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SPRING is a time when we try new things, meet new people, and clean out our closets. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with experts, products and services that will help you flow into 2016. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save these lists all year round, too! A great resource tool for you.
THE LEAKEY COLLECTION - By designing contemporary, handmade jewelry and new ways of working with sustainable, natural materials, we create work opportunities for Maasai women in rural East Africa while maintaining environmental and cultural integrity.  Endorsed by Green America and the Fair Trade Federation, this versatile eco-chic Zulugrass jewelry is made from color-fast, water-proof, and durable grass beads.

WITH AN OPEN HEART - Rosie shares the 'Banyan Method' training so that everyone can "Press Reset" on their Life to Discover a Complete Self. By stepping out of her life she took charge over external events to go within to Permanently Change the effects of her Horrid Childhood. To be invited to Live Events join Rosie's Community by visiting    
DEBORAH SHAMES - Co-founder of Eloqui has trained 1000s of professionals to improve their speaking skills. Deborah believes women will never achieve their full potential if they avoid public speaking, or follow outdated techniques. So, whether pitching for business, delivering a talk at a conference, or communicating one-on-one, Deborah provides what it takes to become a powerful force. or

DINA EVE WEISS - is a Certified Health & Transformational Weight Loss Coach who partners with a global health and wellness company providing conscious solutions for weight loss, energy, performance, healthy aging & wealth creation. She helps busy women release mental & physical weight to reclaim their energy, time, & confidence - reconnecting the love, empowerment and abundance within. Call Dina: 301-622-5855 or
LINDA SPRAGUE - is the founder and creator of SoulCPR™, an emotional wellness process for people who seek to heal the past and live in the present. SoulCPR™ is a life-changing process that unravels emotional blocks, resolves lingering effects of trauma, and restores a person to wholeness and happiness. Linda offers ongoing SoulCPR™ Life Skills Workshops as well as private sessions.
MARGARET H. JOHNSON - will launch Women and Money Inc. June 1st. A leader in solving women's money stories over 18 years, her philosophy "It's not about the money, It's all about the money." As founder of Canada's premier credit, debt management company, Solutions Credit Counselling Service Inc, she's helped 10,000+ clients and influenced a 40,000 monthly online reach.
MICAELA BUBOLA PASSERI - is the founder of Love You Revolution. A self-love empowerment coach, inspirational fashion designer, speaker and workshop leader, she empowers women with self-confidence, self-love and self-assurance. Her goal is to help you on your soulful journey of self-discovery and self-love and to be the voice of our heart and lead others to do the same. 
STACY BERKOWITZ - Founder of - Gift baskets "in tune" with everything cancer patients need. These baskets are bold and empowering. Every item has a specific purpose. Whether is it to ease the nausea of chemotherapy, nourish the skin, focus the mind, boost the immune system or just plain relax, these baskets contain everything necessary to help cancer patients Rock the Treatment.
PATTY HORTON - Medium & Trance Channeler has embraced her gifts this lifetime and her love of this work becomes evident to those who are blessed to sit before her for a reading or within the walls of her classroom. Humility is the cloak that she is known to wear as she becomes the vessel for the Spirit World to work through.

SUSAN JOAN RINI - has been communicating with animals on a deep soul level since childhood. She gives authentic readings that actually tune into your pet's personality. A gifted psychic medium, Susan is known internationally for connecting to the loved ones of the people she reads for. She feels love is the single most important bond that all souls have.

SHERI HORN HASAN PROFESSIONAL ASTROLOGER, AMAZON #1 AUTHOR/EDITOR @ KARMIC EVOLUTION - Sheri specializes in horoscope readings that help individuals move from chaos to clarity & co-create their own future through astrological insight. Learn about the patterns into which you chose to be born, past life karma, & how to successfully navigate life's stages as you move forward on your journey!
LISA HARDWICK - is a Heart-Centered Publisher/Consultant at Visionary Insight Press. She is known for helping others find their voice and has assisted 100+ individuals with their Publishing and Speaking careers. Throughout the year Lisa facilitates Multi-Author Book Projects, Publishing Presentations, Writer's Workshops and VIP Speaker's Conferences featuring some of today's most sought-after inspirational teachers, healers, and spiritual leaders.,
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