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Spring Equinox is a time to uplift yourself. Start anew. Read books that invigorate you. Our Spring Equinox Top 12 Book Pick List is filled with books that will help you soar and transition into greatness. We urge you to support these spirited authors! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.


vast unknowning THE VAST UNKNOWING, poems by Nancy Shiffrin, is a journey of transformation. Nancy's themes are recovery from trauma, women's empowerment, spirituality, healing and faith. "One of her main questions is Who are we? What made us that person? She explores a number of sources of our identity...." G. Murray Thomas, Available from Infinity Publishing. 877-BUY BOOKS.


MAURA4U: THE ART OF HAPPINESS offers fun, fodder and plenty of inspiration for those looking to expand personal boundaries and life's possibilities. Armed with anecdotes, experience and her newest career sharing it all with others, author Maura Sweeney brings eclectic, mundane and global stories alive - always with relevance and an eye out 4u! Amazon.  






this very moment

THIS VERY MOMENT, a photo-journal by Andrea Chilcote with foreword by Nancy Mills, is a collection of essays on relationship, connection, and honoring the present moment at hand. Most appeared as blog posts on Andrea created this collection with space for readers to journal reflections to spark their own insights and spread the spirit of connection among us all.  





DANCE INTO YOUR POWER: A WOMAN'S JOURNEY TO POWERFUL PRESENCE by Maia Beatty. Starting out as a 17-year-old runaway with only the clothes on her back and $30 in her pocket, Maia took decades to discover the Master Strategy that gives you the "keys to your own power." Her uniquely powerful journey shows you how to find them yourself.  





coming full circle

COMING FULL CIRCLE by Lynn Andrews. "In this book...I have the great honor of introducing you to a number of women about whom I have not previously written, as well as sharing with you additional stories with several of them. Each new story...can be applied to help us move into harmony and a state of grace with the world around us..."




artfulgrief ARTFUL GRIEF by Sharon Strouse is a decade long study of loss by an art therapist, in the aftermath of her daughter's suicide. Sharon shares letters, written to Kristin, along with forty-nine "terrifyingly beautiful" collages.  Her evocative and spontaneous creations formed a visual narrative through grief, allowing her to come to terms with her daughter's suicide and find meaning in her life.



JOURNALING BY THE MOONLIGHT: A MOTHER'S PATH TO SELF-DISCOVERY by Tina M. Games. - You're a mom, but who are you really? This book/card deck gently guides mothers on a journey through the moon phases as they explore their most authentic self and begin to connect the dots that lead to a life filled with purpose, passion, and creative expression. Amazon.





comfort of lies THE COMFORT OF LIES by Randy Susan Meyers. "Sharp, biting, sometimes wickedly funny, but a lot of heart, too. Meyers writes beautifully about a formerly good marriage ´┐Żand deftly dissects just how ugly things get after infidelity. Battles take place on a small stage, yet they're anything but trivial: saving a marriage, making a meaningful career, learning to parent." Boston Globe






heart wisdom HEART WISDOM, A CONCISE COMPANION FOR CREATING A LIFE OF POSSIBILITY the first book by Psychotherapist and Life Coach, Diane Turner. By asking probing questions, readers are guided to identify their starting point and create more of what they desire through self-acceptance and focused intentions. Heart Wisdom is a multi-sensory experience encouraging reflection and deep connection by accessing the reader's own "heart wisdom."



win at work WIN AT WORK! THE EVERYBODY WINS APPROACH TO CONFLICT RESOLUTION by Diane Katz, PhD, helps you navigate 8 dilemmas. Her extraordinary process, The Working Circle, helps you make decisions that are best for you. Reading her book is like having a conversation with her - it is accessible, informative. This is a book that everyone should have on her shelf!   







win at life WIN AT LIFE AND POSITIVELY SPARKLE! An Olympian's Advice For Success is a Best  Seller written by Olympian and Figure Skating Champion, Barbara Berezowski. She inspires and enlightens you with insights into a champion's mindset. She explains how a positive attitude is key to achieving success in all that you do with advice for personal growth and professional development. Amazon.  






akasha travel

AKASHA SACRED TRAVEL: SOUTHEAST ASIA - Enjoy a fantastic voyage into unseen realms. Sacred space expert Carolyn Cobelo presents the knowledge she gained in her many visits to ancient sites in Thailand, Bali, Indonesia, Java, and Cambodia. Covers sites such as Goa Gajah, Pura Batukau, Wat Po, Wat Doi Sutep, Wat Man, Pura Kehen, Pura Masceti, and Gunung Kawi, Angkor Wat, and more.  






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