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SPRING EQUINOX is about awakening, opening up, exploring the new energies of spring. A time to read and share books that will uplift you and brighten your day and spirits. Our Spring Equinox Top 12 Book Pick List is filled with compelling books and we urge you to support these authors! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.


TANTRA GODDESS, A MEMOIR OF SEXUAL AWAKENING by tantra goddess Caroline Muir. A deeply personal memoir of a girl from Kansas seeking fulfillment in sex and love, often falling through the cracks until finally the queen finds her Beloved. A true story of sexual confusion that led to a hysterectomy in her early '20s and finally resulted in sexual healing and awakening that transformed this girl into a woman.





gaia emissary GAIA'S EMISSARY, written by Suzanne Fensin, is a compelling story and a portal into an awareness of what's not only possible, but probable. This is a powerful and magical journey that blends ancient wisdom, self-empowerment, conscious co-creation and unconditional love as Mark Lameur seeks his own personal truth while igniting positive change in his chaotic and painful world.


flying lessons

FLYING LESSONS: HOW TO BE THE PILOT OF YOUR OWN LIFE is a multi-layered memoir and an elegant 7-step system for your personal journey, augmented by Pamela Hale's stunning aerial photographs. Pam weaves stories about her pursuit of a private pilot's license into a metaphor that will help you break free of "gravity" and realize your potential to soar. 






uterine health THE UTERINE HEALTH COMPANION by Medical Anthropologist Dr. Eve Agee will inspire you and give you the tools you need to have radiant lifelong health and wellness.  Winner of the International Book Awards, this bestselling book is full of poignant narratives and global insights that will empower you to build a rich and healthy relationship with your body, whether you have your uterus or not. Amazon.       

dragon burned THE DRAGON WHO BURNED ALL HIS FRIENDS: COOLING FLAMES OF ANGER THROUGH SELF DISCOVERY is an engaging story that shows how to get needs met without resorting to anger. Join Ashton in flame-control training with Frank the fireman. As Ashton learns about his flame, readers will learn anger management and ways of self-reflection that can lead to lasting change.        




a mirror discovering A MIRRORING DISCOVERY WITH ANGEL VISITATION! Gloria Messenger reflects the 'mirror of insight' within this book she channelled in 33 days! A flowing dialogue of Mind-Soul-and-Angel-voices offers a movement into joy and lightness, revealing the ease of discovering our chosen Mission and Passion. This Angel commentary is like no other highlighting abundance within the Source of ALL! 

marvinsbook MARVIN'S BOOK: THE STORY OF A PROFESSOR AND A PROMISE by M. Soldani Lemon is an outrageously funny story  about a professor fulfilling a brash promise she made to one of her college students. This delightfully written book will rekindle your faith in the power of intention and positive thinking.


carry on flame CARRY ON THE FLAME: DESTINY'S CALL an award-winning book by Jodine Turner. Sharay fights black magic aimed to stop her destiny of helping humanity discover that divine love is the most powerful magic. If you've ever felt you have a life calling that you resisted, if you're not listening to your most authentic heart, then Sharay's initiatory sacred feminine journey is yours.

with all my might WITH ALL MY MIGHT by Gabriella van Rij reveals her painful life lived as an "outcast." Being a Pakistani child adopted into Dutch society, she encountered problems with self-identity.  They will resonate with the door to self-acceptance at My story is unique the emotions are not. "I dare to live, to love, to give, to be and passionate with all of me." Gabriella van Rij.





currents of vengeance CURRENTS OF VENGEANCE is a visually and emotionally rich story of love, greed, and crimes at sea, set on a cruise ship and in exotic seaports. In this sequel to Currents Deep and Deadly, Darcy Farthing reluctantly embarks on a second cruise with her new lover, a federal investigator; and her "new" daughter, only to battle more violence and madness wrought by seekers of revenge. Amazon.     




american music AMERICAN MUSIC by Patricia Falanga is a novel set in the twentieth century and in the spiritual realm. Telling three generations of stories beginning with the 1906 immigration of the author's paternal grandmother, American Music presents in the form of a contest for the souls of the family over five decades a dialogue between forces of light and darkness, between Michael and Evil Alive.


jeshua songJESHUA'S SONG - Mystical tale of a master, who some know as 'the Christ'. His intention, lost in time, to be a peacemaker (Holy Grail), got sidetracked into a religion. His life (Song) spans pre-birth, until long after the crucifixion. His true love story affirms all are "keepers of the Holy Grail". His underlying message is perfect for this time of transition to a higher consciousness.




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