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MOTHER'S DAY is a time of love. The energy and power of Mother Earth. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with experts, products and services that will help you share that deep, loving energy. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save these lists all year round, too! A great resource tool for you.


SHARON HOLAND GELFAND - is a clinical nutritionist, author, speaker and lifestyle designer whose mission is to empower women with the tools they need to live healthier, richer, fuller lives. She has inspired multiple clients to not only eat better and lose weight, but to reconnect with their bodies and take ownership of their food choices.

SUSAN JOAN RINI - has been communicating with animals on a deep soul level since childhood. She gives authentic readings that actually tune into your pet's personality. A gifted psychic medium, Susan is known internationally for connecting to the loved ones of the people she reads for. She feels love is the single most important bond that all souls have. Facebook.


HEALING. EMPOWERMENT. FREEDOM. - Embrace your vulnerability and release the energetic patterns and limiting beliefs that are holding you back. DEBORAH FOX skillfully creates a sacred sanctuary for your soul and she will support you in shifting your energetic focus to the intelligence of your heart. From this place of peace and personal empowerment the embodiment of freedom becomes tangible.


DEBORAH BALL - Holistic Healer and Teacher. Owner of Human Nature Wellness Center.  Our mission is to bring the inner balance back to the individual by guiding people towards a deeper level of self love.  Our mission also extends to our great Mother Earth.  Human Nature is dedicated to sustainable living and rejuvenating our planet's resources to create a beautiful life for all.  



DR. ANNA GARRETT - is Chief Mojo Officer at Dr. Anna Garrett (  She's a nationally recognized menopause expert and works with women who are struggling with symptoms of perimenopause and menopause to help them find natural hormone balancing solutions. Her clients would say what she really does is help them reclaim pieces of themselves they thought were gone forever.

LIZA BRAUDE-GLIDDEN - is co-founder and executive VP of culture and sustainability at Beanfields Snacks, a certified B Corporation that makes tortilla chips out of just beans and rice. Liza is a senior teacher at the Center for Integral Wisdom. Stay tuned for her upcoming book, Four Hats, the first in her series, Evolutionary Kinship, Authentic Connections in a Networked Age.

LISA EURICH - is an inspiring leader in body and mind transformation! With over 20 years of dedication, Lisa creates private wellness treatments and corporate presentations utilizing her vast experience as a Fitness Trainer & Wellness Educator, Clinical Hypnotherapist & Life Coach, Bodywork Healer, Weight Loss Coach, and Yoga & Pilates Teacher.  Connect with Lisa's knowledge, compassion, humor, and wisdom.,

CAMILLE BUNIM - combines massage therapy, energy healing, and holistic medicine techniques to assist each client in achieving deep relaxation, physical wellness, and pure energetic balance. Camille is a single mom who owns White Lotus Wellness Studio, writes CamsHands, a blog about holistic healing and living, and in her spare time, handcrafts crystal healing jewelry and custom blended aromatherapy products.

MAYA WHITE - is an internationally recognized Master Astrologer and Intuitive Guide. She is the creator of Hay House's "Easy Astrology Oracle Cards," and one of only 90 people in the world certified in Astro*Carto*Graphy, a branch of astrology that identifies your best places for success. For accurate astrological readings and insight on how to make astrology a part of your everyday life.  

EXTRA-ORDINARY INSPIRATIONAL ART & CARDS. Visionary artist and creativity coach, Kay Kemp creates unique paintings celebrating the magnificence of spirited women. Especially inspiring are themed works including "Sacred Women," "Mandalas and Labyrinths," and a distinctive collection entitled "Alchemy."Kay's mesmerizing "Earth Prayer" series is a call for harmony with all living things and each piece is accompanied by an original prayer.!


LYNN BARRIER - encourages the body's natural healing ability through Shiatsu, Reiki, Sound Vibration Instruments, and Essential Oils.  She is also a psychotherapist.  Her insight and intuition guide each session toward a balanced state of deep relaxation, harmony, and inner peace. See Lynn's Facebook Business Page: "Journey of the Heart Energy Healing" or contact


ANTI-AGING SKINCARE, FACIAL TREATMENTS AND PROFESSIONAL MAKE-UP ARTISTRY - are Julia Cantu's specialties. As the "Holistic-Esthetician," she combines energy work with facials. Using Pranic Therapy to cleanse your aura and chakras before a facial - enhancing your "Beauty Chi." For emotional well-being, Julia will blend a customized Flower essence. To order your flower essence, anti-aging skincare or appointment visit

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