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FALL is autumn leaves, a toasty fireplace and a good read. Taking that favorite book or Kindle E-book for a glorious afternoon or on a retreat with you. Our Fall Top 12 Book Pick List is filled with books that will uplift and inspire you. We urge you to support these authors! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.


no more tears NO MORE TEARS: A PHYSICIAN TURNED PATIENT INSPIRES RECOVERY - First she was a Stanford doctor, then a trauma patient after a car accident. Now, she could not stand up because she would faint. She was unable to walk or talk.  The doctors were stumped. Open these pages and learn that you too can persevere, and win despite all odds.

glass elevator

THE GLASS ELEVATOR: A GUIDE TO LEADERSHIP PRESENCE FOR WOMEN ON THE RISE by Ora Shtull, a leading Executive Coach, teaches women to stop retreating and start ascending. With a perfect blend of action and inspiration, it helps you master the 9 must-have skills that will propel you upward professionally. This engaging book feels like a private coaching session. Website. Amazon    




angels legacy

ANGEL'S LEGACY: HOW CANCER CHANGED A PRINCESS INTO AN ANGEL by Susan Farr Fahncke, popular author of inspirational stories for Chicken Soup for the Soul, Guideposts, and many other book series. This powerful book helps anyone affected by cancer learn how to truly live and to love every moment of every day, good or bad. Download a FREE chapter at




indi author

THE INDIE AUTHOR REVOLUTION: AN INSIDER'S GUIDE TO SELF-PUBLISHING is from Dara Beevas who has mentored hundreds of authors through the indie publishing process. Her book, appearing this fall, covers the pros and cons of self-publishing, working with an indie press, and everything in-between. When are you going to publish the book you were meant to write? For more information visit:






sapphire trails SAPPHIRE TRAILS by award-winning author Marilyn Jax. Miami private investigators Caswell & Lombard visit longtime friends in Montana to enjoy several days of tranquility. Shortly after they arrive, a cold-blooded murder pulls them into an ominous conspiracy and their sleuthing skills are put to the test. Colorful suspects, and a Blackfoot Indian spiritual guide, appear in this riveting read!




Beyond Escape BEYOND ESCAPE - Deborah K. Jensen's debut novel about forty-three year old Kim, who needs an escape after her recent divorce. She retreats to her parent's Texas home and encounters much more than she ever imagined, one being Camilo, seventeen years her junior. Follow Kim as she pursues a trail of drugs, murder, and secret love affairs.



flat e-cover image 7 DAY MENOPAUSE DIET GUIDE - Simple, practical guide for women who want to take back control of their body. Kris Smith is an authority on menopause, weight loss, and nutrition. He shares his magic six supplements and a 3-step natural eating/exercise program to lose menopause weight, ignite a sluggish metabolism, and revitalize your body from the inside out.  





skinny SKINNY THE CAT AND THE MAGIC OF KINDNESS: The Cure For The Common Curmudgeon. Cat lover, people lover, dog lover. It's about the kindness one can give in life. A scrawny rescue cat shares the secret of how to love with unwavering persistence. A funny, captivating tale complete with photographs, learn how to practice a new verb, "to skinny."








turtle TURTLE SEASON - Beautifully written novel by Miriam Ruth Black features Anna Simon, a depressed, menopausal, widowed mother in her mid-fifties with a great sense of humor. Life for Anna begins anew when she discovers her late husband's shocking betrayal and her own surprising attraction to a woman. Readers are inspired in this page-turner as she moves toward joy and personal fulfillment.





neurology of angels THE NEUROLOGY OF ANGELS - A novel about the hearts inside the business and politics of drug development. Every day, a choice must be made between saving one child and treating thousands. Author Dianne Salerni describes this book as "Powerful, Informative, Heart-tugging", and the book blog Raging Bibiliomania calls it "a very important book written at a very important time."





catholics CATHOLIC ALCOHOLIC: A WITNESS TO ADDICTION AND REDEMPTION - Annetta Sutton, author. Memoir. Redemptive journey through alcoholism, present at every juncture, Annetta bore witness to the disease's devastating wrath. Yet, chose to be an instrument of peace, guiding others to rise from the ashes. Told through vignettes of her life, interactions touch on themes of abuse, diversity, parenting and more.  


course in miracles THINGS TO KNOW ABOUT A COURSE IN MIRACLES FOR THE TWENTY-FIRST CENTURY by Veronica Gabrielle La Barrie This is not just another book; it's a book about your life, your relationship with yourself, each other and the planet. Simply put, it is re-education in living. Let it become your daily bread of truth to set you free.        




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