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Valentine's Day is a wonderful time for book gifting - to yourself and others. Feeling the love. On our Valentine's Day Top 12 Book Pick list, we've included an array of gifted authors (and one outstanding CD program) to help inspire and uplift you. We urge you to support these spirited talents! Save this list all year round! A great resource for you.


RUNNING IN HIGH HEELS - is an Amazon best seller packed with time-tested advice and hot-off-the-press research and success strategies from America's most successful women executives. It gives you the permission slip you've been waiting for. Unleash your inner renegade and stand confident in your heels in work, career and in life. Additional book resources at    

REJUVENATE YOUR WELL-BEING NOW! - by Luz Delia Gerber, the Creator of The Well-Being experience™, an original process taking your light into the inner recesses of your heart and mind, a miraculous adventure, so you can first begin to see and understand your body on a different level, to take care of it, and give birth to a healthier, more vibrant expression.       


THE MOOD LADY STORYBOOK: STORIES OF AN ARTFUL JOURNEY - by speaker, writer and Life Coach Janette Valentino takes you on a powerful journey of self exploration. Each of the 40 beautifully illustrated and inspiring one-page stories guides you on a discovery of the layers that lie within. The storybook was inspired by the popular card series of the same name.


THE UNRAVELING OF SHELBY FORREST - is a poignant psychological drama drawing from Donna's feelings as a child when her infant brother was given up for adoption. This stunning fiction takes the reader on an inspirational journey as one woman comes to terms with her secret past and the social climate surrounding unwed pregnancies a generation ago. Print or Kindle at Amazon or   


A CHANGE OF HABIT - This award-winning book recounts a spiritual journey began when a religious eddy hurls 17-year-old Patty into a convent. Failing to find happiness, she leaves, but debilitating habits dogged after her. Finding true spirituality and finally listening to the God within, Patty shakes destructive habits of guilt and shares seven secrets to guilt-free living learned on her journey.




THE GREAT MOTHER BIBLE or, I'd rather be gardening - Multi-award-winning author and nature mystic Mare Cromwell was awakened at 5 AM in November 2013, and given specific instructions from the Great Mother to set aside that winter to create a bible for the Divine Feminine. From that spiritual call has come this revolutionary and humorous book of spiritual wisdom.    


THE CONSCIOUS SEXUAL SELF WORKBOOK - guides you to look to yourself for answers. Written by experienced sex therapist and educator, Melissa Jebian Fritchle, this book gives you accurate holistic information about sex and sexual relationships, but it also provides you with questions and exercises to help you explore your own sexual history, values, and desires. Amazon. 
BOYS BEFORE BUSINESS - This empowering guidebook gives you a proven system for success to find the love of your life and career of your dreams. Get practical, straightforward advice on how to find your true love, have a great relationship and flourish in your career. The tips and exercises will inspire you and propel you into action.






LOVING RELATIONSHIPS - Transform your existing relationship and/or create the ones you want. Use Dr. Mahaney's proven 6 CD program to break free of your past and get the love you deserve. "The CDs are more than amazing. They're truly breathtakingly life-changing." Josephine "I'm happily married - which is a LONG way from where I was before your CDs. Eternal Gratitude!" Samantha



LOVE ON BUTTERFLY BEACH - Having moved past heartache, Carolyn must fight to hold on to who she really is. He can't stop thinking about her, but old scars make him afraid to love. When danger forces them together, can they trust their hearts? Discover the secret to loving while staying true to yourself, from internationally recognized relationship expert. Amazon





THE ALCHEMY OF SELF HEALING - "Jeannine Wiest will gently help you understand the value of creative noticing to all aspects of life," Jane Wagner and Lily Tomlin. Alchemy is a process by which something ordinary is transformed into the extraordinary. Take the Inner Alchemist Quiz, dive into the sensory exercises, revel in the essays. Change your perception. Reconnect. Heal.



THE ALCHEMY OF LOSS - is Abby's moving story of learning to live again after the very public death of her husband on 9/11. Veering away from the trite and pat grief books, she learns she must forge her own path through grief, that there are no right answers. She reminds us that life throws up roadblocks we can't anticipate, but we can choose how we react to them.





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