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The Holidays are here - what a wonderful gift-giving time of year. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with gifts, experts, products and services that will feed your spirit. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save these lists all year round, too! A great resource tool for you.


MOVEMENT, HIGH VIBRATION FOOD, AND REVOLUTIONARY SELF-CARE! Treat yourself to a 5-day getaway to focus on restoring your vitality for the next chapter in your life. Get hooked on yoga, discover dance, learn to eat for your body type, take fun classes and enjoy the outdoors of the Maine coast. Reserve now & save.,     
WITH 40 YEARS OF JEWELRY DESIGN - My passion is in arranging gemstones to express something important to you. Utilize your old jewelry to offset the cost of custom design or purchase from my website. Fine, handmade craftsmanship is always the standard. "With love and skill and gentle hands, such stuff as dreams are made of," Lainey Papageorge. YouTube.         

THE 2015 "LIFE IS BEAUTIFUL AND SO ARE YOU!" CALENDAR - is here to uplift and inspire you. This little calendar is full of magic! Discover 365 days of hand-drawn morsels of wisdom with outrageous optimism jumping off the page and right into your life. Let yourself be reminded of just how beautiful life truly is.

UNDER THE MANGO TREE - When folks visit, they find an oasis of quiet peace and lovely local art and jewelry. Our focus has been the innocent ones, the Children of the World, who suffer most from poverty and violence.  "There is no measure for the Power of Women when they come together with loving hearts and healing serve." Vivian West:

"WOMEN AND THE HOURGLASS" AFFIRMATION CARD DECK - Now is the time to wake up to Love and Life and your own magnificence! Artist Marylou Falstreau created this beautiful card deck to inspire women on their journey of transformation. Each of the 30 images is designed to encourage, affirm and celebrate our ability to choose a different way.

OLIVIA PARR-RUD, MS IS DEDICATED TO INVITING LIGHT AND CONSCIOUSNESS INTO THE POWERFUL WORLD OF BIG BUSINESS - Through her popular radio show, Quantum Business Insights, Olivia invites spiritual luminaries, wholehearted business visionaries, and conscious thought leaders  to share their unique approaches to organizational leadership, team building, employee satisfaction, and success in our high-tech, fast-paced, global economy.,


HOT CHERRY´┐Ż PILLOWS are filled with cherry pits, when warmed the moist heat smells like cherry pie! Put them on sore muscles or to warm beds. Chill them for inflammation or to cool down. Created by J'Nelle Holland from a Swiss folk remedy for arthritis. Sustainable, natural, and oh so relaxing! Great comforting gifts, in 5 different sizes.



HEALER DORIS MUNA HAS AN UNCANNY ABILITY - to get to the core of any challenge.  She brings 20+ years of experience of working with people so they find their soul's peace and joy. She achieves excellent results by identifying subconscious self-limiting beliefs, and addressing present challenges. When it comes to your physical, emotional and mental issues, seek Doris' help.


HOLOGRAPHIC ENERGY MASTER/TEACHER TRAINER JULIE DESMARAIS - will help you to identify, release and transmute old patterns and reconnect you with Your Higher Self.  The result is greater well being, self esteem, peace of mind and joy! Visit your angels, living or deceased loved ones, pets, past lives, archetypes/ totems and balance your chakras! Tap your full potential now!  

BALANCE THE ENERGY CENTERS ON YOUR BODY WITH GOLDEN EARTH CHAKRA OILS! They are pure, uplifting and smell wonderful! Each chakra oil is intuitively handmade with love & therapeutic grade essential oils infused with crystals in an organic golden jojoba base. Check out our entire collection at or find us at select stores and natural markets.  



FALLING FEATHER CREATIONS artist Vicki Dobbs strives to honor the spirit of each part of her projects in the creation of her sacred art and tools. Always beginning from scratch, no two projects are ever exactly alike. Vicki brings gratitude and ceremony to her creation process making drums, rattles, baskets, fans, medicine pouches and ceremonial wear, 559-269-7653


EMBODIMENT COACHING WITH ALISA - national presenter/yoga festivals/body-mind centering´┐Ż conferences, author/YogaPlay, professional dancer, integrative yogadance movement therapist offers an UNIQUE Personal Service. Imagine consulting with Alisa, phone/facetime/skype, expert in the application of yogic wisdom, tantric lifestyle, dedicated to supporting your Embodied Empowerment, "creating your inner/outer relationships to be a joyful dance arising from your truth within." Alisa Wright Tanny, 413-695-6950

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