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Five days into the Year of the Pig (begun on February 5 th, the Chinese New Year), my husband (a Monkey) and I (a Dragon) were in a one-car auto accident. The Year of the Pig, I'm told by an expert, (although a period offering prosperity for many), is not advantageous for a Monkey. For me, a Dragon, it's supposedly so-so, average, neither great nor poor. Thankfully, we had just left the highway and were on a back road alone, just a few blocks from home, going only 30mph, when he dozed off and landed us in a ditch! The airbags didn't even deploy. He ended up with two hairline compression fractures; me, a very sore tailbone. Though we both have pain, are stiff, and are slow in getting around, we are counting ourselves lucky!
And, yes, I did foresee it. Bad feelings in the passenger seat for months. In fact, when we pulled over on the right side of the road, he said to me: "You called it."
What does a psychic do when foreseeing a negative or even dangerous pattern unfolding? Sometimes, if we have full control of events, we can mitigate the result, or side-step it completely. But if the outcome rests in another's hands, we must align our attitude with the universe's plan and surrender into it with the most serenity possible. Then, the event - i.e., the celestial pattern that was foreseen or intuited - creates the result via a higher power, doing so with the utmost compassion and gentleness for the pattern's demands.
The accident was just such a doing. We could have been on the highway, doing 70... disaster! There could have been other cars on the road when we swerved. The road could have been wet or icy. We could have been far from home. Etc., etc. Instead, it was the needed wake-up call re possible sleep apnea, and the pattern was fulfilled relatively gently. This mitigation has happened to me before, several times in very different circumstances. Astrologers see these formations and worry themselves sick over what-might-be. However, I've learned to trust God. "Don't worry. Be happy." says Meher Baba.
All I can say is, stay aligned! You'll be protected to do your task and fulfill your mission.
Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 
P.S. Check out my latest article, "Uranus in Taurus" in the May 2018 issue of Dell Horoscope magazine, archived here.

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Prediction: "On the 27th he is quite bold, very well-liked by many, and though assured, unpopular with many others." - Jan. '19 SW)
REP. OCASIO-CORTEZ DENIED SPOT ON NEW CLIMATE COMMITTEE - A COLD SHOULDER FROM PELOSI - LACORTENEWS.COM, 2/9/18 ( Prediction:"Newly-elected wild-eyed Representative Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez has entered a long-term period of frustration and impediment, during which she might 'tilt at windmills'." -
Feb. '19 SW)
WHITE HOUSE SUSPENDS MAJOR LEAKER WITHOUT PAY FOR MEDIA HIT PIECE -, 1/31/19 - ( Prediction: "President Trump enters the month feisty and with a degree of success, perhaps also abrupt separations." - Feb. '19 SW).

NFL WEEK 2 ATTENDANCE DISASTER SPELLS DOOM FOR LEAGUE'S FUTURE, Conservative Politics Today, 9/17/18 ( Prediction: "The League is now facing intense financial pressure, and by January-February will find itself off-message with depressing results. 2018 leaves this sports organization baffled and in an identity crisis." -  Spirit's Words, Nov. '17

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In the World, Week 1 indicates separations in relationships ( Uranus square Venus ), excessively idealistic plans ( Mercury station retrograde at 29 Pisces ), and either confused, escapist energy or a return to God ( New Moon in Pisces conjunct Sun/Neptune ). There is also a long-lasting shift regarding property and financial matters ( Uranus re-enters Taurus ) which I wrote about in Dell Horoscope last May ( ). On the 13th-17th, a profound new outlook, similar to a rebirth, takes place ( Pluto sextile Sun ), with a terrific mixture of sensible plans, inspired efforts, and creatively persuasive ideas ( Saturn trine Mars; Neptune sextile Mars; Pluto sextile Mercury ). The 20th brings intense efforts that are good for military actions ( Pluto trine Mars ). The 21st is a day of celebration ( Jupiter sextile Venus ). However, the 28th offers overly dreamy and even deceitful tactics ( Mercury station direct in Pisces conjunct Neptune ).
For the U.S., there is new spirituality and less delusion all month ( Pluto trine U.S. Neptune; four aspects involving Neptune and Pisces ). Week 1 brings much inspiration ( Neptune trine U.S. progressed Jupiter ) with over-confidence ( Jupiter opposite U.S. Mars, square U.S. Neptune ) along with frustrating delays and a turbulent fresh start ( Saturn square U.S. progressed Mars; Uranus square U.S. progressed Pluto ). Things can get jubilant regarding gains this week ( Uranus conjunct U.S. progressed Venus ). The 5th-6th indicate strong deal-making ( Mercury station retrograde sextile U.S. Pluto exact ) and a major fresh start for expansion of transportation and media industries ( New Moon conjunct U.S. progressed Sun in H3, trine U.S. progressed Jupiter exact ). A huge positive event takes place on the 21st, maybe a bipartisan compromise ( Full Moon in Libra conjunct U.S. Midheaven, trine U.S. progressed Midheaven ). The 28th is wonderful for contract completions ( Mercury station direct trine U.S. progressed Jupiter ).
President Trump engages in power struggles all month ( Pluto quinqunx his Sun ). Week 1 sees him much freer, with less dismissals of staff ( Uranus trine his Ascendant, final conjunction to his progressed Descendant ). Business results occur slowly ( Saturn square his Jupiter ) but he is quite happy and flush with success ( Jupiter conjunct his Moon, opposite his Sun ). From the 22nd-23rd, he is busy developing long-term plans ( Jupiter conjunct his Midheaven, sextile his Saturn ) and from the 24th-26th, he is irritated yet able to celebrate ( Jupiter square his Mars/progressed Moon, sextile his Venus ). Week 4 sees him as quite aggressive ( Jupiter square his Ascendant ) and enjoying his good opportunities ( Jupiter sextile his progressed Jupiter ).
Jeff Bezos , ( 1/12/64, Albuquerque, NM ), CEO of Amazon, caught in an embarrassing liaison and forced into a divorce, is undergoing a complete transformation of his lifestyle and inner self ( Pluto conjunct his Sun ), during which he will find it hard to express his feelings ( Neptune opposite his Pluto ). His company probably will not be impacted by his humiliation ( Jupiter sextile his Saturn ). Karmically, he is painfully gullible regarding love and sex ( Venus/Saturn square Neptune in Scorpio ) but is at heart a family man who benefits by choosing family ties such as his kids over wealth and business ( Node in Cancer ).
For more forecasts, check ou t my articles: "The Big Shift: Uranus Enters Taurus" "On the Brink of World Change" and "Neptune & America's Identity Crisis", now posted on my website.  

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New Feature ~ Letters to the Editor
    Your feedback is welcome
" Hi Judi. I just read your latest post and wanted to reach out about cannabis oil for cancer treatment. I have done quite a bit of research and also have several friends who have had great results treating their cancer with cannabis oil....not to be confused with CBD oil which is made from hemp plant. to treat cancer, THC is the curative, not CBD. Please look up RSO "Rick Simpson Oil" and FECO "Full Extract Cannabis Oil". These oils can be made at home fairly easily. And, I believe oils are available from Medical Marijuana Dispensaries. Let me know if you would like to chat sometime." -- L.L. Lopez., by email
"Hi Judi regarding your son....I feel Flor Essence would benefit him and a very clean diet.  Flor Essence is a tea that detoxifies the body on a daily coffee or sugar to maintain good cells...and positive affirmations said daily from the book " INSTANT HEALING" by Susan Shumsky, DD....My relatives live in Delaware and I hope either this year or the next to live and work there....take care and I love all the work you are doing as I am also a healer of the heart and soul ;)   Near Death Experience - Sharon Shadduck - part 1 - 7-1-18" - Sharon S., by email
" Hi Judi...the secret to all seems to be mitochondrial fitness. Was just listening to an online symposium on toxic mold, which is responsible for more havoc than we know (I am having a problem with it). The is interesting as cancer and mold share many of the same traits as an organism which is what makes cancer so hard to kill. I just watched Dr Terry Wahls on the symposium. Think it's still available today. These 2 doctors were a day or 2 days ago. The subject today is how to eradicate mold from you don't need that., Dr Whals was a well respected Dr before she was crippled with MS and wheelchair bound, not enough strength to practice. She did not believe in anything alternative, she had an epiphany, started to detox and is now walking and practicing medicine. She wrote a book called "The Whals Protocol" all about regenerating the mitochondria, it has all sorts of recipes for wellness, excellent. Once you do that the body can heal almost anything.
   There is another AMAZING functional doctor, Kara Fitzgerald who has a big practice with all sorts of dietary people, allopathic doctors etc. She is in Newtown CT. 203 304 9502, she works with cancer and I have never heard a better explanation methylation (hypo and hyper) and how the DNA is affected by the epigenome, which can be influenced and even changed with diet, which  leads to mitochondrail fitness.
   I know there never seems to be time etc to do all these things and I don't know where your son is with treatment but I would investigate, at least Dr Fitzgerald is on the east coast, she is young and VERY impressive. CBD is always healing, I take it and so do my animals, the quality and dose strength with cancer is a bit of a question mark. other thing to check out Pectosol-C, available on Amazon but look it up, it was first used for cancer, VERY effective detoxifier. Have friend at Omega that swears by it, it should be compatible with your son's protocol. 
   Sending much love." XOXO Sally B., by email 

"I use CBD oil for when I may have anxieties (keep by my bedstand and take a few drops at night before sleeping) and my arthritis. Does it help? I think it might...using diet also for the arthritis. I have heard positive stories about success with cancer patients. I hope the good news with treating cancers continues. If anything it may provide relief with anxiety associated with dealing with cancer." - B. Diana, by email


BOOK REVIEW: "Fire and Blood " - by George R.R. Martin (2018, Bantam Books )  
Set 300 years before the wildly popular "Game of Thrones" universe, and replete with a bevy of dragons, Lords, Kings, and Queens (yes, many... sometimes at the same time), this prequel is full of battles, gore, cruelty, and some kindnesses in the lineage of the silver-haired Targaryens who had gained, lost, and are (currently still) fighting to regain the Iron Throne of Westeros. In first appearing in that land, little mention is made of why they left Essos, how they came to own and control dragons, or what their motivation is.
Personalities reign, for sure, as do an overwhelming listing of names, titles, castles, domains, and conflicts, but much is lacking. Rather than being a real-time gripping tale, this book is just a recounting of the past. It lacks immediacy. Its conceit is that it is a compilation of tales from three very different sources - a scholar, a septon (priest), and a dwarf. Worse, it is vacant of the richness of characters, intrigues, magical and supernatural abilities, and the excellent multiplicities of plot that inhabit G.O.T. and thrill the reader or viewer. None of the Targaryens of old are shown to have Daeneryrs' imperviousness to heat or fire, her mastery of the sorcerer's' threats, or her passion for liberating the downtrodden. There are no faceless men, no one comparable to mystical Melisandre, no one who keeps revivifying from being killed. Furthermore, although the Wall in the North exists already in this era, no mention is made of how it was built, or by whom, or of why it was built (i.e., the White Walkers).
Instead, we have a 710-page tome, entertaining enough if you like endless battles and the machinations of medieval rule, delineating the descent of a noble but dysfunctional family's tragic unraveling. And we are asked to believe that society, industry, and governance has not evolved in all that time. (Or, for that matter, in the previous 1,000 years, if I've read right!)
The book has the feel of hack work, hastily and unimaginatively put together because of market demands. It does not measure up to the brilliant skill that gave us "A Song of Ice and Fire", Martin's commercial masterpiece. Far better are the superlative illustrations by Doug Wheatley scattered throughout. Disappointing. 2 stars.
Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - March '19

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases    
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages 
Here in the ether, where you and I connect, we can speak through you, our voice, our connection, our (we may pun) wireless connection. It is here in the place of, shall we say, refined vibrations that are both delicate and fragile and yet strong and powerful, that we can speak to everyone.
It is essential nowadays that these receptions be heard via all the current channelers, for the energy in the dense plane called Earth is turbulent; it is confusing; it seems irrational, and many are seeking answers that cannot be gotten through more regular or normal ways.
In these times, although many attempt to do so, the skills of analysis and reason - even those of common sense - may be useless. Of course, it is never useless to apply commonsense and deductive reasoning to a problem. However, the current challenge on Planet Earth is such that it is nebulous, can't be specifically defined or described, and is leaving many people in a state of anxiety, and perhaps worse, terror. It is then that people begin to seek, people open their minds to alternate approaches (which include the spiritual search for God). We do not say that we speak from that level. However, in this etheric realm we do have a greater perspective. This enables us to give insight, bring wisdom, show a sensible plan that can calm the listener or reader, and can give meaning to the insanity abroad.
It is good to seek. It is necessary to lift your viewpoint to in effect transcend the madness by aspiring upwards to a higher degree or calmer place. In so doing, we are more able to reach downwards (this is only an analogy) to connect with the searcher's mind and spirit. And so, as an essential part of a divine plan, you may then see the current madness as helpful and necessary.
Yes, open heart and mind. Search within. Find us there. Find the self's purpose. Calmness, we assure you, will follow. We thank you, and we are complete.
© 2019 by Judi Thomases

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