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SUMMER is reading time. Taking that favorite book or Kindle E-book to the beach or on a retreat with you. Our Summer Top 12 Book Pick List is filled with books that will transform and inspire you. We urge you to support these authors! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.


empowered voices EMPOWERED VOICES: TRUE STORIES BY AWAKENED WOMEN compiled by Andrea Hylen.  Twenty-three women from around the world gathered on the phone and in a Secret Facebook group. One vulnerable word at a time, the successful authors in this book reclaimed hidden aspects of their own personal power: writing to heal a story in their lives and sharing their discoveries.
ragdoll redeemed

RAGDOLL REDEEMED: GROWING UP IN THE SHADOW OF MARILYN MONROE. In 1963, Dawn Novotny was seventeen. She thought God had finally come through for her. Out of nowhere appeared her dashing Prince Charming. After all, she had remained a virgin. How was she to know that he expected her to be an aggressive sexpot, or "whore," as he put it, modeled after the persona of his famous stepmother, Marilyn Monroe?






love grownups

LOVE FOR GROWN-UPS: The Garter Brides' Guide to Marrying For Life When You've Already Got A Life is a relationship guide for women 35 and up on how to meet Mr. Right, marry and find lifelong happiness. If you're a woman over 35, can love and marriage be in your future? Join the conversation at





FROM SCARED TO SACRED - Have you ever been frustrated and asked the Universe, "What do you want me to do?"  Carol Woodliff did and a Voice answered. She shares the beautiful lessons she received and the challenge of living those lessons in real life. "It is equal parts practical, mystical and just refreshingly real." Jacob Nordby, author of The Divine Arsonist.  




skeltonwomen SKELETON WOMEN - Mingmei Yip's new novel about three femmes fatales - a singer/spy, a magician, and a gossip columnist, all scheming to survive the gang wars in Shanghai. The singer/spy, Camilla, while trying to assassinate a powerful crime lord, falls in love with his Harvard lawyer son -- and also his head bodyguard. Can Camilla escape the underworld and find true love and happiness? 




common sense happiness COMMON SENSE HAPPINESS: 5 principles for people who want to stop whining, bitching, and suffering. Written by author Loree Bischoff, this  award-winning book is filled with advice that gets straight to the point.  If you're tired of riding the emotional roller coaster this book is for you. Buy on Amazon or        




same smile THE SAME SMILE - "A wonderfully human story of a 60's relinquishment and a family reunited, told in the blended voices of mother, Susan Mello Souza, and daughter, Joanne Medeiros. Instead of a tragic account of the loss of a child to adoption, compounded by the death of a subsequent child to leukemia, this book is a triumph of strength..." Nancy Ashe  




strand STRAND OF PEARLS by Deborah Livingston. Soothe your spirit, feed your soul and give your heart a journey it deserves by opening up to what really matters in this life, the ability to evolve and grow on life's terms with your natural state of peace, light and love. Help me spread this message. 2012 Award Finalist, this book is changing and saving lives.


fixing freddie FIXING FREDDIE - In this warm and witty memoir, single mother Paula Munier takes on the world's worst beagle--and loses every time. She tries everything to fix Freddie--but nothing really works. As her youngest son grows up and prepares to leave her soon-to-be-empty nest, Paula's worst fear is that after more than thirty years of raising kids, she'll be left all alone--with Freddie.





makingsense MAKING SENSE OF MONSTERS - A memoir by Sally Rice, mother of MTV Reality TV Star, Sarah Rice. Transcending the spiritual DNA of abuse, getting on the US terrorist watch list - and other adventures of a California mom of three. This book is about adventures in discovering we are always exactly where we are supposed to be. 





self-empowered THE SELF-EMPOWERED WOMAN Marilyn Murray Willison's fifth book, explores the elements that help create a high-achieving woman's life. For each chapter, there are mini-biographies of four women who exemplify the trait under discussion; one of whom has been interviewed by Willison. The accomplished women in the book come from a variety of ethnic backgrounds, nationalities, and levels of achievement.  


knowing pains KNOWING PAINS, WOMEN ON LOVE, SEX AND WORK IN OUR 40S is a series of personal essays by successful women from a variety of backgrounds in education, business, and the arts. The message: You are old enough to know better, young enough to do something about it. All net proceeds donated to breast cancer education and advocacy. Edited by Molly Tracy Rosen. Amazon.        




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