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Summer Solstice is such a good time to start your summer reading! For our awesome Summer Solstice Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of spirited authors to help inspire you and your entire family! We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.


other side of rainbow WHAT'S ON THE OTHER SIDE OF THE RAINBOW? This beautifully illustrated, poetic book by award-winning author Carla Jo Masterson takes children on an inspiring, entertaining journey through Mr. Positively's colorful doors of feelings to discover and embrace who they truly are. Where the rainbow ends, every child will learn "the Beautiful, Incredible, Unique, Fantastic, Secret of the Golden Mirror!"

good bad hair

THE GOOD THE BAD & THE HAIR - Hannah Hailstone just found a sexy man in the back seat of her car-semi-conscious and bleeding, but at least he has a pulse. Her father has disappeared. Someone is following her mother. Hannah's plans to re-read her Nancy Drew collection have changed. She's got a real mystery to solve.    






drinking with
DRINKING WITH DEAD WOMEN WRITERS is a fantastical romp through literature as Elaine Ambrose and her co-author share drinks with some of the greatest female voices in literary history. These clever essays provide creative insights into the fascinating lives of 16 deceased writers including Jane Austen, Margaret Mitchell, and Dorothy Parker. Find Elaine's books and blog Midlife Cabernet on






TUMMYFUL OF BUTTERFLIES by Kristyn Pertierra. Ebilina and Friends make their debut in Tummyful of Butterflies. In this book, children will learn the concepts of self-empowerment and proactive problem-solving as they watch Ebilina the Elephant overcome the obstacles in her path with the aid of an unlikely friend. App Store Link




THE BRUGES TAPESTRY, a novel by PA Staes, is a mystery set in 1520 in Bruges, Belgium and in modern Newport Beach, CA. The mystery concerns a tapestry woven in Belgium 500 years ago and discovered in a home in Newport. Only art theft detective Claire DeMaer can discover the secret that is woven in time. Available from Amazon.







star pals

THE STARPALS SERIES inspire children to embrace virtues at every moment. Patty Patience, Korey Kindness, Haley Humble, Tommy Truth, Shari Sharing, Tobey Thankful & Livey Love each share 9 opportunities to apply virtues in their daily activities. The StarPals empower social emotional skills by encouraging children to look for creative ways to positively impact others at home, school and in their community.


dramaville DRAMAVILLE is not a place; it's a state of mind chronicles the life of Andrea Lewis from birth until the age of forty. She was on a mission to find happiness but instead her life played out like a sitcom series. This memoir promises to be filled with drama, emotional turmoil, and an inspiration to never give up!








LEMONS, LEMONADE & LIFE - Practical Steps for Getting the Sweetness Back When Life Goes Sour has been honored by the 2012 New York, Hollywood, San Francisco, London and Los Angeles Book Festivals. It has been hailed as "insightful," "transformational," and "revolutionary." Available in paperback, ebook and audiobook, author Janet D. Thomas' creative recipe for emotional healing is catching fire internationally.


cobalt blue COBALT BLUE - A novel of transformation from NY Times Notable novelist Peggy Payne. Artist Andie Branson, at a low point in her life, is overwhelmed by a shocking spiritual experience. Kundalini rising is the physical manifestation of tantric enlightenment. But Andie doesn't know that. She must learn to steer the power - erotic and sacred - that's erupted within her. Amazon.






luke's tale

LUKE'S TALE - Luke, an intelligent, yellow Lab, narrates the story of his people - two lovers facing a series of life-changing events. Knowing how to give unconditional love, this devoted, furry creature helps them through their struggles with unforeseen disillusionment to build a lasting relationship, even as he slowly sinks into blindness. Available on Amazon.



Out of Blue

OUT OF THE BLUE RETURN TO ARIA RIDGE by Trudy Frohlich. A timely ecologically-themed love story with potent "magical-realism" elements. Two young lovers from Aria Ridge are reincarnated in modern day Massachusetts. Utilizing hidden memories and fueled by their connection, they must use all their abilities to thwart an environmental disaster with the hope of awakening the very conscience of corporate America. Amazon.  


ancient wisdom ANCIENT WISDON FOR NOW integrates the Mystery School Knowledge and Wisdom in a transformational conversation with you. Shamanism, the Akashic Records and Numerology are integral to accessing the Wisdom and Knowledge of Crystals and Crystal Skulls, Living Intelligent Beings, Imagine no computers or anything digital and there they are, vast Libraries of Information. or Amazon.   



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