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The New Year is often a time when we re-group, make resolutions, change our life, move on to new endeavors - basically "begin anew." Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with experts and products that will help you do just that! Start the year as an opportunity for growth. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save these lists all year round, too! A great resource tool for you.


Jane Plotkin A TALK WITH SPIRIT - Teacher/healer Jane Ellen Plotkin M.A. is a world class channel, counselor, and spiritual healer. The combination of her traditional background as a Marriage and Family Therapist together with her gift of channeling through Spirit makes her work exceptional. 310-709-7071.      

Diana Timmermans DIANA TIMMERMANS IS A CERTIFIED SIMPLYHEALED™ PRACTITIONER & REIKI MASTER. For over 11 years Diana has offered a unique experience. She intuitively finds and repairs impairments often related to ancestral and cultural DNA. The process heals blocks hindering energy flow for the client and their generational ancestors. Diana assists clients in clearing energy blocks arresting growth and hindering development of their best self.   

ARE YOU LIVING A LIFE BASED ON BELIEVING IN YOURSELF? Dawn Z Bournand founder of Fabulously Successful, a personal transformation company, works with women across the globe to assist them in creating their best life yet. With transformative focuses for Expats, Working Moms and Entrepreneurs, Dawn guides women to increase their prosperity and have a massive impact on the world.




lorrie kazanARE YOU INTERESTED IN MANIFESTING your life's dreams? Lorrie Kazan was chosen one of the top psychics in a worldwide audition for the prestigious Edgar Cayce Institute. Her readings inform, motivate and transform. Testimonials abound: "Lorrie told me I was pregnant the same day (I later learned) I conceived my daughter." Don't miss her free newsletters!

Sabrina Fritts SABRINA FRITTS IS AN INTUITIVE life coach, healer, and teacher who is passionate about sharing her personal experiences and expertise in living authentically for the sake of helping others to expand and allow more joy, ease and fun in their daily lives. Enjoy this broadcast on "Letting Go Into 2012." Sabrina provides distance healing and coaching sessions +1.720.935.6316.     


tracie nicholsHELPING COMPASSIONATE CHANGEMAKERS GET CLEAR (about their gifts, work, themselves), get unstuck (frustration begone!) and get potent (YES! You are a powerful force for change!) by forming sacred partnerships with the Earth. Tracie Nichols, M.A. is trained in Human Transformation and guided by Gaia, our beloved planet. Contact Tracie about Solid Ground Mentoring, classes, or retreats at,, or 215-527-5457.

Nancy Ferrari NANCY FERRARI, PERSONAL EMPOWERMENT COACH is the creator of her signature coaching program "Discover the Essence of You." Nancy introduces essential techniques to help develop new skills to make better choices and more empowered decisions. Nancy's main goal is to teach how to connect, evolve and discover your life with clarity and authenticity. Discount for Spirited Women. 714-469-1782

Nancy MillsHEALING JEWELRY by Cheryl Wagner. Many people have had oracle readings, palm readings, even toe readings. I make a bracelet just for you out of charms, semiprecious stones. I send you a reading of the color/charms/stones. You wear it on your left wrist (closest to your heart). Healing bracelet...special for you alone. To the right is Nancy Mills' bracelet. 602-882-3920.  


Robin Newman GLOBAL EGG DONORS was born to simplify the difficult path to pregnancy for many. By going abroad for fertility treatments you can reduce time, hassle and high costs incurred at home.  "The financial and emotional stress of infertility ended our marriage. My global 10-year journey can ease the path of infertility for many." - Robin Newman     


Jennifer WebbIF YOU WANT TO SET THE WORLD ON FIRE, let's make sure your matches are lit!  Author, speaker & human performance coach Jennifer Webb teaches how to align thinking, utilize your Emotional Intelligence and ignite your inner powers to set the world on fire, using your amazing talents. Jennifer works with individuals and companies teaching how to multiply your successes in 2012!


woman way to recovery A WOMAN'S WAY TO RECOVERY works from a strength's perspective to help women who are abusing substances and/or alcohol. Founded by Belina Fruitman, LCSW, it is the time of year many of us make resolutions to change our lives. Please call 303-523-061 or e-mail: You will find an empathic and supportive woman on the other end of the phone.    

Regina Cates

REGINA VICTORIA CATES IS A SPIRITUAL TEACHER, author, and co-founder of Romancing Your Soul. For the past decade she has helped people around the world experience profound spiritual transformations. Her first book, Romancing Your Soul, will be published in 2012. "I have a gift for seeing past the human condition to help people connect to their souls." Namaste, Regina







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