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SPRING EQUINOX is a time to re-awaken, leap forward, and begin anew. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with experts, products and services that will help you expand your horizons. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save these lists all year round, too! A great resource tool for you.


astro-numerology expert and Women's Empowerment Mentor, decodes the hidden messages of your unique celestial support system. Creator of Sensuous Wisdomâ„¢ Programs for Women, Denise guides you to embody greater clarity, embrace deeper intimacy, and enjoy full aliveness. Receive your FREE Feminine Inner Wealth Meditation.     
DANA COREY'S PASSION - is teaching successful women entrepreneurs to build businesses bringing in lots of money while simultaneously establishing passionate, nurturing, supportive relationships with their spouses, families and friends. An award-winning businessperson and speaker, Dana is the Modern Relationship Expert at Big Heart, Big Life where big money & big love go hand in hand. Learn more at          

INTERNATIONAL PSYCHIC MEDIUM DEBORAH LIVINGSTON - As seen on WBZ news, listed on Bob Olson's Best Psychic Medium List, Tested and Listed on Shay Parker's Best American Psychic's, Psychic Medium Deborah Livingston has been internationally recognized and gifted since childhood. Deborah travels doing events, fundraisers and home parties. For private events, fundraisers, group and private sittings: 617-817-0721,

DREANNA BANE - "When we live in LOVE, fear cannot exist!" Dreanna is the founder/designer of House Of Jaguar, Inc., Ordained Minister, Shamanic Practitioner and Jewelry Designer. Passionate about assisting people to emanate their highest selves through ancient indigenous wisdom, she specializes in designing jewelry that reflects spirituality, in shamanic healings and spiritual journeys to ancient Mexican pyramid sites.  

BEV JANISCH, FOUNDER OF THE COMPASSIONATE MIND - is a Certified Meditation and Mindfulness Teacher. Bev brings 30 years of nursing experience to her current role as speaker, writer and inspirational leader. Bev is dedicated to helping people transform their lives and experience less stress, better health and more peace of mind. Facebook.  

ARIANA NEWCOMER - Healing the soul's voice to joyfully express its divine purpose. Ariana teaches women coaches, consultants and change agents to speak with power and confidence from their fully aligned, authentic selves, so they can be truly heard and understood, get their message across, and create highly successful, deeply fulfilling businesses that change the world.  Facebook.   


IS EVERYTHING YOU BELIEVE ABOUT SALES A LIE? - Selling isn't sleazy manipulation. Done right, selling is service. If you have a calling to change the world, you must face your fear of selling so you can help more people, make more money, and make a bigger difference. Adele Michal helps spiritual entrepreneurs sell more with authenticity & integrity.  



PLACES OF LIGHT ARTWORK - Visionary artist Ellen McDonough designs mystical, magical worlds she's seen in visions all her life. While channeling higher spiritual realms, Ellen's art contains elements of dramatic skyscapes, classical architecture and sacred symbols. Her images calm the mind and feed the soul, so come relax and get inspired at and


CARELL MEHL RT-CRA - is the Founder and CEO of KI Lifestyle Solutions Inc. She is a Reiki Master Teacher and Shamanic practitioner.  Carell's sacred dream and desire is to support and inspire folks on their personal journeys of transformation.  Her unique blend of these two ancient healing arts creates an impactful and permanent change in one's life. 403-830-7053,


LINDA VETTRUS-NICHOLS - is a Transformational Performance Improvement Coach who helps her clients become clear and consistent. She takes a calm, honest, no-nonsense approach to success. Linda believes that the most harmful judgments you will make, are those you make against yourself. If you are looking for feedback for your latest idea, product, or service reach out to Linda today at:

CRYSLEA'S INTUITIVE COACHING & COUNSEL - Awakening times call for deep inner-work with Spirit. Cryslea Russell brings her intuitive skills in coaching through a form of active imagination. We move through the unconscious revealing symbols and metaphors to assist in your own revelation and healing. She uses her skills in intuitive reading, mediumship, Shamanic Breathwork, shamanic journeying, energy healing and massage therapy. , www.cryslea-intuitivecoachingandcounsel.comFacebook , LinkedIn

NANCEY KINNEY SAVINELLI, PhDc, Naturopath, Nutritionist, German Energy Medicine, MA Psych. - "Keeping You Healthy ~ Naturally "  20+ years. Genetic Nutritional Typing, Weight Loss.  Testing: Saliva Hormone, Heavy Metal, Mineral, Iodine, & Blood.  Quality Supplements, Detoxification, Amino Acids for Emotions, Sleep, Anxiety and Depression. German Energy Medicine & BioResonance, EAV/EDS: (Electro Dermal Meridian Screening), CoRe Energetics, Pulsed Electro Magnetic Mat (PEMF).


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