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Mother's Day is about love, giving and celebrating. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with inspiring experts, products and services that will help you remember mom and the mom within. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save these lists all year round, too! A great resource tool for you.



FIND YOURSELF IN FRANCE! Join me, Alecia Caine, former CPA and empty nester who reinvented my life to follow my passion in France.  This fall, I lead spirited women through Paris (Tout Pour la Femme) to connect you to your inner femme and Taste of Burgundy connects women to their soul in the slow paced back country of France. 805-218-1277



MOTHER'S DAY HEALING BRACELETS by Cheryl Wagner. One of a kinds pieces. Made with semi-precious stones and sterling silver mother or mom charms. Bracelets are blessed, cleared, cleansed and energized. Wear them on your left wrist, closest to your heart - in good health. Then watch miracles happen!!! 602-882-3920.



OPTIMISM, GRATITUDE, QUALITY, KINDNESS AND HUMOR: these are just a few of the "gifts" Dee Dee Raap helps women find in their mother's life. A leading expert in remembering and celebrating the extraordinary values of ordinary moms, Dee Dee inspires women in her books, presentations and ezines to discover, live and share timeless values that make our journey great.   

careywaters HEALER CAREY WATERS spent an extended amount of time in total silence communing with the Divine, bringing her vibration to a whole new level. This allowed her to become a clear channel of light and information. She can assist you in learning to radiate more light to make a difference in your life. When you're lit up everyone around you lights up too! 210.563.2802  

CATERINA RANDO SHOWS MOMS IN BUSINESS and all women how to be loud and proud about the value they bring. She is a master certified coach, best-selling author, publisher and professional speaker who teaches women how to deliver speeches to gain insta-clients. Join her for her two-day Sought After Speaker Summit Use code SWVIP for a deep discount.



A MOTHER'S DAY SPECIAL FOR THE VIBRANT SPIRITED WOMAN! Women are the cornerstone of our communities. Improving your business improves your community. Here's an opportunity for you to improve your business by creating a compelling visual aesthetic. Specializing in logos, websites, social media & print media. My special offer to you:  


toni morales
YOU RISE ABOVE - SEMINARS, WORKSHOPS AND RETREATS FOR WOMEN - Learn to live within your own power by creating positive energy from within. We offer local and National Seminars, Retreats, Webinars, Girls Night Out Events, and self-help workshops series. Live the life you desire. It's possible! Coming October 2013-Sedona Arizona Retreat "Vision Quest"


MJ PHYSICAL, ENERGETIC & CRYSTAL HEALINGS AND ACTIVATIONS, DISTANCE OR IN PERSON, with MJ at Spiral's Edge. All our healing journeys begin with that first step into the Spiral. Whether you are trying to find your center or looking to see how far you can go, please allow MJ to help you along the path to a happier, healthier you.



DO YOU HAVE VAGINAL DRYNESS?...give yourself a Mother's Day solution. Vaginal Renewal Complex is a combination of 5 natural oils to help restore vaginal moisture to its pre-menopausal self. Estrogen free, Vaginal Renewal Complex has helped many women eliminate the discomfort of vaginal dryness, naturally. Call 1 (800) 564-2160 or go to WOMEN HELPING WOMEN

maile MAILE TOPLIFF INTERNATIONAL, LLC - Maile is a former C-level executive, now solopreneur, Executive & Leadership Coach/Human Resources & Organizational Development Consultant. She brings deep curiosity, smarts and a bit of magic to supporting others on their journey. Check out for information on: The Luminance Project - Shifting Women's Leadership; Rediscovering the Curious Girl...The Journey Within; The Leadership Alchemy Project.




WALKING THE PATH OF THE BLUE BUFFALO - Vicki Dobbs specializes in counseling and teaching the wisdom within the creation and ceremonial use of drums, sacred art, & tools. "At a life changing crossroads, I found this Shamanic Path of Heart." It is now my fondest desire to bring these sacred teachings to everyone, everywhere. 559-269-7653,


InnerJourneyTAKE A QUANTUM LEAP FROM SO-SO LIVING, to life with passion.  You've been drawn magnetically here to combine all your learning and find answers to re-create your heart's desire. Take the chains off with transformational guidance in Paradise. Answer the prayer of your soul and feel your future change dramatically by empowering yourself today.
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