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As can be seen by the new feature below, "Letters to the Editor", my previous rants about being metaphysical, female, and conservative have certainly hit a nerve, with several respondents valuing the message that not all spiritual women must be liberal... which may come as a major surprise to many progressive, feminine minds!
Actually, conservatism, now that Saturn has moved into its own sign of Capricorn, along with four additional planets there, is bringing us a period of traditionalism and the appreciation for deep-rooted institutions. In many ways, our society has gone off the rails, being uber-liberal, anything-goes, with a concomitant decline of morality and ethics. It's not surprising that with the barrage of sleazy sexual predation, fake news, the glamorization of base tastes and gangsterism, and for heaven's sake, even the removal of cursive penmanship in school, we are feeling rather untethered, and may need the lessons of Saturn in Capricorn right now.
Saturn in Capricorn will bring tests, responsibilities, and will require limitations. If you don't have those things, life becomes very messy, unstructured, and worrisome. Saturn is called The Lord of Karma, and many people will find this upcoming era challenging if facing their karmic tests.
I'm a Capricorn. So is my husband, and a lot of people in my family have important planets or angles in that sign, so I expect it to be a testing period. And it's already showing signs of doing so. If you have Saturn going over your Sun - in other words, if you were born from December 21 st until December 31 st, now's the time to take stock, to accept more responsibilities or burdens, and to do it with patience, wisdom, and if possible, with a smile.
I have to walk my talk in order to be authentic. I can't just preach to people who perhaps are being affected, that they should be calm, wise, and responsible if I don't handle my own challenges in this fashion. Therefore, I'll endeavor to do so.
Please feel free to express your opinions, or give me feedback, by email in response to this newsletter. I will appreciate your participation.
Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 
P.S. Check out my latest article, "Neptune & America's Identity Crisis" in the October issue of Dell Horoscope magazine, archived here.

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New Feature ~ Letters to the Editor
Your feedback is welcome

Oh my Judy!  I truly enjoyed your "rant of the month"!  Thank you, thank you, thank you for speaking on behalf of the conservative woman!  I find it a lonely place in the spiritual/metaphysical circles.  So many women are tilting way too far to the other end of the spectrum with their views and opinions, that an unbalancing occurs, not peace and harmony.  They talk a good talk but like you experienced, you didn't fit their tribal agenda so you were kicked out!  Perhaps the feminist pendulum will swing too far to the left but as I can see from your article, there are others like me that see the imbalance.  Perhaps from your article, you'll start a movement, a movement to the center, not overly masculine, not overly feminine, but a zero point of true peace, equality, respect and honor.

 On a side note, this exactly why we have an unbalanced society when it comes to race and religion as well.  People lash out for their recognition and honor as a race or religion but so often they don't try to build the bridge.  They cause more division.  They act as empowered people, but their actions are those of victimhood.  It's all simply complicated!

 And that's my two cents for the month!  LOL

Diane Judd, by email

Dear Judi
Thank you so much for being who you are and writing about ["standing for a principle"].
I'm so glad to hear you are experiencing this "phenomena" as well.  I'm not sure if it is due to "our" generational influences, do unto others, or the strong moral compass embedded in our morality.  However, many later generations are lacking these qualities and unfortunately project those distorted views onto everyone who disagrees, or offers an intelligent view or sees the big picture.  There is a very large corrupt view, criminal element and entitled people out there.  There is a war between Spiritual beings and the New Order of social "values".  It feels like we are living in Medieval times.

Blessings, Peace, Love, Matriarchy...



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  RECENT ARTICLE IN DELL HOROSCOPE - October 2017: "Neptune and America's Identity Crisis" The astrology behind our confusing era of "fake news", boundary issues, and general political muddle, concluding with some upbeat remarks about an encouraging change in the upcoming energy patterns.

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SENATE PASSES TAX REFORM BILL - all news outlets, 12/19/17 (
Prediction: "In general, it looks as though we are primed for great changes in the new administration... There may even be deep changes in the taxation system." --
"The View Ahead for 2017 & Beyond," Dell Horoscope, Jan. 2017)
FEDERAL COURT SIDES WITH TRUMP ADMINISTRATION -, 11/29/17 (Prediction: "The 29th gives [Trump] victory." - Spirit's Words, Nov. 29 2017)

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World patterns indicate idealism and ardor as well as confidence in Week 1 ( Full Moon trine Neptune; Venus sextile Neptune; Mars conjunct Jupiter ). Innovation is "on the move" as well ( Uranus station direct in Aries ). Week 2 shows economic strength and feisty militarism ( Venus conjunct Pluto, sextile Mars; Mars sextile Pluto ). Large-scale endeavors and a healthy investment climate are apparent by mid-month ( Pluto sextile Jupiter ), with a marked trend toward conservativism and caution ( Sun, Mercury, Venus, Saturn and Pluto in Capricorn ). Confusion is strong but amenable to adjustment by the 31st ( Lunar Eclipse quinqunx Neptune ).
Since December, the U.S. continues to be in a particularly strong pattern of confused identity, which is powerfully seen this month ( progressed U.S. Moon square U.S. Neptune; transiting Neptune square U.S. Ascendant ), that will flourish in February ( transiting Neptune will conjunct U.S. Sun ), and prevail through the duration of this administration (2020). An article I wrote for Dell Horoscope magazine, "Neptune & America's Identity Crisis", addresses this more fully (Click Here to read). The pattern is so obvious that I'm astonished that there are still astrologers out there who doubt the accuracy of the Sibley horoscope!  Furthermore, kicking off from Day 2, the nation is racked by misunderstandings, tension, and upsetting news ( Uranus station direct square U.S. Mercury exact ). Week 1 brings a completion to tax reform ( Full Moon conjunct U.S. Sun in H8 ), which can be celebratory to many ( Venus opposite U.S. Sun ) but problematic to some business interests ( Saturn square U.S. Midheaven ). By Week 3, a noticeable pall is seen ( Saturn in H1 opposite U.S. Venus in H7 ), despite helpful arguments and a new start for continued economic reform on the 17th ( Mars trine U.S. Mercury; New Moon in Capricorn conjunct U.S. Pluto in H2 ).
Week 1 finds President Trump handling tasks and long-term plans well, with plenty of communications and domestic matters occupying his time ( Saturn trine his progressed Sun; Mars through H3 and H4 ), but he can be impulsive and unorthodox on the 2nd ( Uranus station direct opposite his progressed Jupiter exact ). Week 2 affords him recognition of his hard work ( progressed Saturn conjunct his progressed Midheaven ). The 17th is a day for fun and celebration ( New Moon in H5 opposite Venus ). Week 3 brings him energy, boldness, and positive emotional transformation ( his progressed Moon sextile progressed Mars, conjunct Pluto ). There can be dramatic behind-the-scenes finality regarding power struggles on the 31st, possibly regarding the closure of the Mueller investigations ( Lunar Eclipse conjunct his Pluto in Leo H12 ).
Robert Mueller ( 8/7/44, NYC, time unknown but noon chart giving Sun/Pluto in Leo H10, with Libra Ascendant, is perfect for a prosecuting attorney ), shows a big ego with an Achilles Heel ( Saturn, Moon, Neptune t-square; Moon at 29 Pisces? ), possibly destining him to fail, especially between December '17 - February '18 ( transiting Saturn activating his t-square ). In general, he would do best to avoid the spotlight and stay home with his family ( Node in Cancer ). There will be upsetting news and confusion if he fools himself now ( transiting Neptune opposite his Mercury, square his Uranus ). He is Trump's nemesis ( his Saturn on Trump's Mercury ) but somehow also Trump's protector ( his Jupiter on Trump's progressed Sun ).
Ex-President Barack Obama may see unpopularity in Week 1 ( Saturn opposite his Venus ), karmic problems by mid-month ( New Moon conjunct his Saturn in H12 ), and closure of a life cycle by the 31st ( Lunar Eclipse conjunct his Sun in H6 ).
Ex-President Bill Clinton finds that karmic dues must be paid by late February 2018 ( Saturn square his Ascendant/Mars/Neptune ).
(c) 2018 by Judi Thomases




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From feedback regarding social attitudes that has demonstrated clashes of viewpoints between age groups, I thought it would be good to revisit the concept about which I've previously written:  tackling generational differences from an astrological point of view.
Millennials, also called Gen Y, would astrologically be in a philosophical conflict with their grandparents and even their parents.  In large measure, this is because of a phenomenon regarding the lengthy passage of the planet Pluto through different zodiac signs that encompass whole generations and reflect different sets of values.
Millennials are considered those born between 1978 and 1994.  Their current age range going into this new year would be between 24 and 40. They are known as a massive group of individuals, the most educated group in our history, 57% of whom are women and high earners. Their characteristics are being tech savvy, civic-minded, progressive and liberal. They are entrepreneurial conscious capitalists who identify as diverse and global. They are frugal, non-religious, and pragmatic idealists, known for being nomadic, adventurous and impatient. During these years, Pluto moved through the sign of Libra and into Scorpio. Libra is representative of marriage, beauty, harmony, diplomacy, and social interaction. Scorpio sees the dark side of life represented by terrorism, gangster idealization, strong sexuality, and huge wealth.
My article, written in May 2006, is posted on the web at The greatest clash for this generation would naturally be seen in those born with Pluto in Cancer and Leo, the two signs that are in hard aspect to the Millennials' Libra and Scorpio. This generation encompasses people born from 1925 into the mid-50s, and within this generation are included the Traditionalists, some of whom are called The Silent Generation during which children were to be seen and not heard while their parents coped with the Great Depression, the Dust Bowl, starvation, and world war.  In the current new year these people range in age from 73 to 93, and their values are those of family, tribe, tight-knit clan, and survival. Also within this group is contained the Baby Boomers, born between 1946 and 1964, whose values comprise feeling special, rejecting traditional values, enjoying privilege and affluence, and focusing on self-expression and creativity, as well as many ego trips. Also known as the "Me" Generation, these individuals in 2018 range in age from 54 to 74.
Considering the differences in their childhood experiences, the emphasis on the types of energies apparent when Pluto transverses different signs, and what they would then hold dearest or feel most important for a good life, it's not hard to see the tremendous conflict between the Millennials and The Traditionalists/Baby Boomers. Other generations born between these two groups are also covered in my article but will not be addressed in the confines of a blog posting. My attempt here is to span the youngest adults and the oldest adults, to give a little insight into why there is such a division politically in our nation and in the world, between the elders who value certain things and the young 'uns who have quite an opposite mindset.
Is there a simple solution? No, because everyone is seasoned (some would say tainted) by the historical circumstances that molded them. It may simply be an eternal story of the older versus the newer generation, but maybe this can give some little insight into how things are playing out in the current Great Divide.
One last thought: Remember, love conquers all.

For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2018 by Judi Thomases

BOOK REVIEW: "The Holy Science" - by Yukeswar Giri (Martino Publishing, 2013)
A difficult book to read yet a precious treasure for those who can fathom the message of this personage.  
Sri Yukteswar was third in the spiritual lineage that ultimately "produced" Yogananda Paramahansa, the well-schooled Hindu representative who was chosen - some would say, divinely mandated - to bring yoga to the West, to America, in the 1930s to fulfill a prophecy. In order to teach and mold such a significant disciple, the master (guru) had to be himself quite advanced in the philosophy and practice of Hinduism and able to achieve such a powerful task. In reading "Autobiography of a Yogi" by Yogananda (which I have reviewed in this newsletter earlier), I came across the mention of his guru's book. I was intrigued by its title containing the word "science" rather than the vaguer definitions such as "philosophy" or "spiritual belief system" etc. To call something a Holy Science is to proclaim that there are testable methods and measurable results in following certain protocols and in explaining procedures and components that make up whatever is dubbed a science.
Yukteswar's intention, it seems, was to deconstruct his particular sacred path (Hinduism) into its precise components, to present specific timelines in relationship to humanity's awakening, and to prove the unity of the world's various religions. As he explains, his book is divided into four sections regarding the development of knowledge: first being fundamental ideas about creation and the evolution and involution of the world; second, the three realizations of all life, i.e., existence, consciousness, and bliss; third, referring to the three purposes of life; and fourth, revelations regarding the journey towards the three ideals of life.  
The part of the book referencing the cosmic timelines of the evolution and involution of the world, called Yugas, was for me the most interesting. We are told that we have left the Kali Yuga, or low point of greatest ignorance, and have entered the Dwapara Age, which is an ascending period tied to mental development and electricity. Also mentioned are two further Ages, or Yugas - the Treta and the Satya - in which much higher levels of development are to be attained.
In plowing through the further chapters, a major drawback is simply the way the book is formatted, with paragraph summations in small fonts without borders to the left of each paragraph, and with Sanskrit words inserted throughout, given italics but not separated by commas or other means of reading the sentence. Yukteswar breaks down the components of existence - heart, ego, and intelligence - and dissects these further into electricities, energies, spheres, attributes, and something called sheaths. It is very difficult to fathom these particulars, not to mention, incorporate them into understanding or daily practice when written in this fashion. Another chapter talks about life's goals being liberation from suffering and ignorance, and how to reach the object of the heart's desire (i.e., bliss). Yet another chapter talks about the procedure.
If scientific, then one would certainly need a mentor (guru) to shepherd one through these stages of development, which would take years if not an entire lifetime to master. Much is made of the state of Darkness, which is called Maya, which we're all in without this understanding, knowledge, and assistance. The final chapter is called Revelation. It speaks of purification, pure love, the powers of an adept, and changes in the brain itself. The ultimate end is unification with God, and becoming pure love.  
The complexity, style and content of this book is pretty impenetrable, and a disappointment in its opacity. Nor did I really feel that the steps of this religion were equivalent to a scientific approach, although Yukteswar certainly felt so. And perhaps most difficult to me was the guru's attempt to make equivalent the concepts, practices and beliefs of Hinduism as likened to Christianity because it feels forced rather than made simple, and an obstacle to understanding rather than a help. Perhaps the task of bringing Hinduism to a Judeo-Christian civilization mandated this effort, but as a readable book, IMHO, it made the difficult material even harder to grasp. As a final thought, the book's stated intention of proving "the essential unity in all religions" fails because many of the world's religions, including Judaism, Islam, many indigenous beliefs, Taoism, Shintoism, and so forth, were not touched upon and so not proven. That God is one I have no doubt, but that Sri Yukteswar succeeded in his ambitious stated goal I did not see between the covers of this book.
It is hard to recommend or not recommend such a work, and so I'll leave it up to the individual if they are of a mind to tackle this piece.
Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - January '18

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases    
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages 
In the dawning of the new year is also the resurgence of kindness and an attempt to once again find wholeness and put aside the angry divisions and wholesale rejection of traditions and older values. For the world embarks upon a new era that represents a shift. The shift will be away from material goals and towards healthier wants, higher causes, and a general cleansing of the soul.
It has felt in the hearts of many that numerous people have sought after desires that arose from a low place, that didn't cherish and harken to the individual's wellbeing but to their own less-than-evolved agendas. Not only has this caused revulsion in observing the machinations and efforts, often secret and shielded, that were in service of these low desires, but it also accompanied a genuine compassion for people's suffering at the hands of these perpetrators, and more so, suffering at nature's hand as widespread events, acts of God, devastated many from all walks of life and different sides of the aisle.
It is the start of new and better values. There are already many such efforts, endeavors, and well-organized projects in this regard. Care of the planet, care of nature, care of fellow creatures, care of many wounded hearts, has begun, representing not simply cleaner values but more tenderness, more love, and more consciousness. The need is great, and evermore apparent.
The new year begins a new spirit.  Hail, 2018!
© 2018 by Judi Thomases

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