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Holiday is a magical and special time for gifting books to family and friends. On our Holiday Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of talented authors (and one CD of talented musicians) who will inspire and uplift you. We urge you to support these spirited wonders! Save this list all year round! A great resource for you.


A STORY OF BECOMING - Ayn Cates Sullivan's latest book is a fable for all genders and ages. It is the story of a seed that over time becomes an apple tree and after a storm becomes a living miracle. Illustrator Belle Crow duCray hand drew each page. The artwork exquisitely matches the written poetry. For signed copies order from:  

TWO MOTHERS ONE PRAYER - brings us into the touching world of Childhood cancer. Told from the perspective of two caring mothers who share their intimate conversations as they care for their young daughters. Sharing what it takes to cope during such difficult times. You will be inspired and amazed by their strength and love. Order your copy at    


LIVING WITH LOSS, ONE DAY AT A TIME - offers daily encouragement to individuals and families who have experienced the loss a loved one or who are suffering from any form of loss. The 365 daily lessons and thought-provoking ideas provide hope, optimism, introspection, and self-discovery. A great gift for friends and family needing a boost for the holiday season. Amazon

EVOLUTION - by The Clapping Monkeys. A unique fusion of choral, chant and soulful aria!  Mystic and melodic, this richly blended orchestra of the East is a harmonic convergence of art, song, and prayer.  Spirited woman, Kathy Bolte joins with three other kirtan musicians to bring you their premiere CD.  Purchase at iTunes, Amazon or CD Baby.     


FEMININE VOICES: TRUE STORIES BY WOMEN TRANSFORMING LEADERSHIP - compiled by Andrea Hylen. The eighteen women authors in this book spent a year writing a personal story in an on-line community to demonstrate what is possible when Western women take their place as leaders at the dinner table, in community and in the world.  



MARY & ME BEYOND THE CANVAS - Artist, Author and Inspirational Speaker, Susan Van Sleet is a reunited birth mother who placed her child through closed adoption during an era of silent surrender and used her art to reflect a lifetime of longing for the daughter she named 'Mary' in her heart. Susan met Mary - now named Jeanne - and joyfully shares her extraordinary story of adoption, loss and reunion. Amazon.  


THE BRUGES TAPESTRY, a novel by PA Staes, is a mystery set in 1520 in Bruges, Belgium and in modern Newport Beach, CA. The mystery concerns a tapestry woven in Belgium 500 years ago and discovered in a home in Newport. Only art theft detective Claire DeMaer can discover the secret that is woven in time. Available from Amazon.


MY PARIS STORY - Living, Loving and Leaping without a Net in the City of Light is the much-anticipated anthology that combines the stories of 22 authors from around the globe who have made their dreams come true in the world's most dreamed about city: Paris, France. Learn what it's like to not only survive but thrive in the City of Light.






THE WILD FEMININE: STORIES TO INSPIRE AND EMBOLDEN - Jungian psychologist and artist Marilyn Steele weaves personal and archetypal experiences of the wild and sacred feminine. She traces a spiral path to recovering her Wild Feminine power, voice and creativity through dreams, intuition, synchronicities. She learned to love herself, marry her muse, and be faithful to her wild soul.



MEDICINE WOMAN by New York Times bestselling author of 20 books, Lynn Andrews. This life-changing book showing many of us how to claim our personal power, chronicles the beginning of Lynn's study with the Sisterhood of the Shields, bringing us the profound wisdom of the sacred feminine as it has been preserved and handed down for thousands of years.





THE ALCHEMY OF SELF HEALING - "Jeannine Wiest will gently help you understand the value of creative noticing to all aspects of life," Jane Wagner and Lily Tomlin. Alchemy is a process by which something ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary. Take the Inner Alchemist Quiz, dive into the sensory exercises, revel in the essays. Change your perception. Reconnect. Heal.



TELLING SECRETS - by Peg Hubbard is a transformational novel about life's hard choices. The discovery of dark family secrets turns Beth's "perfect" life upside. As she chooses truth, we follow Beth through obstacles and challenges that threaten her faith in herself. Along the way, we watch as she discovers her Divine Self and creates her new life. Amazon.




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