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The NEW YEAR is often a time of change and growth. A time to read uplifting, inspirational books that move you. So grab your Kindle. Visit your neighborhood book store. Go online to Amazon. Just read these wonderful books and support these authors! Our New Year's Top 12 Book Pick List is filled with books that will inspire you and others. Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.




(Shoveling Your Way Out Of  Manuretia to A Sweeter Smelling (and Living) Life) by Cara Wilson-Granat. How can we heal from heartache and life's challenges when the you-know-what hits the fan? We can (metaphorically) shovel out a new perspective starting now! Read stories of others sharing their own challenges and growing from them.





The Richest Woman THE RICHEST WOMAN IN BABYLON AND MANHATTAN - # 1 BEST SELLER bestows ancient and modern financial + spiritual remedies for women. Spoken in stylish parables, this timeless tale weaves a path that begins in Manhattan and ends with the wisdom of the Richest Woman in Babylon. This book will fatten the purses and illuminate the souls of countless women with its simple truth. "The Truth is Always in Fashion."


PrincessGardenA PRINCESS AND HER GARDEN: A FABLE OF AWAKENING AND ARRIVAL. A princess  tends to everybody else's gardens at the expense of her own. Sound familiar? Dr. Patricia Adson unveils an internal reflection process and provides a guided journal to help the reader move from being the "Princess of Other People" to becoming the "Queen of Herself."  

road to omalos ROAD TO OMALOS by national and international award-winning author Marilyn Jax. Her latest mystery, with its vivid settings and unforgettable characters, takes the reader on a spellbinding ride to Crete - the Greek island of romance and mystique. Voted "Winner" in the 2011 Benjamin Franklin Book Awards - Mystery/Suspense category, this must-read will keep you turning pages!


leaders LEADERS: THEIR STORIES, THEIR WORDS - CONVERSATIONS WITH HUMAN-BASED LEADERS™ creates an opportunity to not only pause, relax and reflect on the lives of contemporary leaders, but also to assess one's own values, behaviors and priorities. The book brings an intimate peek into the thoughts, feelings and motivations of a diverse group of powerful leaders who induce the desire to follow them more closely.        




lose the baggage LOSE THE BAGGAGE, LOSE THE WEIGHT - Lorna Stremcha teaches women how to use the P.I.E.S. way of life to positively affect the physical, intellectual, emotional, and spiritual aspects of their lives. Using life experiences and sound research she provides the tools that will help you understand the underlying problems and make necessary changes in your outlook and your life.





eriks hopeERIK'S HOPE is the story of Andrea Chilcote's transformational journey, assisted by her dog, Erik. From career-focused professional to catalyst for personal growth and healing, Andrea shares her life lessons. This engaging story is accompanied by reflections and powerful questions you can ask yourself to create your own personal transformation.  Erik's Hope is a life coach in a book! A portion of proceeds donated to Animal Rescue Groups.

don't call DON'T CALL ME MOTHER, an award-winning memoir by Linda Joy Myers, weaves the tale of three generations of mothers who abandoned their daughters. Myers makes a childhood promise that she will break the pattern. Set in the lush Midwestern landscape, it's a story of hope, loss and ultimately, forgiveness. Myers is the founder of the National Association of Memoir Writers.       

danburg diaryTHE DANBURG DIARY by T.A. Powell. When an heirloom grandfather clock is sent off for restoration, Historical Preservationist Caroline Horton is suddenly bequeathed with its contents...a charred leather diary. Desperate to find a tie between the female child's diary and the antebellum home she is rehabilitating she devours every page, accidentally discovering a cryptic description of a brutal mass murder recorded within its singed pages.

old rectory THE OLD RECTORY: ESCAPE TO A COUNTRY KITCHEN by Julia Ibbotson is "charming","a beautiful tale of love," "with comforting recipes and delightful anecdotes" about country life in an English rectory. It's been acclaimed as the author's spiritually uplifting journey to find what is most important in life. Available on Amazon, Barnes & Noble or direct from her website,



werewolvesI BELIEVE IN WEREWOLVES - An anthology of titillating tales that will have you living on edge, from one story to the next, taking you where your darkest fears come to life. "Once Bitten - Not So Shy" by featured author, Sirrah Medeiros, brings the reader into the life of a tormented soul, torn between two worlds, one of human morality and the other of a bestial, seductive existence.



discover setDISCOVER THE ESSENCE OF YOU: A PRACTICAL GUIDE TO LIVING YOUR HEART'S DESIRE by Nancy Ferrari, is an experiential workbook/journal and audio designed for you to explore your life, learn how to handle transitions effectively, release fears and limiting beliefs, connect, evolve, discover your true authenticity, and rediscover and embrace your path to your heart.  

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