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So, last month I talked about some experiences with Mercury retrograde. This time, my anecdote (if you could call it that) will be about emotional mastery.
In the past, I had a hard time dealing with anger because it would flare up quickly, be very strong, and often leave me feeling not in control of myself. Once, a psychic who was an aura reader sat me in her livingroom and from at least 10 feet away told me that I "had a lot of red in my aura." Red is anger but it's also vitality, and it stands to reason that if you can direct this passionate force beneficially, you'll have more energy at your disposal and not fritter it away in emotional outbursts. I've since done a lot of inner work to gain mastery over that particular emotion.
So, here's what happened: I was under a time pressure to get to a doctor's appointment, and as I was pulling into the nearest parking space, kind of minding my own business, an older guy in a nice new-ish car came from the other direction and deliberately drove across four open parking spaces, effectively blocking the one I was aiming for, and he stared at me defiantly. I didn't get it at first; I thought he was trying to swing wide and pull away. But I soon realized that his move was intentionally hostile and his look was challenging. It said, "I've got this space. What are you gonna do about it?"
In the past, the dragon in me would breathe fire, steam would come out of my ears, I would be incensed, and maybe I would just sit there and block him too in a
Seinfeld episode maneuver, or maybe I would get out of my car, go over to him, and rant. These were all options. But since part of my doctor's visit was to measure my blood pressure, my thought was, "well I'll be darned if I'm going to let this affect my blood pressure reading!", so I calmly smiled, pulled further around to the nearest other parking spot about six slots away from the door, and walked to the doctor's office not giving him a second look. He proceeded to maneuver his car into the spot I had aimed for.
Well, my blood pressure tested low - not too low, just right - and I was in and out of the doctor's office for my checkup rather quickly. When I came out, he was still sitting in his car in that spot, perhaps waiting for his wife, and this time I did look at him. My look was sort of a smile, sort of an expression saying "what is going on in your head, mister?", and I got in my car and drove away. I was quite happy because this guy, who acted like a jerk, had no power over me, was not able to "get my goat" or alter my blood pressure, bitter and miserable though he probably was. The entire episode was a confirmation very strongly of the success of the ongoing efforts to master serious emotion, and thereby become empowered.
The inner work is the hardest work you can do, but it also has the greatest payoff. Thanks, mister!
Do you have any similar stories? Let us hear them.
Smiles and love as always,
Judi from Del-Aware 
P.S. Look for my next article, "A Clash of Values: The Dance of the Outer Planets" in the November/December 2019 issue of Dell Horoscope magazine, to be archived later.

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"Supreme Court Judge Ruth Bader Ginsburg, having proclaimed she expects to work for another 5 years but who has recently undergone surgery for cancer, faces grave challenges in late April."
- Feb. 19 SW)
THE FBI NEEDS A GRAND JURY - WSJ, 4/15/19 (Prediction : "The Federal Bureau of Investigation, while carrying the potential of strength, leadership and a certain nobility, also evidences a frustrating, blocked, elusive and even delusional pattern demanding that it not deceive us or else suffer unpopularity by falling into old ways. Its future indicates a necessary transformation and purging. It would not be surprising if the agency is dismantled starting January 2019!
- Mar. '18 SW)
A WEEK AFTER PELOSI MET WITH OCASIO-CORTEZ, AOC SEES HER WORST-CASE SCENARIO BECOME A REALITY, HER TOP LEADER IS GONE - ILLICITINFO.COM, 8/5/19 ( Prediction: "Nancy Pelosi will be quite addled from the end of 2019. Turbulence is shown but she can probably hold onto power." - Dec. '18 SW)

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Worldwide protests are in full swing on the 14th ( Full Moon opposite Mars, sextile Pluto ), but can be assuaged by diplomacy from the 15th-16th ( Venus conjunct Mercury ). Governments and institutions must be made more efficient and responsive to ingrained problems on the 18th ( Saturn station direct conjunct South Node in Capricorn ). Week 3 brings high hopes but over-optimism ( Neptune square Jupiter ). The 28th requires abrupt adjustments regarding alliances ( New Moon in Libra quinqunx Uranus ).
            The U.S. enjoys good karma for its compassion and humanitarian efforts this month ( Node conjunct U.S. progressed Jupiter/Sun in Cancer ) yet there is sadness in the land by mid-month ( U.S. progressed Moon square its Saturn ). From the 8th-12th, and again in Week 4, the nation is strong, confrontational, and can flex its military muscle ( Mars sextile U.S. Sun/progressed Jupiter; Jupiter sextile U.S. progressed Mars ). The 18th is mixed, bringing both positive change for helpful long-term plans ( U.S. progressed Moon sextile U.S. progressed Sun; Saturn station direct sextile U.S. progressed Sun ), yet also frustration and grief ( Saturn station direct conjunct U.S. progressed Moon, opposite U.S. Sun exact, square U.S. Saturn, forming a t-square ). Week 4 promises much good fortune ( Uranus sextile U.S. Jupiter ) but we should avoid over-commitment or over-generosity on the 27th ( U.S. progressed Moon opposite U.S. progressed Jupiter ).
            For President Trump, the first half of the month is excellent for deals, plans, and speeches ( Jupiter trines his progressed Mercury ) though he experiences much turbulence (Neptune square his Uranus/progressed Node, quinqunx his progressed Jupiter). He can be impulsive mid-month ( Mars square his Uranus/progressed Node ) but the 16th begins a new cycle of success, most likely regarding healthcare ( his progressed Moon conjunct his progressed Sun in Virgo ). Conflict is likely on the 22nd-23rd ( Mars square his Sun ) but he keeps a good tempo from the 24th-27th ( Mars sextile his Saturn/Venus ). Week 4 is lively with some exciting risks ( Jupiter sextile his Jupiter/progressed Venus, conjunct his progressed South Node, opposite his Uranus ) but he may need to watch his diet ( Uranus quinqunx his Neptune )! A party or celebration is indicated on the 29th ( Venus conjunct his Jupiter/progressed Venus ).
            Congresswoman AOC (Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez) has entered a long period of a great power struggle ( Pluto square her Sun ). It will not go her way by year's end ( Saturn square her Sun ).
            Congresswoman Rashida Tlaib faces tension and upsets in Week 4 ( Uranus squares her Saturn).
                Congresswoman Kamala Harris spends the month fooling herself about money or love ( Neptune opposite her Venus ).
For more forecasts, check ou t my articles: "The Big Shift: Uranus Enters Taurus" "On the Brink of World Change" and "Neptune & America's Identity Crisis", now posted on my website.  

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People tend to think in terms of personal satisfaction, achievement, and gaining what they desire. It might be said that the world is somewhat lacking in the desire or effort towards kindness, perhaps because it's seen as an old-fashioned virtue and not as a productive and useful life application. This is partially because kindness is not seen to pay off in terms of contemporary values or goals.
Sure, it's nice to be compassionate and do good deeds, but "what's in it for me"? W.I.I.F.M.?
We're talking about kindness to yourself as well as to others, and we're going to look at kindness as being a commodity that brings its own return.  
Kindness does pay off because the universe works as a looping device or program in which energy sent forth returns in a never-ending cycle. This fact is being proved mathematically in physics at this very moment. A kind gesture, a nice word, a good deed does not evaporate into space and leave no mark of its existence. Rather it goes out from your mind or your physical gesture (which, by the way, can include a financial donation, an offer of food, or even just a smile and a hug), and it makes its trail of energy in the Akasha, or frequency domain. Then, since it is energy and contains thrust, it loops back to you. That's when the universe provides you, the doer or giver, with a return. You may be the recipient of a gift; you may be on the nice end of someone's action; you may win the lotto; or you may simply receive a smile or a compliment that makes you feel happy the rest of the day.
Kindness has a profit, which is joy. The old adage that kindness is its own reward can be seen as something other than a platitude, and merely a virtue (although nothing is wrong with virtue). In today's world, kindness can be seen as a commodity that can be spent, and then returned threefold.People who are focused on self-gratification or climbing the ladder of success should (or need to) begin to see that kindness brings its own return.
Look at kindness as energy. If you want more of that good stuff returning to you in the form of happiness, send it out. Spend your infinite reserve of kindness. Pay if forward and wait and see what life brings you back.


For more JenningsWire blog posts by Judi, click here.

(c) 2019 by Judi Thomases

New Feature ~ Letters to the Editor
    Your feedback is welcome
"The political situation under president Macron is brutal and alarming in France. The so-called migrants keep imposing their influx into Europe and their different ways/ beliefs. Most can't find work - they constitute a burden on the économies and the social welfare, while the unemployment keeps on rising (is that due to Saturn-Pluto in Capricorn ?)" - I.J., France , by email

BOOK REVIEW: "As a Man Thinketh" - by James Allen (1902)
(First, an Art of Manifestation story: No sooner had I asked the universe for a new book to read that would offer a high perspective on metaphysics, than did my physical therapist start extolling this one, and then loaned it to me. Its concepts weren't new to me, but its language and viewpoint were, and so it "hit the spot" and reinforced the everyday miracle that is called alignment or flow.)
This tiny (29 pages) book packs a huge punch! First published in 1902, its somewhat archaic sentence structure and gendered language ("a man", "mankind", "him") make it a bit difficult for the modern mind to plough through, but note that this classic has been "rephrased in contemporary language" by Sam Torode and offered on Amazon to very positive reviews by those who don't have the patience to deal with the verbal challenge.
The main gist of this pamphlet is the metaphysical truism that your thoughts create your reality - well understood in our era, but a revolutionary insight in 1908... and so helpful to anyone who has yet to encounter it. Over and over, from various perspectives, Allen makes the point that the entire experience of one's life is determined by the nature of one's thoughts, and, by consciously changing them for the better, one can remake one's journey into a sweeter and more joyful state.

He organizes the application of this method into six chapters in order to illustrate life's many conditions, as follows: Thought and Character, Effect of Thought on Circumstances, Effect of Thought on Health and the Body, Thought and Purpose, The Thought-Factor in Achievement, Visions and Ideals, and Serenity.
Allen's concise and precise word skill is admirable. Each point is beautifully phrased, as in these examples:  
"Act is the blossom of thought, and joy and suffering are its fruits."
"Let a man radically alter his thoughts, and he will be astonished at the rapid transformation it will effect in the material conditions of his life."
"A strong man cannot help a weaker unless the weaker is willing to be helped, and even then, the weak man must become strong of himself. None but himself can alter his condition."
"A man can only rise, conquer, and achieve by lifting up his thoughts."
"How insignificant mere money-seeking looks in comparison with a serene life."
To the modern reader who has already come across this concept, for instance via Edgar Cayce ("Mind is the builder.") or Dr. Bruce Lipton's groundbreaking work on cellular structures being physically affected by thoughts and emotions ("The Biology of Belief"), the notion is not new that by changing your thoughts, you change your reality. Systems and classes now utilize the theory, and help the individual to find greater peace and empowerment. But for any newcomer to these ideas - in whatever format - the concept can be wondrous and elating. Just by consciously altering your thoughts about any situation whatsoever that you are experiencing, you are changing its outcome (hopefully, for the better - it's fully in your control).
Allen touches upon the even greater notion that this inner work produces external outcomes... that your mind actually manifests your world! Such understanding leads directly to the Art of Manifestation that was mentioned above. When fully understood and engaged, you become the creator. Currently, this has been called The Secret, or The Law of Attraction. Allen's seminal work laid the foundation for such further understanding, and can be the reader's formative exploration of even deeper mysteries, if pursued. Recommended, 5 stars.
Why not check out Wisdom's Game too!  "Wisdom from cover to cover", from The Brotherhood of Light Workers.  Click here for more info:

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Spirit's Words:
 Monthly Channeling - September '19

Teachings of The Brotherhood of Light Workers
By Judi Thomases    
The following segment has been received, word for word through a psychic process known as channeling.  It is an invited procedure.  The teachings always serve to guide us through the journey of life.  Compilations of many such messages are available in book, PDF and audio formats: Compilation of BoLW's Messages 
It's all perfect!
You who are rushing, stressing over tasks, pressured by time constraints, you who are not residing in inner peace can learn this: that it is the universal flow that is the master, that controls all nature, all being, and that you, in your agitated state (which is keeping you in your lower, or small, ego) are but a particle of this universal flow. And if you were to broaden your viewpoint and see the flow as the river of time or the unfolding of universal expression, you would be able to relax.  
What you would relax into, then, is the notion of perfection, for it is not your small self that runs the show even though that is how you have been trained to perceive life, but it is the greater plan that is in effect at all times. Your agitated efforts might hasten an outcome, or your anxieties may delay it, but whatever is meant to be will in due time be fulfilled.
In fact, you may have taken notice that sometimes your push brings about a result opposite to that which you desired, and complicates a situation where none such was needed. You may also have taken notice that if you relax into the flow of events, things will fall into place rather easily and with more positive results than when you are stressed. Therefore, accept (even as an experiment) a new belief that all is moving perfectly on your behalf, and that all you need do is listen with your inner knowing (intuition) for its directions to move forward or hang back, to act energetically or to chill.
Everything will be made known to he or she who is trusting and relaxed, but not unconscious, not asleep. He or she who is awake and listening, who is primed to act or willing to release. Then the perfection of the universe can be seen and known, and the development of serenity is at hand.
We thank you. We are complete. Now go your way.
© 2019 by Judi Thomases

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