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SUMMER is the best and it's almost over! It is a time to travel, have fun, be inspired and reinvent yourself. Our summer Top 12 Pick List is chock full of spirited experts and products to soothe your soul and uplift you! We urge you to support these spirited women. Save these lists all year round, too! A great resource tool for you.


claudia true ART THAT MAKES YOU SMILE! That's what people think when they see Claudia True's art. She creates bold, colorful and abstract paintings of simplified subjects. After a corporate career as a geologist, Claudia is blessed to focus on her art, bringing happiness to others.  She shares her passion of painting by teaching new budding artists and inspiring them to find their inner creativity. 



INTUITIVE MEDIUM, REIKI MASTER AND SPIRITUAL TEACHER SHELLY WILSON would love to assist you on your spiritual journey. With respect, truth, integrity and love, Shelly honors your free will and recognizes that you are co-creating your reality with the Universe.  She offers private readings, intuitive coaching, Reiki sessions, and teaches workshops. Shelly has two courses available through the DailyOM.  

emtagehair REJUVENATE HAIR AND SKIN with the healing power of pure botanical oils including organic Argan, Camellia and Monoi! SILKt�ge™ Rejuvenating Styling Serum by Emtage was created by hair and make-up Stylist Robin Emtage. This ultra nourishing serum made with the most luxurious botanical oils from around the world smoothes, shines, and protects all hair types! Natural & Organic. Cruelty-Free. Vegan.    

REIKI CHARMED by APRIL YSLAVA, REIKI MASTER PRACTITIONER - I am attuned to Traditional and Karuna Reiki�. In my strong desire to help others, Reiki has proved to be the highest form of good I can share. I'm eager to share it with anyone who is willing to give it a try. Experience what Reiki has to offer you! 818-523-5034.



aimeerousseau RADICALLY UPGRADE YOUR LIFE EXPERIENCE with Aimee Rousseau's 52 beautifully illustrated Ho'oponopono Energy Clearing Cards.  Each card is a powerful energy clearing tool chocked full of insights into clearing one major energy blocking hot spot a week for a year. For your free sample card go here to begin your journey to clarity and peace.


doris roach DORIS ROACH, EXECUTIVE COACH, MANAGEMENT CONSULTANT, COURAGE SPECIALIST.  Courage is an individual act that comes from the heart. To challenge the status quo, take chances, make tough decisions, discover new possibilities.  As a courage specialist™, Doris engages you in meaningful, courageous conversations designed to get to the heart of the matter so that creative resolutions and sustainable change can occur. 617.694.2420.    




karmafest KARMAFEST� was founded by Patricia Hawse after her "awakening" during Katrina Relief. There Patti was introduced to yoga and meditation through a program to relieve the relief workers. After waking from a meditation conducted by LEOTHA (who became Patti's spiritual mentor), she vowed to spread the benefits of the holistic lifestyle to many people; hence the birth of KarmaFest - which has reached tens of thousands.     

ellen koronet ELLEN KORONET, LNK CREATIVE ... facilitates creativity workshops and conducts complex focus groups and surveys, both in person and on-line. She brings unpronounced ideas to the surface, drawing out the expression of needs, wants, and impressions and crafting these stories into actionable insight. She takes special pride in bringing small businesses together to afford collaborative projects.,, 240-315-3371.    

today I choose CHOOSE YOUR WAY to SUCCESS & FULFILLMENT with Today, I Choose ™ daily inspirational cards by Lisa Litwinski! These beautiful cards connect you to your passion, purpose & potential every day. Choose to BE all that YOU can BE by focusing your thoughts, feelings & actions. Lead your personal & professional life using this simple tool to consciously produce life-changing, high value results.

vivian paulsen VIVIAN PAULSEN, HOLISTIC HEALTH COUNSELOR, ANTI-AGING SPECIALIST, helps people LOOK and FEEL YOUNGER from the inside out and the outside in. Reset your genes to a more youthful expression. Whether it's a Nutrition Plan, LESS lines and wrinkles or MORE energy and mental clarity you are seeking, your solution is a phone call away! 310-913-0042 or Wholesale pricing for Spirited Women.




lynne kippel FREE HELP FOR ASPIRING AUTHORS - Do you have book inside you waiting to be born and grace the world? Best-Selling Author and Publisher Lynne Klippel of Love Your Life Publishing helps women with positive messages get that book out of their heads and into the hands of eager readers. Download her free Author Quick Start Kit full of resources to get you started.

n hendricks

WOULD YOU LIKE TO HEAR THE GUIDANCE ANGELS HAVE FOR YOU? Come and take a walk with Nukhet Hendricks, Angel Communicator & Intuitive Consultant. Allow her to be your bridge to the divine. Nukhet interlaces Angelic and Divine guidance with the whispers of her spirit guides to support and assist you; channel the spiritual guidance you are seeking. 701-238-7227  


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