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NEW YEAR'S is a time to start the year out with a motivational bang! Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with transformative experts, products and services that will inspire you to take action. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save these lists all year round, too! A great resource tool for you..


COULD YOU USE A MIRACLE? - For over 30 years happiness expert Marci Shimoff and success expert Debra Poneman have traveled the world speaking to hundreds of thousands on how to live lives that powerfully express their highest selves. Now they've come together to teach how to create daily miracles. Attend a free on-line event on January 27th at     
LUZ DELIA GERBER - is the Founder and CEO of Body Systems Design, Inc., a company driven to inspire people from all walks of life achieve transformational healing through Well-Being Angels Worldwide™- inspired balance, optimal homeostasis, and lasting Well-Being that "Awakens the Divine Within." She has a 50-Year Dream: Our Children ~ Our Future! TOGETHER, TRANSFORMING MORE LIVES! 855-837-3261,         

ASIA VOIGHT - is an internationally known Animal Communicator, Intuitive Life Guide, Teacher, and Author. Asia connects with animals on a soul level to resolve emotional and behavioral issues and helps people reconnect with their own intuition and life's purpose. Asia's work has been featured on ABC, NBC, CBS and Fox TV along with radio shows like Coast-to-Coast and Hay House.

DANA O'DELL- is an Intuitive Life Strategist| Mindset Mentor| Writer, and founder of  She offers women over 40 coaching support for speaking their truth, and bringing their conscious feminine power to the boardroom and the global community.  She is currently writing a memoir| life navigation manual. She blogs at . 


EXTRA-ORDINARY INSPIRATIONAL ART & CARDS. Visionary artist and creativity coach, Kay Kemp creates unique paintings celebrating the magnificence of spirited women. Especially inspiring are themed works including "Sacred Women," "Mandalas and Labyrinths," and a distinctive collection entitled "Alchemy."Kay's mesmerizing "Earth Prayer" series is a call for harmony with all living things and each piece is accompanied by an original prayer.!



BARB BROWN - is a psychotherapist, life coach, nutrition advisor, and holistic health educator and provider. Her passion is the balance of the mind, body, and spirit through a holistic approach, leading her clients to a balanced life filled with health, inner peace, passion, inspiration, and joy. You can find more information at and Facebook .


MIRIAM BELOV, MAT, RMT IS THE KEEP CALM MENTOR TRAVELING GLOBALLY/SERVING PERSONALLY - With over 35 years of experience, her programs, exercises and techniques for integral wellness transform. A certified Reiki Master Teacher, Miriam's psychic energy work supports your spirit health. She is a #1 Best Selling author - twice and created the download "Relax...Feel Great! Stay Young." Free tips and blogs @


A DYNAMIC GLOBAL LIFE TRANSITION COACH & CAREER CHANGE STRATEGIST -  Hyacinth E. Gooden-Bailey supports mature, professional women in finding new meaning during significant life changes, via private coaching and her popular blogtalkradio show. She now offers you a uniquely powerful 3-day 'Unveiling Your Magnificence' Retreat in Monaco in June. Join her at or email and start 2015 right.


YOUR PERSONAL POWER DETERMINES YOUR DESTINY - Wendy M. Perrell, international Soul Empowerment Coach, Contemporary Shaman, and Healer is passionate about helping people to align their life path with their soul's purpose. When we connect, I can hear and feel your soul's messages, helping you to heal and release negative energy blocks. You will feel inspired to embrace your soul's essence.

PARTNER WITH THE SOUL OF YOUR BUSINESS - by accessing the innate wisdom of your own trusted, internal, business advisor. Grow a wildly profitable, transformative business that's aligned with your passion and purpose, honors your deeper truth, and allows you to make a world-changing contribution. Say YES to generously serving yourself, others, and the world through your great work! Free gift: 


BUSINESS GROWTH COACH, ENTREPRENEUR AND GRIEF EDUCATOR - Chelsea Hanson is the founder of which offers memorial gifts to honor and remember those you love. Chelsea also mentors heart-based women business owners, coaches and creatives to make their life and work matter by building meaningful, sustainable and profitable businesses they love that are aligned with their values and lifestyle.

CHRISTINE CATINO - CERTIFIED FDN�, MASTERY LEVEL TRANSFORMATIONAL COACH - Integrating my trainings, passions & expertise, I have developed programs to help liberate women to step into their true essence, awakening their souls, creating a life they love with more meaningful relationships, healthier lifestyles & soulful deep connections. Learn to live the truth of who you really are.

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