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VALENTINE'S DAY is about romance, sexuality, and love. A time to read and share books that will uplift you and nourish you. A time to gift a special book to a loved one. Our Valentine's Day Top 12 Book Pick List is filled with heartfelt books and we urge you to support these authors! Save this list all year round! A great book resource for you.


GAME WITH VARIATIONS love poems by Nancy Shiffrin game with variationsreveals the dimensions of a woman's erotic life. She plays, dances, grapples with harsh realities and shares her dreamlife. Nancy earned her MA studying with Anais Nin, her PhD, studying Women Authors at The Union Institute and University. She enjoys helping spirited women develop their own book concepts. Buy here. Find out more at





romancing ROMANCING THE BELOVED, A SACRED SEXUAL ADVENTURE INTO LOVE, is a true story of sexual awakening to the Divine within. Joan Heartfield's ability to share her innermost fantasies and fears, as well as her spiritual process, opens the door for all of us to recognize the Beloved within ourselves. Love and Lovemaking has never felt so empowered, so spiritual and so sexy.


bloom girl

BLOOM GIRL BLOOM (REAL WOMEN WITH REAL ANSWERS) will inspire and encourage you. Through the quotes and stories of women all over the world and the author, it might change your life. Moments of goodness and gems of wisdom abound; keys to abundant life. A must read! "I read this uplifting - from the heart book - and loved every word of it!" Olivia. 







the sweetest fling THE SWEETEST FLING - Millie Match left a trail of unmatched hearts along her bumbling Cupid way. When fate throws a past failure in her path, what can she do but everything to put right what a botched love potion once put wrong? Okay, okay. Maybe far more than a potion attracted these two. But what will convince them to never part? Truth time!. Buy here

in silence IN SILENCE, Discovering Self through Meditation by Jane Rosalea Booth reveals  meditation as a sacred journey, a place to go when you have a deep yearning of Self discovery, spiritual awareness and inner peace. Through meditation, discover what you may never have recognized about yourself. What could be more important than revealing your inner heart love and wisdom?        




soul evolution SOUL EVOLUTION WITH ZARATHUSTRA: WISDOM FOR 2012 will reach the deepest parts of your soul and will illuminate your Divine blueprint. Follow step-by-step exercises to connect with your Highest Self and realize the life you were meant to live. A power-packed guide for spiritual transformation, eliminating fears, letting go of pain, and reaching your authentic self.       

inspirational INSPIRATIONAL HEART THROBS-SIZZZLIN' GEMS FOR TODAY'S ENTREPRENEURIAL WOMAN is a book filled with powerful, thought provoking quotes with heart images to support and empower women as they step into leadership whether in their family, community, or on the world stage. We are the change the world has been waiting for. Shine your brilliance! This book is for you and all of your friends.


raise your vibration RAISE YOUR VIBRATION, TRANSFORM YOUR LIFE - Say Goodbye to Stress! Learn the Laws of vibration and start living consciously with grace and ease! Based on 20 years of research, interviews and experiences, author Dawn James shares some simple yet profound ways to regain balance in an unbalanced world, detox your mind and body, and embrace your innate intelligence and Divine Inner Wisdom. Learn more at

love new currency LOVE IS THE NEW CURRENCY by Linda Commito takes you on an inspiring journey to meet everyday people who are changing lives through ordinary and extraordinary acts of love and kindness. These uplifting stories will make you laugh, cry, feel more hopeful, and most important, help you redefine your measure of wealth. Reading it, you may find that your life is richer than you ever imagined!





wake up WAKE UP, AMERICAN WOMEN is your personal guide to embracing your wholeness and waking up to your potential. You're invited to identify and transform any false belief or limiting fear that hinders your daily happiness. Learn specific techniques for creating the change you want to see in your world. A gift of self-love for anyone on a journey of personal growth and spiritual awareness. Facebook.



the awakeningTHE AWAKENING is the true and inspirational story of one person's initiations while climbing the steps of the spiritual ladder. The various progressions that are achieved through these initiations are similar to those in the 12 steps of the AA program. This book will be of particular interest to people of faith who are eager to start living in the new paradigm.


knowing pains KNOWING PAINS, WOMEN ON LOVE, SEX AND WORK IN OUR 40S is a series of personal essays by successful women from a variety of backgrounds in education, business, and the arts. The message: You are old enough to know better, young enough to do something about it. All net proceeds donated to breast cancer education and advocacy. Edited by Molly Tracy Rosen.  

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