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The New Year is a time to get your mojo running. Perk yourself up. Our New Year's Top 12 Book Pick List is filled with books that will uplift and inspire you and help your new intentions soar. We urge you to support these spirited authors! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.


messagesmother MESSAGES FROM MOTHER....EARTH MOTHER by Mare Cromwell, an award-winning author, long-time student of Native teachers and worm herder, was essentially written by Spirit through Mare. In a magical blend of humor and spiritual wisdom, Earth Mother discusses a multitude of topics with specific messages for her sons and daughters. These messages are to help birth the New World ahead.

gerdagovine OH, WHERE IS MY CANDLE HAT? by Gerda Govine Ituarte, Limited Edition Handmade Poetry Art Book in English/Spanish, became the vessel for words to touch and enrich my life, and hopefully, the lives of others. Nikki Giovanni wrote "That eye for the real wedded to the heart of a metaphor makes Oh, Where is My Candle Hat? must reading."






BARE NAKED AT THE REALITY DANCE by Suzanne Selby Grenager helps you wake up, fall in love with yourself and make the difference you're born and dying to make. Through the graceful transmission of her own transformational journey, this warm, achingly honest Sister Seeker and Scribe awakens and inspires the wild, wonderful women you already are. Feminine empowerment at its best!  







CIRCLE OF ONE: THE ART OF BECOMING A SELF-CENTERED WOMAN, by women's empowerment coach Deborah Roth has distilled the vast wealth of academic, feminist, and earth-centered literature into a friendly interpretation of the Divine Feminine, offering practical and powerful tools, rituals, and intuitive questioning to help you create sacred space for yourself everyday at work, home, and throughout life's big changes.  Kindle edition    




power ceremony

THE POWER OF CEREMONY: Restoring the Sacred in Our Selves, Our Families, Our Communities is a guide to restoring our relationship with Earth & Spirit and renewing spiritual community. Linda Neale describes seven fundamental ceremonial principles, illustrating them with illuminating stories. Her book reminds us what we have lost and what can be regained in our lives and culture.




livinglight LIVING IN THE LIGHT is a user friendly way for people to make positive changes in their lives that will allow them to experience a more peaceful and joyful daily experience. Endorsed by Best Selling Hay House Author Eldon Taylor, this self- empowerment book will facilitate your reconnection with your Divine Self. Learn to feel confident and Peaceful in every situation that you encounter!


magicdoorway The MAGIC DOORWAY INTO THE DIVINE by International best-selling author, Devrah Laval, is a "Road-map of the spiritual journey...a guide to reconnecting with our Divinity." Devrah experienced a miraculous healing after having an enlightenment experience. She is a spiritual counselor and shares the wisdom gleaned from over twenty years of study with numerous masters and gurus.





lovingconnections LOVING CONNECTIONS: THE HEALING POWER OF AFTERDEATH COMMUNICATION written by Jane Vair Bissler and Lisa Heiser. This book tells the story of love that never dies.  We describe the ways in which these loving connections support, enable, and empower grief-stricken individuals to regain emotional equilibrium, attain a sense of peace, and acquire new vitality and unexpected joy for living again.






Next Year Jerusalem NEXT YEAR IN JERUSALEM, Romance, Mystery & Spiritual Awakenings, Part 1. When Natalie's husband takes a sabbatical in Jerusalem, Natalie and her friend Maggie are involved in more than they bargained for. A mystery woman, a boyfriend on Facebook, a tall handsome stranger, spiritual highs, and magical moments set against the threat of terrorism, tantalize as they navigate the mystical, mysterious city.  


merger mogul THE MERGER MOGUL, Donna Every's debut novel, will have you riveted. "Women are great but a profitable company and a healthy stock portfolio are better and definitely harder to come by," says Daniel Tennant, aka The Merger Mogul. But his life is about to be turned upside down by a beautiful, spirited woman unlike any he's known before.   







live smart after 50 LIVE SMART AFTER 50! a collaboration by 33 members of The Life Planning Network, offers friendly, focused, forward-thinking and action-oriented help with the challenges of aging in the 21st century. Rich in practical experience and wisdom, self-exploration exercises and diverse resources, it's a companionable guide for planning and preparing for the second half of life.    





THE COUPLE'S RETIREMENT PUZZLE: 10 Must-Have Conversations for Transitioning to the Second Half of Life, by Roberta Taylor and Dorian Mintzer, guides you through how to have conversations to help you plan the next stage of your life. First, clarify your own vision and then develop a "shared vision" with your partner or other significant people in your life.  






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