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Walking Prayer
Seek the peace and prosperity of the city to which I have carried you into exile. Pray to the LORD for it, because if it prospers, you too will prosper. 
Jeremiah 29:7
We want to mobilize our entire church family to pray for our neighbors by doing prayer walks through your neighborhood . If you are unable to go out for a walk, then imagine yourself walking down your street praying for the people at each residence you pass by.
The impact this will have on our community as we pray for our neighbors to experience God’s presence and blessings will be immeasurable. Since some of you live on the same block, it means your neighbors will be prayed for two, three, four or more times each day or week!
Here are some instructions on how to do a neighborhood prayer walk.
It’s simple, you just walk down the street and as you pass by the houses you pray that God will bless the people who live there.
  • If you know who lives in each house, pray for them by name.
  • If you know the needs of a family, pray specifically for those needs.
  • If you feel comfortable, you can tell neighbors what you are doing and ask them if there is anything they would like you to pray for. 
Pray that God will B.L.E.S.S. your neighbors:
B ody – Pray for their health.
L abor – Pray for their jobs, that God will provide for their needs and help
them excel.
E motions – Pray that joy, hope and peace will be a reality in their lives.
S ocial – Pray for the strength of their marriages, family life, and friendships
and that any conflicts would be resolved.
S alvation – Pray that they will put their faith in Jesus and grow in their
faith. Pray that God will use you as a light of His presence on
your street.
How far should you walk? That’s up to you. It could be up and down your street, around the block, or around several blocks. You decide what’s manageable.
So, let’s get started and see God surprise us
as he moves in response to our prayers.
We are starting neighborhood prayer groups, where people in each village of Sun City will get together once a month simply to pray for the folks in their neighborhood.
Study the Book of John with Joe Caples

Joe Caples, Pastor to New Communities for PGCC is writing a short, "Missional Commentary" on the Book of John. Each Saturday we will offer another installment.

Read John chapter 7. Then, read Joe's commentary, and reflect on his comments and questions (it's only two pages). Click Here to open up Joe's commentary on John 7.

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