Pleasant Grove Community Church

A Spiritual Formation Exercise
As we are inspired by Psalm 23 in our Sunday message series, Today we offer the ancient practice of prayerfully reading Psalm 23 in order to hear God speak personally to you. The practice is called Lectio Divina and Pastor Phil's wife, Linda, a certified Spiritual Director, will guide you through this experience. It will take less than 15 minutes.

To prepare yourself you will want to find a quiet spot. You will need your Bible and a notebook and pen for writing down your thoughts and observations.

For this practice, you’re not attempting to understand everything about Psalm 23. Instead, you are listening for God to speak a personal word through the passage; it could be a single word, a thought, or even an image in your mind.

Linda will guide you through reading the same passage three different times. Each time you read, you will be asked to focus on something slightly different. After each reading there will be a short time of silence for your own reflection and meditation. If you want more time, simply pause the video.

When you are done, spend a little time writing down your thoughts and reflections. Close with a prayer of thanks.

Please leave a comment on the You Tube page about something you heard God say. Your reflection could bless another person.

Invite others to go through the Lectio as well and afterwards call them up and share your experience with each other. In this way you will be connecting with God and God’s people.

Now, start the video, and enjoy your time with God. Click on the video below.

Blessings, Pastor Phil
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