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FALL is when it starts to get crisp. Fire places are stoked and leaves change colors. My favorite time to read. So grab your Kindle. Visit your neighborhood book store. Go online to Amazon. Just read these wonderful books and support these authors! Our Fall Top 12 Book Pick List is filled with books that will inspire you and keep you toasty. Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.



IT'S NEVER TOO LATE TO MARRY will help you find the right It's Never to Late to Marryman to marry -- no  matter what your age or circumstance. Virginia got married at 53 and shares what her years as a single, desperate and needy woman taught her. With her Six Essential Steps to getting married, this page-turner is full of honesty and wisdom and is a must for any woman who no longer wants to be single.








Sophia SOPHIA: THE FEMININE FACE OF GOD: NINE HEART PATHS TO HEALING AND ABUNDANCE takes you on a journey of the mind and heart through history, psychology, myth, fairy tales, archeology and architecture to discover the Divine Mother. She's showing herself again after centuries of being hidden and repressed. Discover her old, but ever-new wisdom for spiritual growth and healing.


Self-Empowered WomanTHE SELF-EMPOWERED WOMAN Marilyn Murray Willison's fifth book, explores the elements that help create a high-achieving woman's life. For each chapter, there are mini-biographies of four women who exemplify the trait under discussion; one of whom has been interviewed by Willison. The accomplished women in the book come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, and levels of achievement.     

Mai Tai One On MAI TAI ONE ON by Jill Marie Landis. Em Johnson is divorced, broke and running a funky Tiki Bar on Kauai when an obnoxious neighbor is found dead in the luau pit. Em and a spirited troupe of over-the-hill Hula Maidens band together to solve the mystery before the next pupu party. Amazon book and Kindle.


Next Bold StepTHE NEXT BOLD STEP: LEARNING TO LOVE AND VALUE YOURSELF, AND KNOW THAT YOU MATTER! delivers powerful personal technology to answer the secret heartache of, "I feel like I don't matter," and restore happiness, fulfillment and success.  Author Kathryn Tull skillfully guides you to authentic self-value, powerful skills, and personal mastery to create the empowered life you desire right now.

But Are You Making Any Money? "BUT ARE YOU MAKING ANY MONEY?" is a must-read for any entrepreneur, written by Marley Majcher, CEO of The Party Goddess! Inc., a nationally acclaimed full service event planning and catering company. Her book serves up a dose of common sense and strategic tips in her down-to-earth and humorous book. It's the small business entrepreneur's go-to resource for super-sizing your profitability."   

Life's CommasLIFE'S COMMAS, authored by Barbara Legan, PhD N D is the story of my personal  journey through the grief and mourning process.  Job loss and spouse's death within 31 days - talk about an intense double-whammy! The result? New perspectives, total transformation, new understanding of life and a huge shift ... from just surviving to joyfully thriving!


Broken By Addiction BROKEN BY ADDITION, BLESSED BY GOD by Penny Mary Hauser, MSN -a woman's path to sustained recovery is a book exploring issues unique to women's recovery from addiction. Though the process of recovery is never easy, some women move through the journey with less pain than others. Why? What makes the difference? Please google the title and read more at and blogspot sites.



Pink LemonadePINK LEMONADE: MASTECTOMY TIPS AND INSIGHTS FROM A BREAST CANCER  SURVIVOR by Martha Lanier, provides content that is clear and positive that results in less intimidating discussions. She provides insight and humor on many issues making it helpful for someone newly diagnosed, a friend or family member, a physician or healthcare worker or someone seeking uplifting content.   

Entering Age of Elegance ENTERING THE AGE OF ELEGANCE: A RITE OF PASSAGE & PRACTICAL GUIDE FOR THE MODERN MATURING WOMAN by Chloe JonPaul. Use this book as your travel guide as you transition into the next phase of your life. You will discover how to do it with style and grace as you reflect, resolve, and regenerate to become a woman of elegance.  

Accidental CowgirlACCIDENTAL COWGIRL: SIX COWS, NO HORSE AND NO CLUE is a memoir by Mary Lynn Archibald. "In 1990 we heard the wilderness call to us, and, God help us, we answered...People tried to tell us that 'The Simple Life' wasn't so simple, but we weren't listening. We took one look at Twin Creeks Ranch and fell in love."

3mph 3MPH: THE ADVENTURES OF ONE WOMAN'S WALK AROUND THE WORLD. Polly Letofsky headed across 22 countries, over 14,000 miles - by foot - to become the first woman to walk around the world. As a global awareness effort for breast cancer. In the middle of her journey 9/11 flung us into a crossroads in history, and Polly found herself navigating a vastly changing world. "This book is exceptional!"-Tattered Cover Bookstore.
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