20 May 2020 Issue
Cape Town's Spiritual Gazette
Good Afternoon Sunshine

Did you hear my scream of joy when it was announced that we can start selling on internet? All Goods!! I ensured that all Exhibitors were immediately made aware of this fact. I am still celebrating.

Surprising how many solutions you can find when we put our heads together.

Below are the first few Exhibitors that have organized delivery services or distant healing or remote readings.

This offer is open for anyone who would like to promote their spiritual services too. Ask about our lockdown prices. More about that next week. In the meantime, please visit our improved website and support our pioneers.

Our blog has a wide variety of articles from a good selection of authors. We encourage you to join our Blog and leave your feedback for each Author.  They are looking forward to your comments.

Love and light

Advertise with Us
There are numerous options for you to advertise with us.  

Choose between 

These options are ideal for all lightworkers, exhibitors, vendors, spiritual products, workshops and more as we help promote your services

Secret Shopping
Booking: 082 572 1311

I have updated my Scio software with the new Covid 19 virus frequency.
I can only treat people who are on my machine,at the moment due to the lock down.

The treatment would consist of the following:
Covid 19 virus frequency  •  Immune frequency  •  Lung frequency • Nutritional balance frequency  •  Pathagen frequency  •  Virus frequency • Fungas frequency  •  Bacteria frequency  •  Emotional frequency
Psychic Reading (WhatsApp, Skype or Zoom)
066 491 5023 

Not sure what the future holds for you personally, relationship, spiritually or for your business? Elsabe will answer this and many more questions
R300 for 30 minutes 
Elsabe is open for business, because Spirit does not recognise borders or regulations. If you have WhatsApp or Zoom or Messenger, you can get a psychic reading and find out what wonderful opportunities await you.
Contact Elsabe and we will take it from there - no matter where you live. Lots of good energy to you
Distant Healing
Ph 082 356 5630

Ingrid uses a unique combination of Distant energy healing modalities 
Book your seat with Ingrid to experience a gentle yet very powerful healing session with Ingrid in the comfort of your own home.
Ask about the Lockdown Special
Past Life Clearings
071 059 6083
Cost: R350

During this lockdown period, Priscilla has had great success doing Past Life Clearings using What's App, both speaking to clients and voice messaging what comes through for them. This means they can listen to the messages as often as they wish, thus reinforcing the work done.
Each session lasts about an hour and payment in advance is done using EFT.
Looking forward to helping you with issues holding you back in this present life!
082 637 7416

Crystals for Lockdown
  • Support immune system: Lapis Lazuli and red jasper
  • Protection: Black obsidian, black tourmaline, hematite, smoky quartz,
  • For Sleep: Celestite, rose quartz, lepidolite, moonstone 
  • Family harmony: Rose Quartz 

Courier Service Available
Healing Hands with Parvathi Pather
Cellular: 082 948 7795

Parvathi Pather is a Quantum Touch healer, at the Holistic Fayre, Bothasig and other fairs.
At the moment, she practice from home only, by offering distant healing at R80.00 per session. This includes healings, chakra balancing and spinal realignment.

After Covid lockdown she will be available for contact healing at my home at R170.00 per session and at the Holistic Fayre, Bothasig at R120.00 per session.
Distant Healing, Chakra Balancing and Spinal Realignment.

Veg Samoosa and Pies
083 598 8344

Missing your favouite snacks at The Holistic Fayre, Bothasig. Bavi knows these withdrawal symptoms, has heard your cries and is now carefully preparing veg samoosas and pies.

To ensure that your food is fresh and crispy, she asks for 2 day order. This will ensure that vegetables are fresh and well sanitised
Forever Living Products
Carole Gambrell

Forever Living - The Aloe Vera Company (US) Forever offers a range of natural products to help support animal health.
Forever Living is based as an essential product, therefore you can still order on-line.  
Carole has a wide range for you to choose from

Incense has long been used as a traditional home fragrance method, but it’s more than that. Fragrant and aromatic, incense sticks have a distinctly unique scent and atmosphere that they bring into a home or room. They’re comforting, soothing, even spiritual or therapeutic.
​Place your order for courier services
What's On
Tuesday Meditation
8:00pm via Skype
R100 for month (5 Tuesdays in June)

Every Tuesday evening in the month of June spend an hour with like minded people as you connect and meditate
  • Opening Meditation
  • 20min Relaxing Meditation 
  • Healing and Love 
  • Close with Grounding Meditation

Book your seat now:  nina@isales.co.za
Editor's Note
We are always looking for new writers for our soon to be weekly newsletters - a monthly article would be appreciated

If you are interested in writing a monthly article as a guest post, here are our guidelines

  • All guest posts must be of high quality, well written and adding value for the readers.
  • Your article must be relevant to the content of About Holistic
  • Please allow your personality to shine through in your post
  • All guest posts must be original and your own
  • Word length is negotiable but 400 – 600 words is the preferred range
  • Your article will be published monthly or weekly on the spiritual gazette, and published on your own webpage in About Holistic and Blog
  • Please supply a picture of yourself
  • Get in touch with me to finalize your topic
  • Self-promotion: We allow genuine contribution and don’t allow any backlinks or anything of that sort. But you will get a chance to build a brand for yourself by contributing a post.