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Spiritual Formation at Work
There is so much written in the ancient scriptures about our work! Paul of Tarsus said, "Always give yourselves fully to the work of the Lord, because you know that your work in the Lord is not in vain." -1 Cor 15:58.

I used to think that my "work in the Lord" was just my church work. So, my small business work, or my working at home, or my yard work did not "count" as the kind of work Paul is talking about here. But, my perspective on this has changed.
I'm starting to see that my "work in the Lord" is really about doing all my work - paid, or unpaid - with Him. It is learning to pray with every breath, with every dirty diaper, with every trip to the bank, and with every meeting, "God, your kingdom come, your will be done on earth as it is in heaven - right here in my work."
Sometimes I hear people ask, "How can I bring Jesus into my workplace?"  Well, you don't... because Jesus is already there. Jesus is every bit as present in your M-F job as he is when we gather in worship on Sunday. You will probably spend 40+ hours a week at work on average, and you will probably spend 1-2 hours a week at church. The goal is not to undo in the 1 hour at church everything that happened during the 40+ hours at work. The goal is also not to just increase our time at church. The goal is to learn to be with Jesus 24/7 because he is already there in our work, in our play, and in our worship. He cares about our work in the little "kingdoms" of Comcast, or Target, or Kaiser, or Facebook just as much as he cares about our time at church.  He wants to see the big kingdom of God invade all these little kingdoms on earth.
In fact, our primary place of spiritual formation will likely be at work. Spiritual formation is the process of shaping our thoughts, desires, habits and choices. Everyone - Christian or otherwise - is being spiritually formed all the time. It's not just an extra-credit deal for the super devoted. It is the most important thing going on. We can participate in our own spiritual formation through our mindfulness of our work as a holy space where God is fully present.
So today, when you go to work, remember that you never do that work alone. Jesus is present with every photo you take, post you make, meeting you attend, and meal you cook. May all that we do be to the glory of God today. 

Susie Grade

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Thank God is Monday: Your work is important to you - but even more, your work is important to God. What if your work - whether you're paid, or a student, or a stay-at-home parent, or retired, or somewhere in between - became the primary place where you met and experienced God? It could happen. You don't need to bring God into the workplace...he's already there. Together we'll learn how to find him, so that you will never work 'alone' again.

10/4: The 10 Commandments of Work - Susie Grade
10/11: God at Work - Jeff Haanen, Denver Institute for Faith and Work
10/18: Boundaries at Work - Tim Grade
10/25: The 7 Deadly Sins of Work - Susie Grade
We worship at 9 and 10:30 am; childcare is available during both services.
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Platt Park Church Family Meeting On Sunday, October 18th we will be having a short Platt Park Church family meeting in the sanctuary immediately following the 10:30am service.  All those who call PPC home will hear an update on the state/health of the church and will have an opportunity to share thoughts and ask questions.    

Halloween Candy Donations We need lots of candy for Halloween!  The 1600 block of S. Clarkson is  the place to BE on Halloween and our church joins in on the fun in the neighborhood.  We are anticipating hundreds of hungry goblins this year.  Please leave candy in the box marked "candy" in the church foyer. 

Men's Retreat  October 23-24 - Get away from town in order to get to know some people, meet with God, and have some fun.  Cost is $50. Contact Tim Grade to sign up or for more information:  [email protected].

The Table's Croptoberfest Croptoberfest, the 4th annual harvest party of The Table, will take place on Saturday, October 17, from 4-7 PM at 7710 W. 4th Ave., Lakewood, CO. Join your friends from The Table as we celebrate another year of ministry and harvest. This year's event features a hog roast, great local beverages, a square dance, and fun for all ages. Tickets are $25 in advance ($30 at the gate) and can be purchased online at denvertable.orgKids 12 and under are free! The Table is a ministry partner of Platt Park Church.    The Table is a ministry partner of Platt Park Church. 

Platt Park Halloween Party The 1600 block of South Clarkson Street (where our church is located) has a long standing tradition of being "the place to be" in this area for trick-or-treating. With live music and lots of fun already in place, we will be adding to the festivities with a bouncy house, carnival games & festivities in the playground. Volunteers needed for this event, please contact [email protected] if you are available to volunteer. 

Child Dedication  Sunday, November 22nd is the next opportunity for families to dedicate their child(ren) to the Lord. Any interested families please contact Anne Coughlin at [email protected]. For parents who have not previously dedicated a child at Platt Park Church, there will be a one time Child Dedication class on Sunday, November 3rd immediately following the 10:30am service to prepare for this special event.

Guatemala Team 2016 Interested in making a difference on an international serving team the summer of 2016? This mission trip is family friendly & ideal for first time travelers to the developing world. Join us June 26 - July 3, 2016 for a week in Guatemala.  For more information contact [email protected]

The Apple Tree Clothes Closet Beginning Sunday, June 7 Platt Park Church, with the support of Common Thread on Pearl Street, will be opening a clothes closet in the church basement.  The closest is open to everyone all the time.  It is free for students and people who are in need of clothing. To others, the amount of donation is flexible.  The payment suggestion is 90% off the price listed in the tag.  No price-tag items are $1-$5.  All donations will be used to support local churches in China.  For more information contact Gabby Hu at [email protected]

Platt Park Children's Center (pre-school) ages 2 1/2 - 5 years old with a new Junior Kindergarten class available.  For more information or to register go to  plattparkchildrenscenter.org .  

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Fall Growing Groups Begin in October
These groups will run for 12 weeks: October-November-December.

NEW GROUP -  Welcoming the Stranger. 
Sunday mornings in November at 10:30am in the Social Hall.  Discover how we can be the Church in the midst of the refugee crisis.  Go through the curriculum "Welcoming the Stranger" and learn more about God's heart for the stranger, the foreigner, and the immigrant. Leaders: Rich and Cherith Flowerday. 

The Front Door. Sunday nights in October from 5-7pm at the Grade's home.  If you're new to Platt Park Church, we'd like to invite you to a 5-week group in our home. Dinner, discussion & dancing together. Just kidding, no dancing, but lots of fun - we hope you can come! Leaders: Tim and Susie Grade. 

The Old Testament:  A Letter from the Hebrews to You. Sunday mornings at 10:30am.
The ancient Hebrews speak to us through the prayer: 
"We have met God--We want you, our children to know of this.  To know Him.  Here's what we are learning and experiencing." 
Bara, Teshuvah, Navi, Ahava.  Learning these Hebrew concepts will open new windows into God's word. Leader: Daniel Fusch. 

Evening Edition Women's Group. 
Tuesdays from 6:30-8:00pm in the lounge. Evening Edition is open to any and all women who are interested in having fun, making friends and growing spiritually. We will be studying 1 John with an emphasis on the familiar yet magnanimous topic of love.  We begin with a meal together so bring your appetite! Enter through the alley door.
Leader: Carol Schmidt.

Wednesday Morning Men. 
Wednesday from 7-8am at the REI Starbucks by Confluence Park. Men, set aside time for friends, laughing, and possibly learning Wednesday mornings at 7. Leader: Tim Grade. 

Book Discussion Group. Every other Wednesday at 7pm in the church building. This group where we will read and discuss both Christian and secular books and discuss them from the mindset of a Christian worldview.  Leader: Mary Orchard. 

Morning Edition Women's Group.
Thursdays from 10-11:30am downstairs in the lounge. Bible study for women of all ages. We will be studying the book "Women of the Word: How to Study the Bible with Both Our Hearts and Our Minds". Childcare and snacks provided. Leaders: Amy Mitchell and Alison Finstad.

First Fridays for Families. 
First Friday of the month from 6:15-7:45pm in the parlor.
Join us the first Friday of each month for the Families of Character course. Families of Character assists individuals and couples in developing and implementing strong virtues with the goal of creating a unified family that can take on all the challenges that life may throw at them. 
Childcare provided. Leader: Anne Coughlin. 

Young Adult Group.  Every Wednesday from 7-9pm.  Meets at the church building for fellowship, fun, and Bible study.
 Leaders: Sarah Marshall and Mark Donkersloot 
Adoption Connections. Fourth Friday of the month from 6;30-8:30pm in the church building. 
Forming a community where all those connected to the world of adoption (birth parents, adoptees, adoptive families, those considering adoption) are invited to join in honoring our stories, listening generously, celebrating the beauty of adoption, and recognizing the brokenness & struggle so often associated.  
Please join us, including kiddos for a monthly themed pot-luck style meal, play time for the littles, and conversation and sharing of stories for the adults.  We'll discuss topic ideas/book recommendations for monthly meetings at our first gathering.  Invite anyone in your world who might benefit from this community!  Leaders: Tim and Gwen Vogelzang.  

For more information on these groups, please visit www.plattparkchurch.org/growing

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Giving We appreciate your presence and partnership in our family of faith. Thank you for your generosity. Our weekly budget is $6,000.
October 4: $7,272
October 11
October 18
October 25

You can  give online anytime by visiting our website .

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