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HOLIDAY is a time of book giving and book receiving. In the spirit of the holiday season, on our Holiday Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of gifted authors to help inspire you and your entire family! We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.


CONFESSIONS OF A MIDDLE-AGED HIPPIE - In counterculture fashion, Golden's new book hits a variety of cultural hot buttons: money, sex, food, relationships, motherhood, health, medicine, celebrities, entertainment, metaphysics, alternative medicine and healing. This candid, conversational memoir affirms the power of intuition, teaching us to never underestimate the role of questioning everything, on the path of a true hippie seeker.

MEDICINE WOMAN by New York Times bestselling author of 20 books, Lynn Andrews. This life-changing book showing many of us how to claim our personal power, chronicles the beginning of Lynn's study with the Sisterhood of the Shields, bringing us the profound wisdom of the sacred feminine as it has been preserved and handed down for thousands of years.






INSIDEOUT ENNEAGRAM: THE GAME-CHANGING GUIDE FOR LEADERS - Wendy Appel guides you to change the way you see and think. How to be the leader that others trust and are inspired to follow. She decodes the Enneagram for you - an ancient system relevant for modern times - that shines light on your natural strengths, challenges, and unconscious habits.



THE SNOWMAN MAKER by Barbara Briggs Ward. With the children grown and Ben's evasiveness, Ellie wishes the holidays were over. But it's Christmas - anything can happen - especially when going back to a wondrous place one winter's night in an old sleigh - the very sleigh that carried a little boy on a Christmas Eve journey so long ago.



CHERISH THE LIGHT is an inspirational journey through activist Donna Friess' heart. Her fascinating story; part thriller, chronicle, and self help, illustrates steps to overcome devastation. With appearances on Oprah, Donna teaches healing and happiness. Cherish is the incredible sequel to her international best seller Cry the Darkness. Reviews: "Fantastic!" "Life Changing!" "A Must Read!" Ebook or print at







THE LOTUS PROJECT: THE ART OF BEING A WOMAN by Lyn Hicks. Author Lyn Hicks paints a beautiful collage of our modern femininity and the power of women, offering a new way to look at our roles as women in our community, home and workplace. Inspiring us to use our creativity and artistry as we move through the tasks of life.


THE QUEEN OF DAMN GOOD ADVICE by southern mom Annette Bridges. Written especially for daughters of all ages and life's stages, this unique memoir is filled with practical insights, real-life anecdotes and inspiration to empower, encourage and equip women to rule their lives. Annette shares honest, witty short stories filled with common sense and gentle faith. Available on Amazon.








SPARKLE AND THE LIGHT - A story for children of all ages, reminds us how to transform negativity into light. Award winning author Ayn Cates Sullivan and illustrator Belle Crow duCray remind us that we all shine like radiant stars. Ella has a light that glows in her forehead, is teased and feels ashamed until she finally realizes it is her special gift.  
CONQUER YOUR STRESS WITH MIND/BODY TECHNIQUES is all about stress: what it is, what it isn't - and what you can do about it. Natural health expert Dr. Kathy Gruver offers a treasure trove of examples, practical tips and easy methods you can do at home, presented in her down-to-earth style and balanced approach to combining Western and Alternative views.






YOGA WISDOM AT WORK - Blending ancient yoga wisdom with modern workplace expertise, the authors offer a profoundly spiritual, eminently practical guide to on-the-job yoga.  Precepts come alive as yogis share practices that enhance work meaning and satisfaction.  No matter your profession, this book will help you uncover and cultivate your divine light and limitless potential.  




LIGHTEN the LOAD, Tips and Tools to Ease Aging, Dying, Grieving, is frank and funny, outrageous and comforting while enabling getting affairs in order - with true life examples and healing 'homework' assignments. Susan Salguero guides you to lighten your own load of dreaded decisions, issues, and obsolete belongings.  Your relief frees you to be wonderfully available to others in distress.  


BREATHING BLUE - When the perfect storm of divorce, death, and job loss occurs, author Kathleen O'Dwyer takes a leap of faith and casts aside her comfortable Chicago life to take on the wilderness of Aravaipa Canyon in Arizona. In this personal memoir, Kathleen learns facing a rattlesnake is nothing compared to overcoming loneliness. Find Kathleen's book and blog on   



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