly beloved by the other. The soul tie may enter and stay in one's life for relatively brief times when the need is important whereas the karmic tie often extends throughout the life. I've met many soul ties during my life, have known them instantly, felt completely comfortable, and that feeling is mutual and recognized.
There is yet another type of soul tie called the soul agreement. This is like a contract that is undertaken before incarnation, and its chief feature is free choice during the lifetime. The contract may exist in order to accomplish a task, help during an episode, bring people together, cause one to relocate or collaborate, or for any reason whatsoever, but because it implies free will, and because contracts can and often are broken, the other party can decide not to complete the arrangement, or may even take ill or die prematurely and thus sever the agreement. Sometimes this accrues karma, sometimes it's just the way things play out, no harm done.
Carrie Fisher and Debbie Reynolds illustrated the best that can be achieved within a karmic tie. Deep connection, true love, and an eternal bond. And when they left earthly life within a day of each other, it was a tribute to the completion of the karmic task. It was also a wonderful example to all of us as to the nature, the beauty, of the resolved karma between two souls.

For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2017 by Judi Thomases

BOOK REVIEW: "The Secret History of the World", by Mark Booth (Overlook, 2010)
In this book, the author presents his extensive and well-organized history of the occult arts as they pertain to the development of human consciousness. His overview begins with the earliest records of symbolism, stories, practices, and concepts. Called the Mysteries, having been recorded from earliest human history, they flow through many areas of the globe, many cultures, religions and traditions, into contemporary times. The book is well illustrated with images from Egyptian, Babylonian, Greco-Roman, Biblical, and more recent artistic plates to emphasize the general concepts. His Reference Bibliography is extremely broad.
Scholarly but easy-to-read, this material is revelatory in that it makes the essential point that mind or ideas came first and "precipitated all matter", and that the story of humanity is one of the development of thought and free will gradually taking shape within this evolving consciousness that has continuously changed along with the substance it inhabits (i.e., the human body and the individual intention).
To the author, the secret societies that hold this hidden knowledge - these mysteries - know that early man derived from the vegetable and animal kingdom, that even the skeletal structure or bony material was at first less dense and waxier, and that the higher realms from which all matter emanated as thoughtforms were at first able to inhabit these early forms of humanity but gradually as more and more density successfully took hold, humans lost many abilities. The measured losses included instinctive herbal knowledge and the sense that the gods continuously populated their world. The author avers that humanity deliberately sacrificed this contact with the divine in order to develop the rational mind, the enjoyment of earthly pleasures, the ability to love romantically, and finally the chance to exercise free will and free choice, so as to develop totally an independent, materialistic, and individualized thought process. This change in consciousness, referencing "the age of materialism," was designed to occur in order that the human species eventually evolve sufficient intelligence to decode the deep messages of the cosmos.
The author links this fall from spiritual substance into full materiality to the biblical story of Lucifer, and shows that this was all required in order to form the capacity to think freely.
Along the way, in telling this story in a remarkable 578 pages chock full of deep insight and a kind of connect-the-dots to all world religious traditions and attainments, he keeps in mind the general theme that human thought and free will was required to be developed so that we regain the understanding of the importance of direct personal experience of the divine, learn to cooperate once more with the spiritual realm, and realize that ideas are more important than objects because they are the formative material. He propounds that the role of imagination is the key to understanding the entire hidden history of the secret plan for mankind.
Even, he shows us, when the times turned dark, the objective goal was lost, and the spiritual connection was weakened, there were always individuals who cropped up to further the knowledge - such as Meister Eckhart or Paracelsus, or more recently Rudolph Steiner - and secret societies that were founded so as to create initiates whose task would be to keep alive the flame of secret knowledge and the opportunity for some to become initiates of these mysteries.
I found this theme - that mind is preeminent over matter, that ideas come first, and that the role of imagination is of great importance - to be exciting, and in fact totally in line with what my spirit guides have been communicating from the beginning. The presentation, very erudite, expansive, and perfectly systematized, is a delight to read, and the points being made are very essential to put our current struggles into a broad concept. Our task, now that we are fully cynical, dense, and rational, often atheistic, and frequently saddened by a sense of isolation or disconnection, is to be the tonic and the beacon regarding a new striving to rekindle the direct personal experience of a spiritual nature.
Some of the book's chapters touch upon Alchemy, Freemasonry, the Sphinx, the Magi, the Gnostics, the Sun God, the Rosicrucians, and many more occult (hidden) topics. Not only would I highly recommend this book - a New York Times Bestseller - but I would highly encourage all spiritual and metaphysical people to run, not walk, to your nearest bookseller to get your own copy. Five stars.

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - January '17

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases    
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages 


We would like to address the arrangement between the individual and the governing figure or body as it has been in place, structured, and accepted for millennia.
This era - what we might say, as "passage" - represents a changing period regarding this age-old way of structuring society. In the past, people (the group) were held under a figure functioning as overlord, tyrant, dictator, or warlord (as remains still in places on the globe), and such a figure, although occasionally benign, was mostly accepted as the holder of military or governmental power.
A change took place fairly recently (on an evolutionary time-scale) in which monarchs were replaced or beholden to constitutional government, and tyrants and dictators (whether their name be Emperor or Pharaoh) were overthrown and replaced by presidents, leaders of parliaments, and other wise figureheads expected to (at least in theory) acquiesce to laws of the land or will of the people.
Now there is a moment of further transformation. The head of government must now express the people's will, for the people have come into a non-military type of power which involves access to information and the freedom to circumvent both authority figures and representations of them. This becomes a dangerous time, for with no strong authoritarian type of government the will of the people is both one of passionate clash and one in which all forms of expression can take hold - everything from anarchy to separate and differing notions of reality. Thus, it is a turbulent time, a threshold for improvement from the standpoint of the individual but also the opportunity for revolution, destruction and chaos.
The transference of rule from the One to the Many is the name of the game, but it is not done in an instant or even in a term of administration. It is an evolving process. Thus, the strange and unique circumstances of the national drama, which is also taking place in different ways in different areas, countries, and nations around the globe.
Your task, then, is to understand this shift and work to keep it level and good rather than choppy and destructive. You do that by aligning your thoughts and emotions with the greater good and not with lower needs and desires. These are not only "interesting times" but dangerous ones, and you are here because you have chosen to be.
Bon chance!

© 2017 by Judi Thomases

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