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Back from our travels... New England and Nova Scotia were wonderful (although the Fall colors weren't out yet... it's been an unusually warm season, hasn't it?). Some of you contacted me about the "missing" October newsletter, but truth is there wasn't one because of the above respite.
So much is happening in the world! A big deal energy pattern is at work - Pluto reaching the middle of the sign it's passing through - and the upshot is that many ugly things related to that sign (in the current case, it's Capricorn, the sign of Big Government and Big Business) have been dug up and are being revealed in preparation for being cleansed. "Corruption" is a very Plutonic word; so are "sleaze" and "secrets". The pattern always goes like this: When little (but powerfully transformative) Pluto enters a new sign, dirt begins to be dug up. (Pluto rules the Underworld.) The dirt relates to the sign it's in. The first half of its journey uncovers truly disgusting things that need the light of day to be cleansed. When it reaches midway in that sign, much has been uncovered. It's at this point that many people are nauseated by what has been secretly going on. During the second half of Pluto's journey through the sign, the vile matters are addressed and largely washed. Pluto remains in Capricorn until November 2024, so that's how long this particular pattern remains in effect.
As an astrologer, I can see ahead, and can see how some of this will unfold... how and when a lot of the corruption and sleaze might be tackled and cleansed. My "crystal ball" is clear at least through 2018, so I have written a new article for Dell Horoscope magazine that will come out in the Spring. It is mostly a positive look at the near future, but suggests that some of the freshly-revealed players will have surprises in store. Karma always reigns.
On the personal level, any reader who was born in the middle of Capricorn, Aries, Cancer, or Libra (around the 6th-10th of the month) will feel this energy strongly, and may want to consult. Pluto's effect is quite psychological too. Making good choices when under pressure is always wise.
On Saturday Nov 4th from 1:00-5:00, I'll be part of a cool Metaphysical/Paranormal Symposium at the Dover Delaware Library. Four of us will discuss our specialties - astrology, past life experiences, UFO and ghost investigations. Please join us for this free event if you're in the area.
Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 
P.S. Check out my latest article, "Neptune & America's Identity Crisis" in the October issue of Dell Horoscope magazine, on newsstands now.

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Upcoming Events

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FALLING LEAVES WELLNESS, MUSIC, ARTS FESTIVAL - Oct 28th, 10 AM - 6 PM, Cecil College, 107 Railroad Ave., Elkton MD.
I'll be doing readings there.
METAPHYSICAL, PARANORMAL SYMPOSIUM - Nov. 4th, 1:00-5:00 PM, Dover City Library.
Discussions of various topics, presented by Fortean Society of Delaware.
META MEET - Teachings from my new book The Wisdom Keys, and from over four decades on The Path - 3rd Monday of each month, 7 PM.

NEW ARTICLE IN DELL HOROSCOPE MAGAZINE in October : "Neptune and America's Identity Crisis" The astrology behind our confusing era of "fake news", boundary issues, and general political muddle, concluding with some upbeat remarks about an encouraging change in the upcoming energy patterns.
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"Practical Keys To A Life Of Joy"
Judi Thomases has four decades of experience as an astrologer, helping clients navigate their energy patterns to make good choices. Judi is author of
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Practical Keys To A Life Of Joy
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  • What is the Quantum Shift?
  • What does "getting out of the hologram, and into the energy field" mean?
  • What is the Surge?
  • What does "piercing the veil" mean?

(broadcast on June 11th 2015 on Rockland World Radio).
Archive of "New Perspectives" Radio Show with Judi Thomases and host Paul Lamb. 

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"THE VIEW AHEAD - DELL HOROSCOPE YEARBOOK 2017"What does the New Year hold?  What energy patterns are shown in the Inauguration Chart, and in the nation's progressed horoscope? 


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(Prediction: "HILLARY CLINTON has some kind of protection all year but feels stuck and sad." - Spirit's Words, Apr.'17)


STOP OPERATION SOROS (SOS): HUGE MOVEMENT TO OVERTHROW GEORGE SOROS EXPLODES IN MACEDONIA -, 7/27/17 - (Prediction: "George Soros' horoscope is under sudden and heavy pressure that may result in legal charges or a health scare.")

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  In the World chart, idealism colors the first week ( Full Moon sextile Neptune ), but by the 22nd uncertainty and confusion rear up again ( Neptune station direct in Pisces ). Mid-month brings interesting breakthroughs ( Uranus trine Saturn ). The 17th is lovely for romance and hopeful expectations ( Venus trine Neptune ), but the 19th-20th is ripe for violence and anger. New ideas and inventiveness are likely on the 26th ( Mercury trine Uranus ). The 28th is both enjoyable for love and socializing ( New Moon conjunct Venus exact ) yet frustrating for communications ( Mercury conjunct Saturn ).
For the U.S., Week 1 brings opportunities ( Jupiter trine U.S. Jupiter; Uranus square U.S. Fortuna ), and an aggressive stance ( Mars square U.S. Jupiter ), (the latter repeated on the 17th. Week 2 promises enjoyment, popularity, and economic gains continuing through the 20th ( Venus trine U.S. progressed Ascendant/Jupiter ), with a continuation of a militaristic posture, perhaps justified by warlike threats against us ( Mars square U.S. Sun ). Mid-month indicates frustrating blockage ( Mars conjunct U.S. Saturn ), and Week 3 can bring disappointments, uncertainty and confusion ( Saturn square U.S. progressed Neptune; Neptune station direct conjunct U.S. progressed Sun in H3 ), yet dynamic military action as well ( Mars conjunct U.S. progressed Mars in H10 ). Maturity and patience regarding talks are shown during Week 4 ( Saturn sextile U.S. Moon in H3 ).
President Trump experiences tension all month regarding allocating funds ( Pluto square his Jupiter, quinqunx his Uranus ), and unexpected separations ( Uranus retrograde square his Venus ), but during Week 1 he is inspired, spiritual and creative ( his progressed Moon sextile his progressed Neptune ). He takes strong action on the 7th ( Mars conjunct his progressed Mars ). From the 18th-20th, there is terrific energy for discussions, plans or treaties ( Jupiter trine his Mercury )... in fact, he's "the man!" of the hour ( Mars conjunct his progressed Venus/Jupiter ). Week 3 sees him calmer, taking his time ( Saturn trine his Mars ). The 29th gives him victory ( Mars conjunct his progressed Jupiter ).
The National Football League (NFL) ( 9/17/1920, Canton OH, "at night" - 6 PM is an arbitrary time but seems to work regarding house symbolism ) is a popular and idealized ( Venus in Libra H7 sextile Neptune ) sports team organization ( Moon/Mars and possible Midheaven in Sagittarius; loaded H7 including Saturn/Sun ) with karma regarding health issues ( Virgo emphasis ) and turbulence from accidents, excess or sudden wipeouts ( t-square to Uranus, Mars/Moon, Jupiter ). Its Achilles Heel regards funding from outside sources such as tax-payer monies for its stadiums or sponsorship by big banks ( Node in Scorpio H8 t-square Neptune ). The League is now facing intense financial pressure ( Pluto station direct square its Venus ), and by January-February will find itself off-message ( progressed Sun square its Mercury ) with depressing results ( progressed Moon square its Saturn ). 2018 leaves this sports organization baffled and in an identity crisis ( Neptune conjunct its Ascendant ).
Senate Majority Leader Mitch McConnell ( 2/20/42, time unknown, Tuscumbia, AL ), receiving some flak for being the chief Republican impediment to Trump's goals, will find his dreams blocked between now and mid-December ( Saturn square his Neptune ). He is in for a rough ride in the Spring of 2019 ( Uranus triggers his t-square of Moon, Venus, Pluto ).
Film Producer Harvey Weinstein ( 3/19/52, time unknown, Flushing NY ) will be under limitation from now through mid-December ( Saturn square his late Pisces Sun and possible Midheaven ). In his self-imposed rehab, he must undergo a radical transformation of his thinking process ( Pluto t-square his Mercury, Neptune ).
Hillary Clinton is no longer under cosmic protection ( Saturn past the trine to her Saturn ). Her delusions are at their strongest now through February 2018 ( her progressed Sun square her Neptune ).
(c) 2017 by Judi Thomases




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Sometimes it's all too easy to frame your storyline as one in which things are happening to you by chance or through no effort of your own, unfairly, unjustly, and that you are a victim of circumstances, with the worst luck. To see your life in this way is to feel that happenstance is random, that you have little or no power, that you are in fact a helpless pawn of fate, and that such a situation may continue indefinitely. You become a Gloomy Gus, disempowered, anxious, and depressed.
Changing this type of attitude can only help even if there is no particular great event about to happen, even if life will simply go on,. First and most obviously, to remove negative thinking and depressing constructs from your thoughts will immediately stop the wasting of energy. Energy is wasted into negative emotions and the habitual cycle of dark narrative that often accompanies it. Most people don't realize how much energy they are unconsciously devoting to this practice, but when it consciously stops or is deliberately shifted in a better direction a surprise is in store. The person feels livelier, more positive in outlook, and thus more able to take good action or feel healthier. The only effort required is the cessation of gloomy thoughts.
Second, after a period of repeatedly shifting yourself out of hopelessness, a new life experience arrives in which serendipitous events bring unexpected and pleasant results, and it feels as though the universe is conspiring to help you instead of harm you. The word "synchronicity" is often used to describe this new fluke. Of course, in turn, when happier events land in your life, your outlook eventually becomes more optimistic and you see yourself deliberately creating this better outcome instead of being helpless in the face of random accidents.
Lastly, this change is the hallmark of a new, more empowered you, someone who is designing life rather than being buffeted by it. You can't help but feel more dynamic once you lick Gloomy Gus and welcome becoming Happy Holly.

For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2017 by Judi Thomases

BOOK REVIEW: "Dying to Be Me: My Journey from Cancer, to Near Death, to True Healing" - by Anita Moorjani (Hay House, 2012)
     Once again, I'm reviewing a book that was highly recommended to me by a friend. This book falls into a relatively new genre that can be called The Near-Death Experience: Survival of Which Brings a New Perspective for the Survivor.
     By itself, this book tells a tale that represents a powerful and transformative shift for the author, and describes the journey through clinical death and, upon return, a dramatically fresh view of life. The author is an excellent writer, and is able to describe very well (including giving kudos to the advances in medicine that contributed to her miraculous return) all aspects of the prior and post happenings. Within this genre, each literary effort is life-affirming and unique to the person who has gone through such a miracle, but taken as a whole, with story after story having great similarities, the genre itself should be seen as the pattern or formula that is establishing for the general public the idea of the continuation of consciousness beyond death. It can also be seen as proof of the possibility of a type of resurrection, and of a cosmic design wherein the journeyer is "told" by some entity on the Other Side that it is "not yet their time, and they must go back" into physical life. In turn, this repetitive occurrence confirms that it is not merely medical means by which the dead return, but by the instrument of a Greater Hand.
     I have written on a few occasions about my own similar experience early on my path, though not needing the trauma of death, that has given me much insight into the Other Realm. My personal experience of leaving the body while conscious, and returning, as well as my decades of being the recipient of channeled messages from spiritual guides, is relevant here in that much of the insights - quite profound and life-changing that are understood upon these many resurrections - are not unknown or unfamiliar to me, so as a reviewer my perspective might be different than a reader who has never, shall we say, visited the Other Side... or at least definitely traveled out of the body.
     What struck me for the first third of the book was how negative the author's mindset was from a young age until the onset of the cancer. As I was reading the continuous descriptions of fears and anxieties, guilt, low self-esteem, and all manner of self-sabotage and grossly painful behaviors and attitudes, my mind kept saying, "But of course she created a cancer. She is eating herself up alive!" The author deliberately marries poorly, spirals down into homelessness, living on the street, and constantly beats herself up in her thoughts while creating this life. She calls this first Part, Seeking the Right Way.
     Midway through the book, titled My Journey to Death...and Back, she describes in detail her illness, the doctors' reports, her family's anguish, and her death. As many others who have undergone the NDE, she explains to us how far-gone her body had gotten, how bad the illness was including the failure of her organs, the non-stop pain, and so forth in order to give the reader a clear understanding that she was really at death's door, really crossed the threshold, and really was an irretrievable mess at death. She paints a drastic picture so that there is no doubt in our minds that she was a goner - and with her good writing skills she does an excellent job of describing this.
     The final third of the book, which she titled What I've Come to Understand, is uplifting. She tells of the joy in just existing, just having to be. She explains what she saw when her body shut down, who she was contacted by, how greatly her vision of the truth of our state of being became, and much in the way of teaching the readers about her new truth and about what life is meant to be in general, what it should be, and how far-afield she had previously gotten. She has much grace now, which this book review should not in any way diminish. She has found salvation, had to go through a type of hell - or maybe several levels of hell - to get there, has turned her life around, and is not only miraculously and medically healed - a medical miracle! - but healed in spirit.
     Her extreme medical miracle helped her insofar as getting a Foreword by Dr. Wayne Dyer (who is famous in the holistic New Age field), getting published by Hay House (which is very discriminating in which manuscripts it publishes), and getting "seen on public tv". If I have a caveat at all, it is that by now I have read a number of such tales, and although they are all informative, enlightening, and powerful in impact to the author-experiencer, by now they're nothing new to me, and so this book is just one more on the shelf of so many such tales. If you have not yet read this type of book, this is an excellent one to begin with; if you have read several of these type of books, you may not find this all that important to your library. But having said all of that, it is still worth mentioning that the dark and very negative place that she was in, up to her dance with cancer and death, is greatly to be avoided because it is a strong source of such deadly diseases and is not necessary in order to find your way to the Other Side... or as metaphysicians would call it, the transcendent realm.
     Don't worry, be happy. Don't create illness to this large extent, and don't dwell in dark thoughts. Instead find your way to your happy place. Stay there, and let wisdom come to you on its own.
Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - November '17

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases    
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages 
We see that there is much fear, anxiety and insecurity on the planetary wavelengths. For the planet itself, this is manifesting as turbulent weather, and increased earthquakes; the atmosphere is not calm, the seas are distressed, and all of nature is concerned. For species, including humanity, this planetary vibration is triggering anger, violence, alienation, and distrust. And so, we see episodes breaking out like pimples in various countries and through individuals in species groups.
However bleak as this description may seem, there is also much going on that is reassuring. One of the more obvious things is the interspecies trust and deepening connection between formerly antagonistic species, and often with animal-to-human species as well. This effort to understand, relate, help, communicate, and connect has been growing. Nature itself is attempting to evolve and frequently succeeding.
Human-to-human relations are seeing the opportunity to heal and express compassion, and because of technology this effort is being globalized, not as in the past merely localized.  
And so, you can see that there is a balance scale, a process of tipping to and fro. If it were all negative, we would see a death spiral of the planet itself and its creatures upon it. Rather, we see a pendulum swing, and this swing is increasing. Its swings are growing more extreme, and also more frequent - that is to say, accelerating. The slow tempo of past eras is no longer possible. Faster and faster the changes are coming.  
It is necessary to allay fears and find some light. It would help therefore if individual consciousnesses, i.e., people, could be deliberate in identifying their anxiety and quickly replacing it with something that allays fear such as faith or inner peace. Any effort in this regard reduces the entire planetary body of fear, and swings the pendulum quickly back in the better direction.
This effort, then, can be your present task. Swing your inner pendulum back in the direction of calm and hope whenever you feel anxiety growing, and then wait and observe your change, your transformation. Your success will be noted and appreciated by the whole.
© 2017 by Judi Thomases

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