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THE HOLIDAYS are such a good time to give books & CDs as gifts. This year  we've included both spirited authors and spirited musicians on our Holiday Top 12 Book Pick List. We promise you, you will be uplifted and inspired and we urge you to support them! Save this list all year round! A great book & CD resource for you.


Imperfect Spirituality IMPERFECT SPIRITUALITY:EXTRAORDINARY ENLIGHTENMENT FOR ORDINARY PEOPLE by Polly Campbell will help you experience greater joy, peace, and possibility right in the middle of your busy life. Through compelling anecdotes and practical exercises you'll learn how to connect to your spiritual side even while paying the bills or folding clothes. Publisher's Weekly calls it a "spiritual guide for the rest of us."

harvesting HARVESTING YOUR JOURNALS: WRITING TOOLS TO ENHANCE YOUR GROWTH AND CREATIVITY by Rosalie Deer Heart & Alison Strickland, best friends for 35+ years, committed journal keepers and published writers. This book overflows with strategies, tools, and guidance from two women who have amassed more than 80 combined years of keeping journals. Learn how to invent your future; invigorate your present, by revisiting your past.




raising wrecker

RAISING WRECKER, set amid the giant trees of Northern California's magical Lost Coast, is the story of a nearly-broken boy who unexpectedly finds a family. A Book-of-the-Month Club Selection and winner of the 2012 WILLA Award for Contemporary Fiction, RAISING WRECKER joins other excellent books by women writers on A Room of Her Own's






magic of time

THE MAGIC OF TIME, a debut novel by Patricia Grace Joyce; is a well-researched and entertaining time-travel mystery romance, transporting our tormented heroine, Graziella Fortuna from present-day Los Angeles to a past life in nineteenth century London, England.  Brilliantly plotted, colorfully written, vividly imagined, it is a riveting tale of the paranormal, embracing the universal challenge of love vs. fear.    




parrots perch

THE PARROT'S PERCH by Karen Keilt is based on a true story of corruption, deceit and betrayal. The equestrian thriller set in Rio de Janeiro amidst jet-setters sipping cocktails, playing soccer, and living the good life. Danger lurks everywhere and you want to reach through the book to steer Catlin Lauria away from the hazards galloping toward her at breakneck speed. Amazon.




prince charming THE PRINCE CHARMING HOAX, an erotic romance by Elyse Grant, is the story of Leah Gold, who sets off on a mission to break free of the "happily ever after" fairy tale trap after being dumped by yet another Prince Charming. But will her crusade be a battle that destroys her real prince, who wants only to serve her cause? Amazon.









heartbreak FROM HEARTBREAK TO HEART'S DESIRE DEVELOPING A HEALTHY GPS (GUY PICKING SYSTEM) by Dawn Maslar offers a lighthearted look at the dating disasters many women face, coupled with a practical, easy-to-follow, real-life plan for change. Stop dating 'Mr. Wrong' or settling for 'Mr. Right-Now,' and find your heart's desire.




hearttoheart HEART TO HEART: OUR JOURNEY AS MOTHER AND SON by Patricia Carley, John Carley. A collection of art work, photographs, poems, and narrative that tell the spiritual journey of Patricia and John Carley over the past 29 years. Together they explore the inter-mingling of western medicine, the healing arts, everyday events and miracles. HearttoHeart.


erikshope ERIK'S HOPE is the story of Andrea Chilcote's transformational journey, assisted by her dog, Erik. From career-focused professional to catalyst for personal growth and healing, Andrea shares her life lessons. This engaging story is accompanied by reflections and powerful questions you can ask yourself to create your own personal transformation.  Erik's Hope is a life coach in a book! A portion of proceeds donated to Animal Rescue Groups.





love cover LOVE CAN CHANGE THE WORLD is a wonderful CD gift of peace and love for those on your holiday gift list! Its lyrical passion is underscored by graceful acoustic and roots rock arrangements layered with luscious harmonies. Tasteful acoustic guitar voicings and bluesy electric guitar rants float over a rhythm that keeps the listener in the groove - and in the moment.    



medatronsheart METATRON'S HEART * SACRED GEOMETRY IN SOUND BY RENEE S LEBEAU - A dynamic sound journey that is harmonically and energetically rich using 7 tibetan bowls, 2 tingshas, a crystal bowl, tabla and voice. Benefits include:  stress reduction; cellular memory release; brain wave shifts; and reconnection to your unique soul essence. It is extremely synergistic with other healing modalities.  


reach REACH CD by singer/songwriter Stacy Robin. Stacy created this CD as a special compilation for spirited women everywhere. She is known for creating music for both live performance and recordings that motivate others to "make a difference." In this CD, she has drawn material from various projects that she feels best reflects the human spirit. Great holiday gift.        




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