Pleasant Grove Community Church

A Spiritual Formation Exercise
Today we return to an ancient practice of prayerfully reading scripture in order to hear God speak personally to you. It is called Lectio Divina. Pastor Phil's wife, Linda, a certified Spiritual Director, will guide you through this experience. It will take less than 15 minutes.

To prepare yourself you will want to find a quiet spot. You will need your Bible, preferably NIV because that is the version used in the video. You will also need a notebook and pen for writing down your thoughts and observations.

Lectio is more reflective than traditional Bible study, you’re not attempting to understand everything about the passage. Instead, you are listening for God to speak a personal word through the passage; it could be a single word, a thought, or even an image in your mind.

Linda will guide you through reading the same passage three different times.

The passage you will be reading is Matthew 11:28-30. Linda will be using The Message paraphrase. You can download and print the version she will be using so you can follow along. CLICK HERE If you are not able to print the passage, you can just listen as Linda reads it.

Each time you read, Linda will ask you to focus on something slightly different. After each reading there will be a short time of silence for your own reflection and meditation. If you want more time, simply pause the video.

The first reading you will be noticing if a word or phrase captures your attention. Don’t try to analyze why, just notice.

The second reading you will focus on how the words of scripture speak directly into your life and current situation.

The third reading listen for how God might be inviting you to respond to Him.

When you are done, spend a little time writing down your thoughts and reflections. Close with a prayer of thanks.

Please leave a comment on the You Tube page about something you heard God say. Your reflection could bless another person.

Invite others to go through the Lectio as well and afterwards call them up and share your experience with each other. In this way you will be connecting with God and God’s people.

Now, start the video, and enjoy your time with God. Click on the video below.

Blessings, Pastor Phil

Have a piece of bread or a cracker, along with a small glass of juice, wine or even water, ready when you watch our Worship Service this Sunday. Join the body of Christ in taking communion together.

1. Donate to the Food Bank
The need there is unprecedented right now. We will collect food items all week long. Just drop off your nonperishable items in the grey container next to the doors on the west side of the church where the drive-thru portico is. Someone will pick up your donation each evening. Get your neighbors involved! Ask them to make donations as well and then offer to pick their donations up and bring them to the church.

2. Neighborhood Outreach Called "NEED PRAYER?"
We are going to launch a way for people in the community to contact us and ask for prayer.  We need people willing to pray   when a prayer request is received .

PLEASE CONTACT US IF INTERESTED   and we will give you the details. You can decide if this is a way you would like to serve God and minister to others. We can't launch this until we have enough volunteers willing to pray.

3. Send a Thank You Note to Our Local Grocery Store Workers!
The people who are making sure we have food available are also taking risks to do so. They interact with more people in an hour than most of us have interacted with in a month dramatically increasing their risk of catching COVID-19.  Let's show them God's love by expressing our gratitude.

There are 103 employees at the Raley's on Pleasant Grove and Woodcreek Oaks. We have contacted the store and shared with them our idea and they gave us every employee's first name.  Would you be willing to write a thank you note to a few of them?  If enough of us do so, all 103 will be showered with appreciation, which they probably seldom receive, especially in writing.

Here's how:
  1. Contact the office at
  2. Let us know how many cards you want to write (you provide the card or stationary)
  3. We will email you a list of names to write to and give you instructions on how to send the cards or notes.

It will cost you a little time. It may cost you a little money. But what price can you put on sharing the light of Christ and brightening someone's day?
Our hope is that all of you will participate!

4. Send a Thank You to our Fire Fighters and Police Officers

Roseville Fire Department
Attention Station #5
316 Vernon St. Suite 480
Roseville, CA 95678

Send a separate card to Station #9 to the same address but change the "Attention" line to "#9."

Roseville Police Department
1051 Junction Blvd.
Roseville, CA 95678
Pleasant Grove Community Church
1730 Pleasant Grove Blvd., Roseville, CA 95747
(916) 771-4447