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FALL is a time of rich colors and big leaps. Our Top 12 Pick List is chock full of fantabulous experts, products & services to help make your fall reach the moon and the stars. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save these lists all year round! A great resource tool for you.


Lisa ThomasLISA THOMAS - HEALER, SPEAKER, AUTHOR is the founder of Ultimate Serenity...Lisa uses 5 healing modalities to repair destructive cellular memories to healthy positive cells. She zeros in on emotional blocks or (energy patterns) that are keeping us from having healthy relationships with friends, family, co-workers, mates, and even ourselves. Lisa's main goal is getting you to your ultimate serenity. Discount for Spirited Women. 714-715-5802.  

peggy krockPEGGY KROCK, speaker, consultant and owner of Healthy Self, has over 40 years of experience helping people LOOK and FEEL YOUNGER from the inside out and the outside in. Reset your genes back to their youthful expression. Whether it's LESS lines and wrinkles or MORE energy and mental clarity on your gift list, your solution is a phone call away!  805-637-3436 or [email protected]. Wholesale pricing for Spirited Women.

debra poneman IF YOU ARE INTERESTED IN TAKING EVERY AREA OF YOUR LIFE TO THE NEXT STEP then Debra Poneman's Yes to Success Seminar is for you. Debra has provided the blueprint for tens of thousands to create their grandest dreams. Some became NY Times best-selling authors, some multi-millionaires, some household names-and all created extraordinary lives with profound happiness despite outer circumstances.

Lorrie KazanARE YOU INTERESTED IN MANIFESTING your life's dreams? Lorrie Kazan was chosen one of the top psychics in a worldwide audition for the prestigious Edgar Cayce Institute. Her readings inform, motivate and transform. Testimonials abound: "Lorrie told me I was pregnant the same day (I later learned) I conceived my daughter." Don't miss her free newsletters!  

Kathyrn Tull KATHRYN TULL, M.A., MFT, is a radiant transformational Licensed Marriage Family Therapist, author, speaker, and consultant. Her dynamic work in person and by telephone with individuals, couples, adolescents and families restores communication and opens pathways for love, wholeness and healthy relationships. Published for both poetry and non-fiction, Kathryn's newly released book is The Next Bold Step: Learning to Love & Value Yourself, and Know That You Matter!    

ruth sharonENERGY FOR LIFE - Ruth Sharon empowers you to open the pathways to wellness.  Take really good care of yourself and take excellent care of your life. Inner balance and harmony allow for more joyful fulfillment of your soul's purpose on Earth. Ruth's upcoming book, Be Your Best Self: Yoga Book for Families was written with her daughter and granddaughter and will be available on Amazon.




liz's loft pick THE LOFT AT LIZ'S fine art gallery in LA is a beautiful New York style loft that can be rented out for workshops, events, seminars and private parties. There's space for a full bar, DJ set-up, and a fully functioning kitchen with antique appliances, hardwood kitchen island and stainless steel shelving. Stereo equipment with surround sound available. Spirited Woman hosts new conversation series at Liz's.



Barbara LeganBARBARA LEGAN, REIKI MASTER, SEDONA WISE WOMAN - Healer, Mentor, Author - has specialized in distance energy healing for over 15 years. Her powerful, gentle energy creates immediate profound positive shifts in her clients' physical well-being. She assists with injuries, tumors, surgery recovery, burn healing, auto-immune diseases, trauma, chemotherapy relief, grief, chronic pain and much more. 928-554-4402


Kimberly Seltzer ARE YOU STUCK IN A RUT? GO FROM TIRED MOMMY TO HOT MAMA and pamper yourself for Mother's Day! Professional image consultant/therapist Kimberly Seltzer of Elite Image Makeovers specializes in updating and discovering your personalized image. Learn what new clothes and colors work best for you! Get your FREE body type booklet at


Wells Bring Hope WELLS BRING HOPE supports spirited women and girls in Niger, West Africa by drilling wells in rural villages. When we do that, they no longer have to walk many miles every day to get water. Girls can go to school & women, with the micro-loans we give them, start small businesses & transform lives for generations to come.

Gloria Messanger WHAT WOULD YOU DO IF YOU WERE VISITED BY ANGELS? Gloria Messenger is a gifted Spiritual Artist and Angel Messenger. She is one of the few to accurately create reflective Angel portraits. Her amazing personal story elevates our perception of empowered guidance and expands our outside-the-box comfort zone. Her new book, A Mirroring Discovery with Angel Visitation, appearing this fall, tells all. For a consultation with Gloria:  

chakra oils BALANCE YOUR CHAKRAS EVERYDAY with Golden Earth's Chakra Wellness Collection. Each chakra oil was created intuitively by aromatherapist Elizabeth Golden. They are made with a wonderful essential oil blend using specific essential oils and crystals that resonate with each chakra. Add them to your daily wellness wardrobe, they smell incredible and come in an easy to use roll-on bottle.  
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