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In January 2010, I wrote in an article that as a nation we were becoming very polarized[i]. In September 2011 and October 2012, I wrote that we would be in a civil war without weapons[ii]. And more recently, in October 2017, I wrote that we were as a nation going through a very confusing identity crisis[iii]. All of this has been happening, and we seem to be nearing a frightening prospect of anarchy, lawlessness, and the refusal of some government entities to follow the law of the land or accede to established law, or even threatening to secede. Perhaps the craziest state doing such is California. This affects me personally because my son and grandchildren live there, as do several dear friends.


I attribute a lot of this insanity to President Trump's synastry (compatibility) with the nation's horoscope, which lends itself to certain segments of the population being angry and resistant, but I also attribute it to a few current and ongoing aspects that on the one hand produce overidealism and the struggle with boundary issues while on the other hand produce a power struggle for control that could even force an eventual rewrite of the Constitution or profound changes regarding Congress.


I'll continue to keep watch over these energy patterns, write about them, and even get on a soapbox to issue warnings because I think as a nation we are in danger. If these aspects were applying to an individual instead of a nation, that person would have a very foggy mindset, be quite vulnerable to others' manipulation, unable to set boundaries (read, "borders"), and be subject to power struggle for control of his/her destiny. That individual would be experiencing a great deal of suffering and perhaps live under peril.


Over the years using the wonderful tool of astrology, I've often been able to see the formation of circumstances in advance - call it prognostication or forecasting. No astrologer is 100% accurate but I think I've done pretty well. However, I feel like Cassandra sometimes from the old Greek myth who issues dire warnings which nobody pays attention to until it's upon them. Hopefully, the larger base of our nation will respond in time against these subversive and sometimes cloaked threats, and keep our nation together.


As for California, there seems to be a grassroots movement by many residents to fight against the insanity that is happening there so drastically, and regain control of its own government to forestall the menace and perhaps return that very important state to the national integrity.


Many of my generation - the grandparents, the aging Baby Boomers, even the last of the Greatest Generation - can feel the peril in their bones, the threat against the national sovereignty and the attempt at globalism and socialism. It's been called The Deep State.  If you can feel it, you will know what to do, but this is my position, my platform. It's through communications and speaking my mind that I take my stand.


The best that can be relied upon now is America's inherent trust on doing the right thing, being compassionate yet strong, and relying upon an upcoming aspect that can restore faith and respect for a higher power.

[i] In November 2008, America was anything but a unified people. In fact, we have rarely been as polarized. - JAN. '10 DELL HOROSCOPE: "Destiny in the Balance"


[ii] The current aspects are like a new Civil War being conducted in the media rather than on the battleground. SEPT. '11 DELL HOROSCOPE: "9/11: Ten Years Later".  This is a peak moment in the Civil War without weapons that I had spoken of in my earlier article in this magazine. - OCT '12 DELL HOROSCOPE: "ON THE BRINK OF WORLD CHANGE"




Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 
P.S. Check out my latest article, "Uranus in Taurus" in the May 2018 issue of Dell Horoscope magazine, on newsstands now, to be archived here afterwards.

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  RECENT ARTICLE IN DELL HOROSCOPE - October 2017: "Neptune and America's Identity Crisis" The astrology behind our confusing era of "fake news", boundary issues, and general political muddle, concluding with some upbeat remarks about an encouraging change in the upcoming energy patterns.

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DEM PANIC AS MUELLER STALLS - NY P OST, 4/22/18 - ( Prediction:  
"Mueller ... would do best to avoid the spotlight and stay home with his family. There will be upsetting news and confusion if he fools himself now.") - Feb. '18 Spirit's Words

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 Mid May brings the beginning of much change regarding money and invention for the World but indicates little peace ( Uranus enters Taurus, conjunct Mercury, square Mars ). My article in the May issue of Dell Horoscope magazine, on newsstands now, addresses this new pattern. Inspirational and spiritual efforts are shown in Week 3 ( Jupiter trine Neptune ).
For the United States, Week 2 offers improvement regarding the media and communications as well as domestic issues ( Progressed Moon sextile U.S. Moon ) as well as a chance for some healing ( Mars trine U.S. Progressed Neptune ). From the 9th-17th, the nation's might aids any show of force ( Mars conjunct U.S. Pluto ). A new round of discussions regarding employment and/or healthcare kicks off on the 15th ( New Moon sextile U.S. Mercury exact from H6 to H8 ). From the 22nd-24th, abundance and good alliances are enjoyed ( Venus return in H7, conjunct U.S. Jupiter ). The 29th can bring drastic change regarding jobs and healthcare ( Full Moon opposite U.S. Uranus exact ). The 31st showcases pleasantries and successes ( Venus conjunct U.S. Sun ).
President Trump acts abruptly all month ( Pluto quinqunx his Node/progressed Uranus ), feeling quite liberated and able to do his thing during the first half of the month ( Uranus trine his Ascendant ), although the 1st-2nd indicates much frustration ( Saturn square his progressed Mars ). From the 12th-13th, he feels happy and popular ( Venus conjunct his Node/Sun, opposite his Moon ). On the 14th, he is alert and able to make smart but quiet long-term plans ( his progressed Moon conjunct his progressed Mercury in H12 ), and on the 15th, a sensible and wise new start regarding land or wealth is begun that ties into the U.S. horoscope too (N ew Moon conjunct his Midheaven exact, sextile his Saturn/Venus ). The 29th is nice for his own or the nation's domestic matters ( Full Moon in H4 sextile his progressed Neptune/progressed Mars ).
From the end of May through June, there is a change of appearance or personality of Hillary Clinton ( Pluto conjunct her progressed Ascendant ).
Special Investigator Robert Mueller , like once-powerful-now-disgraced Harvey Weinstein, has a birth pattern requiring penitence ( Moon at 29 Pisces ). Old patterns are arising that are bringing him increasing weakness ( Neptune opposite his Mars/Chiron, square his Uranus ). By June, he will encounter legal obstacles or karmic dues ( Saturn opposite his Saturn ).

For more forecasts, check out   my articles: "On the Brink of World Change" and "Neptune & America's Identity Crisis", now posted on my website.

(c) 2018 by Judi Thomases




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Similar to prayer but less supplicatory, there is a way to ask the universe to meet your needs. It is the mystical path's way.

Many people are familiar with prayer, having grown up practicing it. One asks God with humility and faith to fulfill a need, please. This is the traditional way. But quite a different approach requires connection with your Higher Source, then complete merging with it. We can call this alignment.

Alignment is not something that can be called up at will. It's not like ordering a pizza or an Uber. You must first detach from your emotions, needs, and desires, and place yourself comfortably in the hands of a benign universe. Descriptive phrases about this state include "Go with the Flow", or "Let go and let God."

Once reached, now the fun begins!

I was at a supermarket, trying to reach a box of tomato paste on a too-high shelf, second visit. I was sure it was there, hidden from my view by height and by being pushed too far back. I gave up but as I left the aisle, thought that I needed a tall person's help. Two aisles over, there was such a person. I asked for help and it was enthusiastically given. So far, nothing very special, huh? But after thanking him, he said something about God's will! Wow, we were somehow linked... from my thought to the request's manifestation within less than a minute, through a higher power!

Another time, the heavy rain that was predicted during a long drive next day cleared up exactly a half-hour before leaving the house, allowing safer travel. Yet another occasion, a young friend voiced the need for a dress to wear for an unexpected singing gig and got a phone call within a minute offering her overtime at her job that would equal the exact amount the dress cost.

This is not a religious process but a spiritual one. It will work for financial and health matters too. It is a mystical way because it's the workings of oneness - there is no separation between the universe and you.

Let go of worries (fear), rest assured of the granting of your request (faith), and it will often fall right into your lap. This is what Asking the Universe is all about. The only caveat: it has to be a need and not a greed. When in the right mindset, the whole universe bends to your will.

For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2018 by Judi Thomases

MOVIE REVIEW: "The Fifth Estate" - (DreamWorks Pictures and Participant Media, 2013 )

Adapted from Inside WikiLeaks, this movie is a fictionalized biography of Julian Assange, the founder of WikiLeaks, who is an eccentric, brilliant and courageous technological idealist who feels his mission is to uncover corruption and abuse of power among the privileged in society, and to do so using the vast power of cyberspace to disseminate the information. The Fifth Estate refers to the bloggers and journalists of the internet (the Fourth Estate being the mainstream press, and the prior three being the clergy, nobility, and commoners).

Beginning alone but using technological tricks to masquerade as a large well-staffed organization, angry renegade Assange (Benedict Cumberbatch) recruits first a colleague (Daniel Berg) and then a British newspaper, The Guardian, to reveal corporate corruption and damning government secrets. As his influence escalates beyond anyone's ability to control him, his complex and off-putting personality begins to clash with his avowed mission. Because his mantra has been no editing, by which he means to present his whistleblowing in completely transparent and unredacted form, he ultimately runs into the moral dilemma of compromising innocent people. The movie's climax revolves upon the implementation of this choice.

The film follows his exploits until 2014... but of course after that the real uncovering began during the 2016 presidential campaign, an effort that in no small measure might have contributed to Hillary Clinton's defeat. The alleged leaker in the DNC was Seth Rich, whose death is considered by many to have been an assassination.

I have Assange's horoscope (7/3/71, Townsville, Australia, time unknown) and have read the amazing and factual subsequent WikiLeaks. He has sought asylum in the Ecuadoran Embassy (where he is still holed up) because of threats upon his life. He is a rebel (Uranus square Sun), a detective (Moon and Jupiter in Scorpio), a reformer (Pluto sextile Mercury, sextile Jupiter), and a techie nerd (Node in Aquarius trine Uranus). Some see him as a hero, some as the Devil incarnate!

From our current vantage point, the movie is unsatisfying because it presents this profound new tool for the capture and dissemination of information in this techie age without painting a powerful enough picture of its transformative nature. Secrets can no longer be guarded and controlled; information can no longer be restricted. The gatekeepers of the news have become impotent. Therefore, the true nature of Assange's disruptive yet pioneering role in today's world has barely been addressed. Love him or hate him, Julian Assange is a world mover, and this film hardly does his (unfinished) life justice. Entertaining enough.
Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - May '18

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases    
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages 
Around the time of a full or new moon comes a period when one's emotions are more or less activated. This is because the human shell reacts to tides, but also because the human energies are tied in with phases, as has been decreed.

Once a phase has begun, energies are sorted to be helpful or adverse, which is to say challenging or the reverse - supportive. In this way, a person is carried along unaware, unconscious of forces at work in his or her depths that are tied to cosmic patterns. It is to be understood that these hidden phases and forces are now to be made conscious and used with awareness.

There has always been the cognizance of celestial impressions, but a time is nearing when such impressions, feelings, senses, and moods are to be seen as an open book, used for specific purposes. The unknown is becoming known, the hidden revealed. This new advance in consciousness is resonant with humanity's spiritual advancement. The more that is known of previously occulted forces, the better.

Whither it goes is as yet uncertain, for mankind always makes good and bad use of its powers. Nevertheless, this next phase addressing phases is here.

We will guide you. Thank you.
© 2018 by Judi Thomases


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