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The Spring Equinox is a time of blooming, awakening, "waking up," to the possibilities of springing forward. In other words, spring has sprung!  Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with experts and products that will help you spring into action! We urge you to support these spirited women. Save these lists all year round, too! A great resource tool for you.


soulful journals READY TO MANIFEST YOUR DREAM LIFE? The Soulful Journals Manifestation Set will help you do exactly that! These three interactive books (written by husband and wife team, Dan Teck and Jodi Chapman) will guide you through three steps to creating your ideal life - gratitude, vision, and action! You already have the dreams - here are the tools to help them come true!      

joyce willson THE ART OF REIKI....Celebrating 10 Years of energy work!. Joyce Willson RN, Energy Healer, Master Instructor in Reiki and Integrated Energy Therapy brings her passion for energy work to her clients assisting them in finding Peace and Health through The Art of Reiki. The Love, Joy, Wisdom and Possibility Joyce brings through for each client is truly life changing!   
6 heart lotus

COURAGEOUS HEART IN MOTION - Original images infused with life's deepest longings to express itself. Gift card/clever wall hanging in one! Each image is inspirational - in full, luscious, spirited bloom! Feel your heart open and soar as your eyes feast on the vibrant, rich color and texture of these beautiful, universal, visual affirmations. Let life be your offering! This is mine to you.





Monica MLH Wellness TREAT THE SOURCE...NOT THE SYMPTOM! Monica Hershaft runs a boutique holistic health and wellness center in Beverly Hills. Using a non invasive technique, Monica is able to design a program that is uniquely created for your body to address the source of the issue and allow the body to self correct naturally. Call to schedule a consult (310) 425-3045

overland expo DO YOU DREAM OF ADVENTURE? Join this unique community of explorers who gather once a year to get trained, get outfitted, get inspired . . . and get going. Over 85 classes/programs for do-it-yourself adventurers, whether you want to explore 100 miles or 10,000 miles from home. Programs just for women. The world is waiting. (proceeds support     

Annette Wagner ANNETTE WAGNER, M.A. - ARTIST, TEACHER, CREATIVITY MENTOR - We all have a unique and creative self - mine is a cowgirl boot wearing, pink haired, chocoholic who LOVES to paint! What's yours? I'd love to work with you on connecting to your creative self. I invite you to join me in a workshop grounded in intentional creativity, or, take a wander through my site and read the stories of my paintings.

robin hart ROBIN HART, OWNER/FOUNDER of ANEW PERSPECTIVE HYPNOSIS & COACHING - I've worked with 100s of clients who've tried everything to change habits/behaviors on their own, only to fail. In one to six sessions they've been able to change habits/behaviors from stop smoking to increased motivation. I use powerful behavioral techniques such as Hypnosis, NLP (Neuro-Linguistic Programming) and RET (Rapid Eye Technology) to create positive change.

healing bracelet HEALING BRACELETS by Cheryl Wagner. Many people have heard about oracle (angel, tarot) readings, palms read, toe readings. This is very similar, I make the bracelet (special ordered) with semi-precious stones and charms. Then type out a reading of stones (esoteric meanings) used. You wear your bracelet on your left wrist closest to your heart. Then watch miracles happen!!! 602-882-3920.  


phyllis walker EMPOWERING BATTERED WOMEN: At Hummingbird Studios, art, speaking and charitable outreach merge to empower survivors of domestic violence. Inspire your Spirit and Refresh your Soul with a selection of Hummingbird Studios prints! A percentage benefits my 501(c)(3) organization, providing hope to survivors overcoming adversity. Various sizes, $35 - $199. Please view video on below link to learn more. Thank you!




Patricia Bisch FREEDOM FROM FOOD: QUANTUM WEIGHT LOSS APPROACH - Tired of dieting? Patricia Bisch MA, MFT, an internationally renowned expert, presents a revolutionary mind/body approach to weight loss without dieting. Based on her painful childhood as an overeater, Patricia's step-by-step approach helps you regain power over what's been controlling you so that you can be free from food. Private consultations available. 818-808-8903

mind-expanding MIND-EXPANDING EVENTS - Food for your Conscious Mind.  Events that expand your mind, lift your spirit, and change your life. Explore the ideas you've been craving by top transformational speakers. There is always something going on. Or post your own empowering events. Always free. Contact me any time for any reason. I'm Jocelyn, the webmistress.    

lorrie kazanARE YOU INTERESTED IN MANIFESTING your life's dreams? Lorrie Kazan was chosen one of the top psychics in a worldwide audition for the prestigious Edgar Cayce Institute. Her readings inform, motivate and transform. Testimonials abound: "Lorrie told me I was pregnant the same day (I later learned) I conceived my daughter." Don't miss her free newsletters!

Would you like your services/products/yourself to be "showcased" in our Mother's Day Top 12 Picks List? Personally, this is one of my favorite lists. Fab way to get recognition for what you do. Call Nancy NOW to insure a spot at 805-698-3555 or via e-mail: