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The Spring is a time to leap forward and make new changes. Our Top 12 Pick List is filled with inspiring experts, products and services that will help elevate and uplift you. We urge you to support these spirited women. Save these lists all year round, too! A great resource tool for you.


sand spirits

THE SAND SPIRITS INSIGHT CARDS are photographs Pam Hale made of natural arrangements found on the beach - just a
few weeks before her cancer diagnosis. The forms and figures within the photos serve as magical guides that will reveal your inner wisdom related to any life issue. You'll be amazed!




ARE YOU AT A DEFINING MOMENT IN YOUR LIFE? Are you out of touch with the hopes and dreams you once held dear? We know how you feel. That's why A Woman's Way offers guidance, tools and support for inspired living through inspirational retreats, tele-workshops, one-one-one mentoring, and self-help books. 928-254-1897,,    

janise witt

VISIONARY PHOTOGRAPHY, SAVORING MEMORIES, CAPTURING DREAMS - creating stories to inspire your life. Janise Witt captures celebrations and stories which weave the magic of Earth's family with the Divine.  My photographic artistry is like a living mandala, embracing the rich tapestry of all life, and through my gift of photography, I help you manifest your exquisite story. (928.204.5534)  

tatiani SPIRITUALLY GUIDED HEALER - I am Tatiana Bogomolova. My life's purpose is to educate and spiritually guide people through their lives. 10 years of knowledge, experience, and passion assist me in finding personalized and customized healing techniques. I transmit Universal 5th dimensional energy field during Reiki Healing, Akashic Records Reading and Spiritual Coaching sessions.

RADIO SHOW HOST & RELATIONSHIP COACH DR. JEANNIE BERTOLI serves her clients individually and through her call-in show "I Want a Better Life". With 11+ years as a Marriage & Family Therapist, she now focuses on relationship coaching, specifically communication & conflict resolution within partnerships and between generations. In addition she offers spiritual services including Reconnective Healing and Finding the Mystic Within.

beth blue

PSYCHIC BUSINESS CONSULTANT, ASTROLOGER AND WRITER BETH McDONALD helps corporations and their executives design and execute strategies specifically created to empower them to meet their goals on time, on budget and in ways that bring them greater peace. She is also a gifted medium, a prolific writer and an entertaining speaker. For more information, email Beth at or visit      


THE WOMEN'S BUSINESS MOMENTUM CENTER founded by Marianne Emma Jeff is a Business Development Center for women.  The WBMC encourages and supports women to think BIG, start small and stay consistent.  When you visit the website at you will find 10 - 15 workshops every month.  Make sure to pick up your free Business Momentum Kit while you are there!



KNOWING HOW BUSY YOU ARE - it is often difficult to grab a healthy meal. Thankfully, my family found Juice Plus+! Imagine the nutritional impact of 25 vine ripened fruits, veggies and berries in your body, everyday! I'm Cheryl Reiser, a successful distributor for many years, helping families enhance their wellness. Backed by indisputable research, Juice Plus+ is a genuine life changer!


SIMPLE STEPS TO SELF CARE - What if I could show you that each day you can create a more nurturing self care lifestyle? As women we often forget that we need to re-charge our batteries. We can take small simple steps forward to create something wonderful! Allow Lori Lynn Smith to guide you on this incredible journey of self-discovery.


WOMEN LOOKING FOR NATURAL TREATMENT OF FEMALE COMPLAINTS seek guidance from Laura Oglesby, Licensed Acupuncturist.  Laura helps women find healthy solutions to female-specific physical ailments and addresses any associated emotional disruptions. Her passion is giving hope to Women for a better quality of life and gynecological health.  Contact Laura at in Midtown Sacramento, CA.  



ann baker

WOMEN AT WOODSTOCK - Founded by Ann Voorhees Baker, these 4-day life-transforming retreats for women age 50 (or so) and up provide the time, space, freedom of thought, and encouragement to uncover your dreams - and find the resources, relationships, and confidence to achieve them.  Workshops, guided conversations, movement, a big party, and communal meals, plus 1-to-1 meetings with experts.


carol horton CAROL HORTON IS A DYNAMIC AND MOTIVATIONAL COURAGE COACH, Hypnotherapist and mentor for coaches in training at the Debbie Ford Institute. Her sessions are primarily over the phone - focused on busting through the discrepancy between where you are and where you want to be. If you're ready to step into a new paradigm, manifest opportunities and consciously create your life, contact Carol at



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