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Summer Solstice is about new beginnings, a change in seasons and heart nurturing. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with inspiring experts, products and services that will help you glow and radiate within. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save these lists all year round, too! A great resource tool for you.



GreekMuseTour GREEK MUSE TOUR - Learn watercolor journaling while traveling in beautiful Greece...Take time for you, travel to a breathtaking location and feel the lightness of soul, the joy of expression and learn some new fun things! Make your decision to say 'yes' to you. Come paint with us...Dine with us ...Dance with us...Play with us... Greek Muse Tour.



judy toma JUDY TOMA, ANGEL THERAPY PRACTITIONER�, MEDIUM - Certified by world renowned angel authority Doreen Virtue, Ph.D, Integrated Energy Therapy Master� teacher, healer, writer and empowerment speaker. Judy's psychic ability, working with the healing Angels and sense of humor, lovingly removes blocks, self limiting beliefs and empowers each person to be their best.,  


VICKI DOBBS at SACRED WISDOM WORKSHOPS, presents collaborative programs and classes using shamanic techniques and tools in an environment of experiential learning.  Bringing ancient wisdom to modern seekers, it is her fondest desire to make these sacred arts and teachings available to everyone, everywhere for the enhancement and healing of their own spiritual journeys. 559-269-7653,


BALANCE THE ENERGY CENTERS ON YOUR BODY WITH GOLDEN EARTH CHAKRA OILS! They are pure, uplifting and smell wonderful! Each chakra oil is intuitively handmade with love & therapeutic grade essential oils infused with crystals in an organic golden jojoba base. Check out our entire collection at or find us at select Whole Foods and natural markets.  
MOTHER THEOSOPHIA A PURE LIGHT CONSCIOUS BEING, A MASTER OF INTUITION AND SACRED SOUND. TheoSophia embodies Mother Consciousness. Her gifts are unique, Sitting with her, you will be embraced with Love and the feeling of being home.  The Language of Light she sings is like a drop of God's nectar, transforming stagnate energy into light. A wonderful Mentor of  610.458.1649.


isabella SHAMAN ISABELLA STOLOFF GUIDES HER CLIENTS BACK TO THEIR SOUL - Her ancient healing techniques help you to unwind old patterns so you can live a life of freedom and joy. Isabella's spiritual journeys to sacred sites are life enhancing. She founded the Orange County Healing Center in 2009, speaks locally and internationally. You can book Isabella Stoloff by calling 714-603-8624 or




LEARN HOW TO STRENGTHEN AND FEED YOUR OWN INNER HEALER! Join Lisa Wilson, master teacher/healer, in person or virtually for private healing sessions and fun, transformative classes that empower you to live your soul's mission as you heal on all levels! Lisa uses an intuitive blend of Integrated Energy Therapy, Reiki, and Crystalline energy to support your healing journey.,   
nancy pabers
PRACTICAL WOOWOO...THE ART & SCIENCE OF YOU - founded by Nancy Pabers Ph.D., is a service organization for people who seek to realize their full potential by becoming aware and connected to their highest good. Through an integrative process of the "practical" and what some may consider "WooWoo," Nancy empowers clients to reach for what seemed previously impossible. 858.531.2468


ELAINE AMBROSE GREW UP ON AN ISOLATED PIG FARM IN SOUTHERN IDAHO - So she is well qualified to write about humor, spirit, and survival. She is an author of seven books, including Menopause Sucks, and her blog Midlife Cabernet encourages women to enjoy life with a sassy attitude and a glass of wine. Find her books and blog on

sue koch
CAREER AND LIFE DESIGN COACH SUE "Coach" KOCH launched Three Squares Coaching and Consulting as a result of her journey through a mid-life career transition. She helps Baby-Boomers remodel their careers and lives to design a "Sexy Second Act" that offers freedom, fun, and flexibility and includes Passion, Purpose and a Paycheck!� Visit or 949-212-4345 for info.

lindahollender #1 SECRET FOR GETTING CORPORATE SPONSORS - Linda Hollander, the Wealthy Bag Lady, will give you free tips about how to qualify for sponsors. Corporate sponsors give you money you don't have to pay back (no credit checks), the ability to skyrocket your business and the opportunity to do what you love and have a sponsor foot the bill. 866-966-3624




deliver it DELIVER IT! SHIP OVERNIGHT FOR LESS - Deliver It specializes in overnight deliveries throughout Southern California at significantly lower rates than the larger, commercial overnight companies. We bring the basics back to the delivery service and add state of the art technology so you can order and track and trace your packages online. Deliver It...We're Taking Your Business Places!

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