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I'm noticing a real dichotomy in this country, at least in the areas I can perceive. On the one hand, social media is showing us some Americans who seem to be promoting lawlessness, anarchy, and an insane agenda to sanitize history and disrespect many things that are our nation's core values. On the other hand, my husband and I attended a wonderful and very patriotic air show this past weekend at the Dover Air Force Base, celebrating its 70 th anniversary. The crowd that came to this free event were comprised of every race, every age, and probably many different ideologies.

The 2-day event was as American as apple pie. Blue Angels, paratroopers, stunt pilots, Coast Guard rescue helicopters, and even the stealth bomber, all flying overhead in lil' ol' Dover Delaware. The show was greeted with continuous wows and applause. There were many large and small military airplanes to visit, walk through, and be impressed by. And the vendors were selling Philly cheesesteak, corn dogs, nachos, and the usual festival junk food. I'll bet there were very few of the 200,000 people who attended who didn't feel proud of our air force.

For those who may not know, the Great Seal of the United States on every dollar bill shows an eagle who carries olive branches as well as arrows. The eagle looks to the olive branch, representing peace, but has at its disposal the arrows, representing might. If ancient Rome's Pax Romana taught us anything, it is that in order to have peace one must have a powerful but benign governing body that enforces some kind of law on our wayward human foibles. Oftentimes, if left to our own devices we end up creating a social structure more lik e Lord of the Flies than Plato's Republic.

What I see at the moment is also a relevant push for the rights of all humans and the rejection of harmful policies or negative heroes. This is radical but probably good in the long run. I think I'm conservative but middle-of-the-road, adhering to what's good IMHO about human values.

With the wild weather, the sad hatred, but also the accelerating spiritual development, maybe we are now in the End Times. However, if this is the chaos that gives birth to the New Age, I guess we have to ride it out. The eternal trick is to stay peaceful within no matter what storms swirl around you.
Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 
P.S. Check out my latest article, "Neptune & America's Identity Crisis" in the October issue of Dell Horoscope magazine, on newsstands now.

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NEW ARTICLE IN DELL HOROSCOPE MAGAZINE in October : "Neptune and America's Identity Crisis" The astrology behind our confusing era of "fake news", boundary issues, and general political muddle, concluding with some upbeat remarks about an encouraging change in the upcoming energy patterns.
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(Prediction: "HILLARY CLINTON has some kind of protection all year but feels stuck and sad." - Spirit's Words, Apr.'17)


STOP OPERATION SOROS (SOS): HUGE MOVEMENT TO OVERTHROW GEORGE SOROS EXPLODES IN MACEDONIA -, 7/27/17 - (Prediction: "George Soros' horoscope is under sudden and heavy pressure that may result in legal charges or a health scare.")

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The world begins the month's first week with positive energy for business ( Jupiter sextile Saturn ), and much discussion containing both confrontation yet brilliant ideas ( Mars conjunct Mercury; Mercury station direct trine Uranus exact ). Yet there is excessive idealism and mistrust ( Sun opposite Neptune; Full Moon conjunct Neptune ). By the 10th, people are feeling more empowered ( Sun trine Pluto ). Some chaos returns on the 20th ( New Moon quinqunx Uranus ), and the last week offers tricky or short-lived options ( Uranus opposite Jupiter ). The 25th is neither the time for military efforts nor discussions as there is both weakness and blockages of communications ( Neptune opposite Mars; Saturn square Mercury ). The 28th - 30th indicates a strengthening transformation ( Pluto station direct trine Mars ) but a continuing and romanticized idealism ( Neptune opposite Venus ).
Our nation continues feeling frustration almost all month ( Saturn opposite U.S. Mars ) yet also a surge of confidence on the 1st ( Jupiter trine U.S. Mars ). There's a new openness and inventiveness during Week 1 ( Uranus sextile Moon ) but much controversy and emotionality regarding the media ( Full Moon/Neptune conjunct U.S. progressed Sun in H3; Mercury station direct opposite U.S. Moon ). By mid-month, discussions are at full-tilt ( Jupiter square U.S. Mercury ) along with energized efforts ( Mars trine U.S. Venus/Jupiter ). Accidents or violence is possible on the 19th ( Mars square U.S. Uranus ). The 20th sees a new hopeful start regarding legislation or foreign matters ( New Moon conjunct U.S. progressed Neptune in H9 ). The month ends on a happier and more animated note ( Jupiter trine U.S. Moon; Mars trine U.S. Sun; Pluto station direct opposite U.S. progressed Jupiter ).
President Donald J. Trump is probably glad to be leaving behind a most frustrating pattern that has plagued him during the first months of his administration ( Saturn conjunct his Moon, opposite his progressed Uranus ). In fact, he is happy, successful and lucky during Week 1 ( Jupiter sextile his Moon, trine his progressed Uranus/Sun ), and from the 4th - 6th he is bold with words and actions ( Mercury station direct conjunct his Mars/Ascendant; Mars conjunct his Ascendant/progressed Sun ). Week 2 indicates a fortunate resumption attending to business ( Jupiter conjunct his progressed Jupiter in H2, square his Saturn ). From the 17th - 20th, he will enjoy celebrations and social events ( Venus conjunct his Mars/Ascendant/progressed Sun ). On the 19th, he will be tweeting a lot ( Mars trine Mercury ). Week 3 sees much to delight and relish ( Jupiter square his Venus, sextile his Mars, conjunct his progressed Ascendant ). I'd advise him to spend the last days of the month restfully, but if he will is anybody's guess ( Saturn opposite his Sun final; Pluto station direct square his Jupiter/progressed Venus exact, quinqunx his Uranus ).
Steve Bannon ( 11/27/1953, Norfolk VA), ousted from Trump's council ( on the Leo Solar Eclipse of 8/21), will undoubtedly begin a major new effort regarding communications by mid- to late-January 2018 ( his progressed Mercury conjunct his Aquarian Ascendant), which will empower him by the Spring ( his progressed Moon trine his Pluto). It is rumored that he will start a new conservative news network, which seems likely.
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Now that the famous American Solar Eclipse has occurred and is complete, it's a good time to consider some of the meanings of such an event from the point of view of astrology.

A Solar Eclipse, first and foremost, is also a New Moon, and heralds a new cycle that may have its beginnings a few weeks or even a month before the event itself, and which influence lasts several months to a year beyond the event. The Solar Eclipse has crossed the entire United States and therefore represents a new cycle for the whole nation, falling as it did into the last degrees of the sign of Leo. The Solar Eclipse would represent matters connected to that sign, and Leo is a sign of leadership. It is also a sign representing creativity, often in the dramatic arts but also in the entertainment field, so that America's role in connection to the creative arts may become quite influential.

The specific degree of the Solar Eclipse, 28 degrees of Leo, is very near the fixed star Regulus which represents The King. It would seem that America's role on the world stage may become one of leadership once again. Leo symbolizes dignity, respect, and nobility. Therefore, perhaps America will begin a new cycle as beneficent world leader.

A Solar Eclipse occurs when the Moon gets in between the Earth and the Sun, and completely covers the Sun. The Moon represents the feminine, nurturing, receptive, feeling principle while the Sun represents the masculine, creative, thrusting principle, and so symbolically we may soon have a condition where feminine traits or virtues eclipse those of the masculine during this new cycle.

There is embedded in this phenomenon a great mystery. That is, if the Moon were smaller in diameter, or if it were further away from Earth, its size would not be sufficient to perfectly cover the Sun - so exactly that the corona and the diamond ring effect can be seen in the last moments before totality - totality being the complete covering of the Sun by the Moon in perfect proportion. If the Moon were smaller or more distant, it would still cross the face of the Sun but it would appear as a dot or a large circle, and it would not blot out the Sun. Consider, then, this mathematical perfection of Earth's satellite's dimension and of the spacing between these planetary bodies vis-a-vis its star, the Sun.

The mystic understands this perfect alignment as representative of a divine order. Whatever you might believe to be the nature of the divine - sometimes called The Cosmic Director, The Force, The Universe, The Source, or God - it becomes apparent that this perfection could not be accidental!

Let your mind consider the gorgeous and almost miraculous set-up that allowed this total Solar Eclipse to manifest, and feel your consciousness lifting accordingly with the birth of this new cycle.

For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2017 by Judi Thomases

BOOK REVIEW: "We Don't Die: George Anderson's Conversations with the Other Side" - by Joel Martin and Patricia Romanowski (Berkley Books, 1988)
            This book regards the career of George Anderson, "the most publicly-tested psychic medium in history", also called "world renowned," and it is promoted as a message that will "change forever the way you look at life. And death."
            Having myself known and been close to a real-life talented medium, a dear friend named Sonia Brakowski, I feel I'm in a good position to evaluate the words, case studies, and beliefs of a person who purports to be a medium. I have a touchstone against which to judge or evaluate. With that said, and having never before heard of George Anderson prior to reading this book, I'm very impressed. There are people - normal people just like you and me - who are born with an ability to penetrate to the other side, see the discarnate (i.e., people like you and me who have died and are no longer in their physical vehicle but who still are fully conscious and able and desirous of communicating with those of us who are alive on the planet). These talented individuals are very rare and, as some people know, easily counterfeited by those who are not so talented but who pretend to have contact with the dead. The phonies don't cut it, but the real mediums might get names, characteristics, and, more importantly, details about the deceased's life that are meant to verify to the seeker who they truly are by giving specifics that only the seeker and themselves would know as proof, and who also wish to give comfort, allay the fear of death, and prove that consciousness continues after death.
            The latter statement is a very big truth that is being freshly emphasized and exhibited in many ways during this era: that consciousness continues after death, that it is not located in, nor dependent upon, the physical vehicle's vivacity, and that death is a transition and an evolutionary process rather than a finality.
            One of the most important case histories in this book involves the accidental murder of a young man by a hit-and-run driver. The details that helped police, the comfort that was given to the parents, the revelation of the perpetrator, and the continuing method by which many of the unknowns about the case were answered gradually in sequential sessions all make for a fascinating read. I also very much liked the medium Mr. Anderson's explanation of his beliefs as gained over the years working, maybe mystically, with the deceased. His views on death include acceptance during our lives, working our way out of negative birth situations without hurting anyone else, the need to make constant progress with positive thoughts, and the acceptance of our limitations. Some explanation by him of the way that discarnates communicate as being like an electrical charge that the brain can interpret is something I've never heard but which makes sense because energy never dies, it just changes form.
            Mr. Anderson had a very difficult early life, as many mediums do, because he saw things that others couldn't see, and he was punished or repressed for doing so. But he turned out to be a loving soul whose life, very much in the spotlight, was one of service to the world and to those who are suffering from the loss of their loved ones. The authors have organized the book well, and do not insert their own beliefs or needs too terribly much, which is sometimes my complaint when an author intrudes upon his interesting subject with his own agenda. The book is a fun read at 284 pages plus bibliography, and I very much recommend it.
Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - September '17

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases    
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages 
           Once, when life was simple and humankind was small in numbers, the purpose of cohesion was based upon survival. A group, a tribe, and even a clan required each other's cooperation against the elements and the dangers of the larger world. But the arc of human evolution has been designed so that the sweep of inhabitation across all usable lands around the globe provides for expansion, and from that expansion grows ever more contrast, ever more clash, and ever more competition and differences, the point being that all types of expression of humanity become realized.
            In so doing, with greater numbers of population, and with less available or appropriate dwelling spaces, there would be, as there is in the animal kingdom, fighting, clashing, and the desire (even the mandate) to become the safer, more dominant party, by which we mean, group. The greater reason behind this plan was to force extreme behavior until it is seen clearly as self-destructive. The part of humanity's nature that is similar to that of animals brings forward these clashes. Their basis can be about land, resources, and thus wealth, or can be about completely different beliefs as to how to live, husband the property that is already owned, or create the most enjoyable life. That is, beliefs and ideology.
              It is the individual that is now elevated, not so much the group. It is the individual's beliefs, differences, desires, and place in the world that is now fighting for supremacy. It is therefore a great moment in humanity's evolution, for never before has the individual realized such power. In due time, it will be sorted out. A forced realization will be reached. The individual must evaluate what brings the happier life, what gives the most secure place on an overloaded planet, and what is best for the ultimate survival of its race.
            Any nation's political clashes are really just a reflection of this larger plan, which is happening in many places around the globe in this era. The plan needs to work itself through. Humanity needs to see or realize its way. All will be done as designed.
            Take heart, for the current moment is neither eternal nor inflexible.
© 2017 by Judi Thomases

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