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The Spring Equinox is a magical time. A new beginning for many, a time to leap, and spring forward. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with inspiring experts, products and services that will help uplift you. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save these lists all year round, too! A great resource tool for you.


katana abbott SMART WOMEN's COACHING� was founded with the intention of creating a community of women working together to reinvent their lives and grow wealth while following their passions and life purpose. Come pick up your free gift entitled "Breakthrough Your Fears and Step Into Your Brilliance" which is designed to help you increase your confidence, clarity, and income!



INSPIRING HAPPIER AND HEALTHIER LIVING - Amy McCae is passionate about helping you achieve your dreams. As a Wellness Coach she offers Life Coaching, Fitness Training, Nutrition Counseling, Meditation Training, and Energy Work even from a far. Please view Amy's website for a list of services, media appearances, and credentials and contact her today.    

BEEN MEANING TO TAKE WRITING SERIOUSLY? TO BRING IT TO THE NEXT LEVEL? Memoirist, poet and master teacher Sheila Bender's books and reasonably priced online and in-person teaching and editing empower new and experienced writers in starting, revising and finishing personal essays, poems and memoir. Study with her in Nashville, TN April 25-28 or Port Townsend, WA June 13-16.
vicki monroe

SPIRIT MESSENGER, PSYCHIC MEDIUM, CSI, and PARANORMAL INVESTIGATOR - Vicki Monroe in considered one of the best in the world at seeing, hearing and speaking with your deceased loved ones since the age of three.  She still works everyday with clients to ease their minds, by giving incredible accurate sessions. She is an author and television personality. Find her on her website at


READY TO DITCH THE PERFECTIONISTA WITHIN?  Liberate your joy and purge the control of body-battles. Cat Williford, pioneer of the coaching profession has coached thousands of women since 1994. Transform your relationship with your body immediately and experience new leadership confidence with Cat's proven Self-Love Challenge Program - part workshop, coaching, ceremony and retreat. Contact Cat:


PROMOTE THE TRUE YOU - Need to promote your service or your product without extra stress or anxiety? KIYOMI EMI, marketing, public relations, special events expert with 20+ years of experience, can provide you with honest advice and guide you through your next campaign. With her help, the media will know who you are and what you do! Contact Kiyomi at     


rita henry RITA HENRY is a spirited woman who says "Yes!" to life and fosters self-love & empowerment. Rita promotes self-awareness, honesty, and growth on all levels - spiritually, physically, emotionally, and intellectually. She does this through phone sessions, energetic healing work, workshops, Qigong, and guided meditations. For over 20 years Rita has supported 1000s of clients worldwide in shifting their consciousness to elevated levels.

lorieweldon LORIE WELDON, CR PHOTOG., AFP, PHOTOGRAPHER AND OWNER OF BEAUX ARTS STUDIO -  If you have ever looked in the mirror and you see imperfections, do not worry, come to Lorie for a fun relaxed makeover and photo shoot and you will see the beautiful, sensual and strong woman you truly are.


SPIRITUAL TEACHER CAROLYN E. COBELO - is the founder of Akasha Entertainment, a premier global metaphysical media company devoted to uplifting consciousness through books, films, film festivals, & spiritual retreats. Carolyn is an ordained minister with over 30 years experience as a healer, spiritual teacher, and facilitator of spiritual ceremony. She has led pilgrimages to various power places around the world.


laura doty

EMOTIONAL BAGGAGE, we all carry it around! Laura can help you release trapped emotions that are weighing you down, affecting your health, and keeping you from living the life of your dreams.  Experience Infinite Love & Gratitude Wellness by emailing her at for a FREE Spirited Woman Gift of releasing one trapped emotion. Check out her website  



wendy collett
NIGHT SWEATS KEEPING YOU UP AT NIGHT? Hormonal Imbalance? Dry Babe� is the all-natural way to find relief. Day and night we have your hot flashes and night sweats covered with beautiful styling, soft absorbent fabric and unmatched relief. Stop night sweats in their tracks with our beautiful line of night sweat and hot flash fashions

jane plotkin A TALK WITH SPIRIT - Teacher/healer Jane Ellen Plotkin M.A. is a world class channel, counselor, and spiritual healer. The combination of her traditional background as a Marriage and Family Therapist together with her gift of channeling through Spirit makes her work exceptional. 310-709-7071.



Would you like your services/products/yourself to be "showcased" in our Spring Top 12 Pick List? Coming out in April, this is a great list for workshops, wellness products, healers and more. Fab way to get recognition for your products and what you do. Call Nancy NOW to insure a spot at 805-698-3555 or via e-mail: