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THE NEW YEAR is a wonderful time to buy a book that supports us in a new direction. On our New Year's Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of gifted authors to help you grow and flow. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.
SHIFT: A WOMAN'S GUIDE TO TRANSFORMATION - Dr.'s Latz and Ross examine the 10 most common obstacles in women┬╣s lives: feeling unloved, guilt and shame, abandonment, anger and resentment, self-definition, lack of self-love, heartache, powerlessness, fear of the unknown and stress. Creating awareness they give tools to overcome each issue. Stories of real people show how it really can be done. Amazon

WAKING IN THE DREAMTIME: FINDING THE MAGIC IN THE MUNDANE - by Catherine Hebenstreit. In her book, Catherine demonstrates how someone from our modern world can become conversant with both the rational and shamanic way of seeing as she travels through mystical experiences with obscure tribes in various parts of the world. Join Catherine in this foray into the Dreamtime.  
DAILY AFFIRMATIONS FOR LOVE - by Dr. Mamiko Odegard was written so you can know and feel the joys of being loved, being in love, loving yourself, and sharing love with others. Each affirmation is designed to increase awareness of the gifts and possibilities open in all relationships by taking small steps that allow you to ACT on love each day.

TURNING POSSIBILITIES INTO REALITIES - Have you ever had an idea and secretly thought "... But, I could never do that..." This book gives you the tools to influence your future by revealing what it takes to lead with ease. It's clarity is great as the authors reveal transforming messages in poignant stories... building threads of commonality about the dimensions of leadership.

THE 5 YEAR JOURNAL - by Doreene Clement with Sandy Rogers, originally published in 2000. Louise Hay said about this book, "Doreene Clement has created the best journal." What is unique about this journal is the story of its' creation and how the author overcame, then succumbed to a debilitating illness. And, how her friend and caregiver, Sandy Rogers, continued the legacy. Amazon



THE CURSE OF THE NEVERLAND - This tale by Lindy MacLaine grabs firmly ahold of your inner child and takes her on an imaginative and empowering adventure to save the dying Neverland along with Piper, (Peter Pan's unknowing granddaughter), and her motley group of fellow foster girls - not to mention aging fairy Belle, formerly Tinker Bell. For ages 9-90.   
THE NEWEST SECRET - Ever wanted to bring your unfulfilled dreams to reality ...ON PURPOSE? Combines Law of Attraction and Power of the Pen with a 10-step inspiring skillset not taught in schools and universities - but is deemed to deliver more joyful and authentic success than formal education. Rewrite your story and self-publish your 2016 Vision Book! Priceless. Amazon
THE WILD FEMININE: STORIES TO INSPIRE AND EMBOLDEN - Jungian psychologist and artist Marilyn Steele weaves personal and archetypal experiences of the wild and sacred feminine. She traces a spiral path to recovering her Wild Feminine power, voice and creativity through dreams, intuition, synchronicities. She learned to love herself, marry her muse, and be faithful to her wild soul.

TWO MOTHERS ONE PRAYER - brings us into the touching world of Childhood cancer. Told from the perspective of two caring mothers who share their intimate conversations as they care for their young daughters. Sharing what it takes to cope during such difficult times. You will be inspired and amazed by their strength and love. Order your copy at
A CHANGE OF HABIT - This award-winning book recounts a spiritual journey began when a religious eddy hurls 17-year-old Patty into a convent. Failing to find happiness, she leaves, but debilitating habits dogged after her. Finding true spirituality and finally listening to the God within, Patty shakes destructive habits of guilt and shares seven secrets to guilt-free living learned on her journey.
FLYING LESSONS: HOW TO BE THE PILOT OF YOUR OWN LIFE is a multi-layered memoir and an elegant 7-step system for your personal journey, augmented by Pamela Hale's stunning aerial photographs. Pam weaves stories about her pursuit of a private pilot's license into a metaphor that will help you break free of "gravity" and realize your potential to soar. 
A HEART'S DESIRE 2016 COLORING JOURNAL CALENDAR - by Deborah Brown and Barbara Schiffman, CHt, is a delightful coloring book that helps you take the time and bandwidth you need to rejuvenate, center yourself and sharpen your focus. With a fistful of bright crayons and fifteen minutes of quiet inspiration, you can release creative engines that propel you to solve problems and dream bigger dreams. Amazon

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