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Spring is a wonderful time for renewal and feeling energized. On our Spring Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of gifted authors to help inspire and uplift you. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you..


HEALING IS A JOURNEY - by Minx Boren MCC, is about our ongoing quest for well-being and wholeness. It's about staying mindful and vitally alive while learning from the inevitable losses and reverses every human endures. Coach Minx uses evocative poetry and prose to address topics ranging from extraordinary self-care to deep connection, from getting unstuck to thriving through adversity. www.CoachMinx.comAmazon.

HEAVEN HAS NO REGRETS - No matter what they lost, cousins Faith and Makenzie would always have each other . . . until sickness set in, and time became its own disease. Hear from each girl's own point of view the award winning true story of life, love, and letting go while past meets present on a journey of healing without regrets.



DOUBLE IDENTITY - is a richly characterized, inventive thrill ride with plenty of suspense and romance. A passionate star-crossed romance between charismatic French vintner Cecile Cardin and elusive billionaire Paul Allensworth leads to the birth of twins Gillian and Julianne, who were separated at the age of three, only one twin will have the perfect life but both will skyrocket through incredible journeys. Amazon.


THE INFINITE WISDOM OF THE AKASHIC RECORDS - is filled with powerful prayers & tools to access your Akashic Record and heal yourself with the help of the Akashic Masters. Accessing the Records is a powerful path to self-awareness and personal change. Lisa lovingly guides you through the Wisdom Prayer System, to directly and easily open your Akashic Record. Free Akashic Gifts, No Purchase:


SPIRIT LED INSTEAD - What if you had more access to the highest, wisest, most authentic part of you? When you align with your spirit, you become the perfect expression of you, living your highest vision in the world. This book offers simple, non-dogmatic tools that help you reach your limitless potential. Start living your spirit-led life now. Get your free chapter.





WHEN YOUR BODY TALKS, LISTEN! - by Drs. Allen and Lisa Robyn Lawrence will takes you on a journey into understanding this process, why you are getting sick, and what you can do about it. It provides important, life-saving information on how you can recognize whether or not you have a Stress-Related Disorder and how you can eliminate it.





THE GODDESS AND THE GAME BOARD: A Guide to the Golden Age With Messages From Isis, Mary Magdalene, Yeshua, Mother Mary, Osiris, Thoth, And The Archangels - Spiritual Psychologist Jeri Castronova was assigned the task of writing this book and exploring ancient matriarchal consciousness sites. It is time for all women to lift the veils on our ancient wisdom.     


HELP IS NOT A FOUR LETTER WORD: WHY DOING IT ALL IS DOING YOU IN -by motivational speaker, author Peggy Collins reveals a subject that's never been discussed before. Can't ask for help? Can't delegate? Close to burnout? Discovering how to overcome this self-defeating behavior will bring you balance and connectedness. and to order please email

A STORY OF BECOMING - Ayn Cates Sullivan's latest book is a fable for all genders and ages. It is the story of a seed that over time becomes an apple tree and after a storm becomes a living miracle. Illustrator Belle Crow duCray hand drew each page. The artwork exquisitely matches the written poetry. For signed copies order from:


TWO MOTHERS ONE PRAYER - brings us into the touching world of Childhood cancer. Told from the perspective of two caring mothers who share their intimate conversations as they care for their young daughters. Sharing what it takes to cope during such difficult times. You will be inspired and amazed by their strength and love. Order your copy at  






HEALTHY & EASY RECIPES: DELICIOUS WHOLE FOOD COOKING TO TRANSFORM MIND, BODY & SOUL - will help you experience the pleasures of great food and normal eating. The book helps you create meal plans that give you confidence in your food choices. Healthy & Easy Recipes follows Mirasol's first highly acclaimed cookbook loved by former patients, therapists, and anyone interested in healthy eating. Amazon.




DESIGNED FOR SUCCESS: THE 10 COMMANDMENTS FOR WOMEN IN THE WORKPLACE - has a bold, empowering message. You are designed for success, and your work should be challenging, inspiring and fulfilling. Explore these powerful principles with Dondi Scumaci and learn how to unwrap your gifts, break through the barriers and release your potential. Amazon.





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